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Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 99

Chapter 99: Tantrum

“Remember when you said that Oliver looked a lot like me?” Logan asked, sitting with his mom on the

“I do,” Flo said with a nod.

“Well, it turns out that Serena and I knew each other a long time ago, briefly, and that encounter led to
Olivia and Oliver,” he explained. Telling his mother he’d had a one night stand and illegitimate children
was an awkward conversation at best.

Flo chuckled.

“Oh, I knew they were special,” she said. “Does that mean you and are going to be together?” she
asked hopefully. Logan shrugged. “Not right now,” he said. “I just found out that Holly isn’t even
pregnant, that she lied, because she was trying to trap me.” “Is that what all the fighting was about up
there?” his mother asked. Logan nodded. Flo patted his knee. “My dear boy,” she said. “You’ll be okay.”
“Aren’t you going to ask why Serena didn’t tell me, or wonder why she lied or anything?” Logan asked,
raising an eyebrow at his mother. Flo sighed. She leaned back on the couch and crossed her arms. “I
assume a mother has a her reasons, always looking out for her kids,” Flo said. Logan nodded. Maybe
he couldn’t understand Serena’s reasoning because he wasn’t a mother. Flo

seemed completely unconcerned with it, so he thought that he should try approaching it like his mother.
She was wise, understood a lot, and she was also a mother.

“I’m guess that means you and Holly are don, then?” she asked, nodding to the ceiling. Holly’s fake
wails had resumed from the bedroom. “Holly and I are done,” Logan confirmed. Flo smiled and nodded.
“Maybe you don’t want to hear, it, Logan, but Serena has all the makings of a good Luna. She’s also
the mother of your children,” she said. “Something to think about.”

Logan nodded. He already knew that! “Something else… Serena is my mate,” he added. Flo laughed.
“I see your trip to Starseeker was very educational,” his mother teased. Logan laughed and nodded.

The bedroom door burst open with a bang and Holly tore down the stairs. “What the hell did you just
say!?” she cried. Her face was contorted in pure rage, hair a instinctively leaned away from her as she
stalked into the living room. “I told you we weren’t mates,” Logan reminded her. Holly snarled an
animalistic snarl.

“This is insane!” Holly said. “We‘ve been together through so much, how can we not be mates?” her
question wasn’t really directed at Logan, so he didn’t answer. “Holly, Alpha Thomas and Santino are
here to help us with the Moonshine problem. Once the conflict is resolved, you can return home to your
pack,” Logan offered. “You are such a jerk!” Holly snapped. She pounced at Logan. He slid off the
couch and Holly ripped through the upholstery with claw like fingernails. “Holly, that’s enough!” Flo said,
standing up. Her voice was commanding and stern. “You do not behave like an uncivilized, wild animal
in my house.” “You’re house?” Holly asked with a scoff. “Yes, my house,” Flo reiterated. “In fact, you do
not belong here anymore. Pack your things and get out.” “You’re kicking me out?” Holly asked. She
looked to Logan for some kind of support. Logan shrugged.

“You’re not welcome here anymore,” he said. “I’d do as the Luna says.” Snarling and spitting, Holly
retreated back to the bedroom. “I want to see Serena,” Flo said. “She’s at the campaign hospital,”
Logan explained. Flo nodded. She grabbed her car keys and left. Logan sighed, touching the tear in
the couch. Once the Moonshine conflict was resolved, he would get someone in to repair the couch.
His mother would be furious otherwise. Even though it was Holly that had done the damage, Logan
knew his mother would hold it against him too. He had been the one to invite her into their lives

and home. Reluctantly, Logan headed upstairs to see how Holly was doing with packing. He opened
the bedroom door and saw her throwing things around the room as she filled her suitcase. Some of the
things she was throwing belonged to him. She was just making a mess to be spiteful. “Holly, will you

stop throwing things?” Logan asked, leaning against the doorframe. Her tantrum was more of an
inconvenience than anything.

“You’re a real jerk, Logan you know that?” she asked. “You‘ve been leading me on, making me
promises…” Logan growled, pushing off the doorframe. “I never led you on,” he said. “I never promised
you anything. I never told you this was more than what it was. You convinced yourself of that.” Holly
rolled her eyes and went back to packing. “What about the nursery?” she asked. Logan sighed. He’d
almost forgotten that Holly had set up the nursery! She really was going to try and push that ruse to
the max. fortunately, he hadn’t given in to any of her attempts at seduction after she claimed she was
pregnant. “I’ll trash it,” Logan assured. “But…Logan, I paid a lot of money for that stuff” Holly argued.
“Which was already a waste because you weren’t pregnant,” he said. Holly scoffed, shaking her head.
Otherwise, she might really have gotten pregnant! It was also fortunate that Serena had been looking
out for him with the bloodwork. He never would have suspected Holly’s lies, and he wouldn’t have
confronted her either. Thinking of Serena brought a small smile to his lips. He felt like he should have
gone with his mother to the hospital, but he had to make sure that Holly left without destroying anything
else. When her bags were packed, Logan didn’t offer to help her carry them. He followed her down the
stairs as she struggled to balance the bags. “You might think you‘ve won,” Holly said. “I won’t lack for a
place to stay, though, you’re only hurting yourself.” Logan chuckled humorlessly. “Holly, I really don’t
care where you go or who you end up staying with,” he told her. “It didn’t have to end this way. Had you
not been jealous of Serena, tormenting her from day one, lying to me, then I think we actually could
have been great together.” Holly’s jaw dropped open as she stared at him. Logan wasn’t sure he
believed what he said, but he wanted Holly to think it so the weight of her actions would really sink in.
He wasn’t sure if she would reflect or if she would learn and grow.

Thankfully, it wasn’t his problem anymore.

When Holly was out on the porch, Logan shut and locked the door. He didn’t wait around to see who
came to pick her up. As long as she was gone, he’d be happy and his mother would be happy.

Logan sighed a big, heavy sigh of relief. He wasn’t going to be a father! Rather, he wasn’t going to be a
father to a child he didn’t want with a woman he didn’t want. He was a father to two of the greatest kids
he’d ever met! With Holly gone, that meant he and Serena could talk about telling the twins about him
actually being their father. He didn’t have another family to put first anymore. Suddenly, he was filled
with warmth, happiness, and love. He was going to claim Olivia and Oliver as his kids. It was what he
wanted most. Logan pulled out his phone and called Beta Carson. “How are the preparations going?”
he asked when Carson answered. “Good,” the Beta said. “The hospital is ready to go, staff are still
funneling in.”

“The warriors?” Logan asked. “Logan, you sound kind of upbeat,” Carson said. “Is that really
appropriate on the eve of war?” Logan chuckled. “I promise to tell you all about it,” he assured. “Let’s
just say, I lost about a hundred and twenty pounds, and it feels good.” Carson chuckled too. “Alright, I
can’t wait to hear about it,” he said. “The warriors are assembling. I want to inspect the ranks, and I
think you should too.” “Naturally,” Logan said. “Have you seen my mother?” “She’s at the hospital,”
Carson confirmed. Logan nodded on the phone. “Alright, I’m on my way,” he said. He hung up. Logan
checked the front porch to make sure that Holly was gone. The porch was empty. He left through the
kitchen door, making sure to lock it too. Holly was spiteful, and he didn’t think her above coming back
and destroying something inside or outside of the house. Logan noticed that his steps were a little
lighter. He felt better, like he was freer. He also felt more connected, more connected to the pack, to his
family, to his kids. Holly had always been standing in the way, trying to pull and divide his attention. No
more! Logan knew exactly what he wanted and how to get it. He wasn’t going to stop until Serena was
his and the twins knew he was their father!

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