Kids from One Alpha

Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 100

Chapter 100: Family

Flo found Serena in the campaign hospital, directing the nurses and medical staff. “Serena!” she called.
The younger female stopped and waved to Flo. “Luna Flo,” she said. Flo went to her and hugged her.
Serena smiled, hugging the Luna back. She wasn’t expecting it. Serena had always felt close to Flo,
but not this close! She thought it was nice, though, seeing as Flo was her kids’ grandmother. “I had the
most illuminating chat with my son this morning,” Flo said. Serena sighed, stepping back. “He told you
about Olivia and Oliver, then?” she asked. “Yes, he did,” Flo said with a nod. She took Serena’s hands
in hers. Serena smiled. Her own mother was so far away, it was nice to have another maternal figure
so close. “I’m sorry I kept it a secret,” she said quickly. Flo shook her head. “You don’t need to explain
anything to me,” she assured. “I’m a mother too, I know the lengths I would go to in order to protect my
son, even now,” she said. She pushed some hair out of Serena’s face in a maternal gesture. “Did he
tell you the other things?” Serena asked. “About us being mates?” Flo laughed and nodded.

“He did,” she said. “I understand the complications that come with that, especially when you both have
such different lives. For what it is worth, I think you would make a wonderful Luna. I hope my son
figures that out too.” “You always speak your mind,” Serena muttered, turning to organize some
medical equipment. “The benefits of being older and being a Luna,” Flo said. “I did have a feeling there
was a connection between the twins and my family. I’m glad that they are a part of my family. Serena, I
promise I will always take care of them, if you let me.” “I’d like that,” Serena said with a nod. “They
would too. They are very fond of you.” “I can be Grandma Flo,” the Luna said with a beaming smile.
Serena chuckled. “Can you hand me those towels?” she asked, pointing to a pile of white towels. Flo
grabbed them and Serena started to fold them and stack the neatly. “We are family, Serena,” Flo said,
“even if you and my son are never more than friends, your kids are a part of this family and that makes
you a part of this family.” “Thank you,” Serena said with a smile. “That means a lot, seeing as my own
family is far away.”

“I always felt a strong connection to you,” Flo said putting her hand on Serena’s shoulder. “Never
having a daughter of my own…” “It’s nice, having someone maternal around when I can’t be with my
own mother”…

“Speaking of, can we call the kids and say ‘hello?” Flo asked pulling her phone out. Serena laughed.
She finished up with the towels and grabbed her own phone.

“Come on,” she said. “We can go somewhere quieter and do a video call with them. Flo smiled broadly
and followed Serena out of the hospital tent.

Serena walked around until she got a strong enough signal to make the call. She put on the video chat
function and dialed her mother’s number. The phone rang several times until Charlotte picked it up, but
she didn’t turn the video on.

“Hello?” Charlotte asked. “Mom, it is Serena” Serena said. “Can you turn the video on? I want to see
the kids.” “Video, what are you talking about?” Charlotte asked. Serena could hear the kids in the
background begging to talk to her. “We called you to video chat. There should be an invitation on the
phone to turn on the video,” Serena tried to explain. She looked at Flo and rolled her eyes. “I don’t
seem what you’re talking about,” Charlotte said. “Oh, I can’t make this work.” “Let me see,” Olivia
demanded. “Mom, give Olivia the phone,” Serena said. “She can probably figure it out.” Charlotte
sighed and Serena listened to shuffling sounds. Then Olivia’s face popped up on the screen.

“Hi mommy!” she said.

“Olivia, good job,” Serena said. “Luna Flo is here with me. She wanted to see you and Oliver.”

“Hi Luna Flo,” Olivia said, waving into the camera. She turned it to show Oliver too, and he also waved.
“Hello twins,” Flo said, waving back. “I swear, you two have grown a foot since the last time I saw you!”
“That would be because they won’t stop eating,” Charlotte said appearing behind the twins.

“Luna Charlotte,” Flo said in greeting. “Luna Flo,” Serena’s mother said back. “It has been a long time.”
“Yes, it has,” Flo said with a nod. “Tell me, Olivia and Oliver, are you being good for your grandmother?”
Serena asked. “We are good” Oliver said with a nod. Serena looked at her mother for confirmation.
“They’ve been behaving,” Charlotte said. “Although, Thomas left the bait worms in the refrigerator, and
now they think we are having worm sandwiches for lunch.” Serena grimaced and Flo laughed.

Family “You don’t want a worm sandwich,” Flo said, shaking her head. “Why not?” Olivia asked, putting
her hands on her hips. Serena had to swallow her laugh at Olivia’s display of attitude.

“They are too wriggly,” Flo said. “Ewww,” Olivia and Oliver said together, causing Serena, Flo, and
Charlotte to laugh. A trucked pulled into the camp where the warriors were assembling, not too far from
the hospital. The temporary medical facility had become the base camp for the entire war effort

Logan got out of the truck. He approached the warriors. Serena knew that his presence mean they
would be mobilizing soon. “Sorry to cut the call short, but Luna Flo and I are needed,” Serena said.
“Bye mommy, Bye Flo.” Olivia and Oliver said, waving. Serena blew them kisses. “Bye, bye,” she said.
“Take care of yourselves,” Charlotte said. Serena hung up. “I should be returning to the rest of the
pack,” Flo said, “it will be up to me to keep them calm and feeling safe and secure during this.” “Thank
you for coming by,” Serena said, hugging Flo again. “I’m glad you know the truth.” Flo smiled, kissing
Serena’s cheek. “Remember, we are family,” she said. Serena nodded and waved as Flo departed.
Serena headed over to where Logan was inspecting the warriors with Beta Carson, her father, and her
brother. “How are they looking?” she asked Santino. “Ready to fight for their pack,” he said. “Ready to
die, you mean?” Serena asked, crossing her arms. “Don’t be like that,” Santino said. “Besides, I’m
sure you won’t let any of them die.” Serena rolled her eyes. “There should be field medics out there to
help injured pack members get to the relay

stations,” she said. “If that is your way of asking if you can come along, I’m saying no,” Santino said. “It
isn’t really up to you,” Serena argued. Santino sighed. He faced his sister and put his hands on her


“Serena, you aren’t getting involved in direct combat. They need you to run the hospital, and I need you
out of harm’s way. So do the twins,” he said. Serena sighed. “Don’t let him do anything reckless,” she
said, nodding towards Logan. Santino

Family “I’ll watch his back,” he promised. “Even if you were out there, you wouldn’t be able to prevent
anything from happening to him.” Serena sighed again. Her brother was right. “I know, I’d just..feel
better,” she said. “You have to be where you are needed by the pack, and the pack needs you here,”
her brother said, squeezing her shoulders. “Soldiers, into formation,” Logan ordered, his voice booming
over the rest. Serena shuddered, stepping back. Her father and brother went to join the ranks. Serena
stood back, but she kept watching. “You all know your positions and what is required of you,” Logan
said. “Once we shift, rely on the mental link. It will keep us in contact. Don’t break formation, and
remember what we are there to do!”

The soldiers whooped and hollered. Logan nodded and they began taking their clothes off, shifting into
a massive pack of wolves. Serena’s heart thudded in her chest as she watched Logan shift too! The
wolves started howling, and Logan went to the front. His tail twitched back and forth and he howled to
the sky In a single bound, he was running, the huge pack of wolves ran after him, and Serena felt the
ground tremble with the weight of the army that ran towards Moonshine. She spread her legs wider so
she wouldn’t lose her balance from the tremors that traveled up her legs. The war had begun. Clutching
her chest, her heart sinking with the fading pounding of pawprints, Serena went back to the hospital. All
they could do now was wait. Wait for news, wait for the injured to start flowing in. she made sure
everyone was in their positions. One way or another, Moonshine wouldn’t be a threat after today.

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