Novel Name : Kids from One Alpha

Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 98

Chapter 98: Holly’s Big Mistake

loan returned home to change and prepare for the coming war He had also brought

nating for Holly, the at home pregnancy test that Serena had recommended he Gothor to take

Logan)” Holly said, running up to him and hugging him. “You‘re home” Logan hugged ortak kicing her

Not for long,” he said. “We are going to war with Moonshine”

What, war, at a time like this?” Holly asked. She stepped back, putting her hands on her
stomach “Are you trying to endanger us?” “Moonshine has overstepped their bounds.” Logan said.
“The safety of the entire pack is at risk, and as Alpha, I need to take action.” “Can’t it wait?” Holly asked
“Wait until when?” Logan asked back, raising an eyebrow. “Wait until we have
a toddler running around who could wander into a bad place? Holly, right now, the baby is
safest. Now is the best time to act,” he said.

Logan walked past her and went upstairs. He started unpacking his bags. Holly followed him. While
she was watching, he took the pregnancy test out of his bag and set it on the bed

“Logan, what is that?” Holly asked, coming up beside him. ” You failed to go in for a follow up blood
panel at the hospital,” he said. “Yea, because I didn’t want the baby to get hurt. I don’t trust needles
and everything while I‘m pregnant,” she argued. Logan sighed, rolling his eyes. “All the doctors and
nurses say that it is perfectly safe,” he pointed out. “I think you’re trying to hide something” “I‘m not
hiding anything,” Holly insisted, putting her hands on her hips. Logan looked at her, and she glared at

“It doesn‘t matter,” he said, “I want you to take that test, and I want to see the results.”

” You don‘t trust me?” she asked, pouting.

“I worry that you aren‘t being entirely truthful,” he admitted. “No pregnant wolf would put
her own distaste over bloodwork over the health of her unborn child.” “How would you know, Logan?”
she asked, “Have you ever been pregnant?” Logan growled, rounding on Holly. She took a half step
back. “A pregnant mother feels she can never be too careful” Logan insisted. “You should have been
quick to get the bloodwork sorted out the moment you were told something wasn’t right. It is your
actions that betray you.“


Picking up the test, Logan handed it to her. “Take this,” he said. “That isn’t a request.” “You’re giving me
orders now?” Holly asked, glaring at him. “Take the damn test, Holly!” Logan snapped. She cowered
away from him, seeing his temper flash in his eyes. Holly took the test from his hands. Logan followed
her to the bathroom. When she tried to shut the door on him, he shook his head.

“What now?” she asked. “You’re right,” he said, “I don’t trust you. I want to see you take it.” “You’re
going to watch me pee on a stick?” she asked. Logan nodded. “I am,” he said. He pushed his way into
the bathroom. Back against the door, Logan watched and waited for Holly to take the pregnancy test.
She kept shooting glares at him, but he noticed that her hands were shaking. She was nervous! When
she was done, Logan held his hand out. Begrudgingly, Holly handed him the little piece of plastic. He
watched and waited for the results to show up. Scoffing, Logan turned the test around so Holly could
see it. “Negative,” he said. Holly shook her head. “No, it has to be a false negative,” she argued. Logan
raised an eyebrow at her. “I doubt that,” he said. “You haven’t shown any other signs of being pregnant,
except being moody. Honestly, that isn’t anything new. Did you switch your blood samples with those of
a wolf that you knew was pregnant?” Holly turned away from Logan, crossing her arms. He tossed the
pregnancy test in the trash.

“It wasn’t like that,” she said. Logan growled, the anger rising in his chest. “Did you not think I’d figure it
out?” he asked loudly, his voice echoing in the small bathroom. Holly turned to him, piercing him with
dagger like eyes. “I had a plan,” she assured. “After I told you I was pregnant, I went off birth control. I
thought I’d actually get pregnant, but you haven’t come near me since!” She threw her arms out to the
side. Logan sighed, shaking his head. He opened the bathroom door to let in some air and walked out
into the hall.

“That is the stupidest plan I have ever heard,” he told her. “Did you really think wouldn’t find out the
truth? You think I’m that stupid?” Holly snarled. “I think you’ve been so obsessed with Serena and her
kids that you haven’t been

paying attention to anything I’ve been doing,” she said. “You didn’t even suspect anything was wrong
until Serena brought it up.”

Logan growled, shaking his head. He wanted to get made at Holly and scream at her, but there was an
overwhelming relief filling his chest, and that was cooling his temper before it even got going! Holly
wasn’t pregnant. That means she wasn’t having his baby, or any baby. He felt relieved because he
knew she wouldn’t make a good mother, but also because it no longer tied him to her. He’d been iffy
about their relationship for a while, but now that he knew the truth about Serena and the twins, he’d
been wondering if he should stay with Holly forever, even if she was having his baby.” Since she
wasn’t, he didn’t have to question that anymore. “Why did you do it?” Logan asked.

“What do you mean ‘why?” Holly asked, putting her hands on her hips. “You’ve been all over this other
woman. I was jealous, and I wanted to make sure you’d never leave me. We are so good together,
Logan, we are mates, and I didn’t want to lose you.” Logan snarled. For the first time, he knew
unequivocally, that Holly was not his mate! “We are not mates!” Logan hissed, “And we aren’t good
together. You’ve been lying to me about being pregnant, trying to trap me into a relationship. I’d say
that makes us pretty bad together.” “You don’t know we aren’t mates,” Holly insisted, turning her nose

up. “Actually, yes, I do,” Logan said. Holly’s jaw dropped. “Did you meet someone else?” she asked
quickly. Logan shook his head and sighed. “Holly, it doesn’t matter,” he said. “We aren’t mates, and I
can’t forgive you for doing something like this. You lied, you tried to trap me, and you did it in a very
diabolical way. Did you ever think what the life of that child would be like if you succeeded in getting
pregnant?” “What does that matter?” Holly asked, waving his question away. “We‘d be together, and
our child would be better for it.” “We aren’t going to have a child,” Logan cried. “There is no situation in
which we will ever have a child. And you and me…we’re done.” “Done?” Holly asked skeptically. “Yes,
done, over, not together anymore, broken up,” Logan said to be completely clear on what it was he was
telling Holly. “But… Logan,” she gasped. “I love you. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that. I know that
now. I’m so sorry!” she grabbed at his arm, but Logan pulled away. “Stop, Holly, you’re just making a
fool of yourself now,” Logan said. “Leave this relationship with a little dignity, won’t you?”



“Maybe I did, but I don’t anymore,” he said. Holly burst into tears. She ran to the bedroom and
slammed the door. Logan stared after her for a moment and sighed. He didn’t want to take care of her
feelings anymore. She could cry and wail all she wanted he wasn’t going to change his mind. Too many
lies had been circulating around lately. At least, with Serena, he felt he would be able to forgive her.
She thought she was lying to protect her kids, his kids. He had always wanted to protect them too, so
he could understand it. Holly had lied to keep him away from Serena, to trap him. He growled to
himself. Holly had tried to keep him away from his own mate! “What is going on up here?” Flo asked,
climbing the stairs. Logan was breathing heavily, fists clenched at his sides. “Logan?” Logan took a
deep breath to calm himself. He smiled at his mom. “Mom, we need to talk,” he said. Flo raised an
eyebrow. “What about?” she asked.

“Your grandkids,” he said. Holly’s crying stopped in the other room. “Grandkids?” Flo asked, bringing a
hand to her face. “Is Holly pregnant with twins?” she asked. Logan shook his head. “Let’s go talk,” he

said, putting his hand on his mother’s back and guiding her back downstairs.

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