Kids from One Alpha

Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 102

Chapter 102: Santino Injured

After the wolf threat was taken care of, Logan cleaned himself off and shifted back into human form. He
put his shorts back on and turned to see what was happening with Santino and Damon. “You little fool,”
Damon said. “Waving a knife around at me.” “It is sharp enough to do damage,” Santino assured. “Stop
playing with him!” Logan demanded. “But remember, we need him alive.” “Alive?” Damon asked. He
smirked, shifting into a wolf behind his desk, his clothes ripping off and falling into tattered shreds on
the floor. Santino ducked as Damon lunged at him. “Dammit!” Logan snarled, going for his shorts again.
“Shift, Santino!” The other male shifted while Logan also took on his wolf form again. They circled
around Damon. The illegitimate Alpha growled, staring at each one as they walked by him in a never-
ending circle. Logan snarled back. Santino snapped his jaws. Taking Damon alive could be difficult, if
he put up too much of a fight. Santino lunged first, knocking Damon off his feet. The illegitimate Alpha
was quick to recover. Logan leapt to Santino’s side and they began to back Damon into a corner.
Damon snarled and growled, shaking his head as drool fell from his lips. Logan licked his lips, eyes
flicking sideways to Santino. Santino lowered his head to the floor, preparing to go in for another attack.
Logan didn’t stop him. Santino went for Damon’s neck. As long as the other Alpha wasn’t killed, Logan
wouldn’t interfere. Santino got up underneath Damon’s chest, rolling the other Alpha over. He rose up
on his haunches, planning to land heavily on Damon’s stomach, crushing his lungs and damaging him
enough so he wouldn’t escape. At the last moment, Logan saw Damon lift his head. He yelped to get
Santino’s attention, but the other wolf had already started to come down. Damon snapped at Santino’s
leg, catching it in his jaws and biting down hard. Santino yelped, pulling back. He limped away, whining,
his broken leg hanging uselessly as he retreated. Growling, Logan tackled Damon before he could get
up. He sank his teeth into the top of Logan’s neck, dragging him to the floor with him. Damon struggled,
but Logan’s hold was too strong. Logan kicked at Damon’s back, his hind claws ripping through fur and
flesh, Damon whimpering and writhing until he began to weaken. When he was no longer a threat,
Logan released his hold on the illegitimate Alpha, leaving him whimpering on the floor. He shifted back
into his human form and ran

Chapter 102 Santino Injured

over to Santino.

The other wolf was still whimpering and licking his broken leg. “That doesn’t look too good,” he said.
Logan pulled his phone out and called Serena. “You shouldn’t be calling me,” she said. “We have a lot
of injured here.” “It is Santino,” Logan said. Serena gasped. “He’s fine. Just a broken leg. We could use
you in Damon’s mansion. Damon is pretty shredded too, and he needs some medical attention, and
some restraints.” “I’ll put together a team,” Serena said before hanging up. “Hear that?” Logan asked
Santino. “Your sister is on the way. She’s going to fix you up nicely.” Santino gave another soft whimper
and laid down, trying to get comfortable and relax. Logan found his shorts and put them on. While
waiting for Serena, he went through the rest of the mansion to make sure it was clear. He ran into some
of his other wolves, and they had several Moonshine members detained. “How’s it going?” he asked
them. “Just a couple more to round up. They ran towards the battle and we sent wolves in pursuit. They
won’t get out of that mess,” one of the wolves reported. Logan nodded. “Good” he said. “Start taking all
detained Moonshine members into the town square. We will need them to help rebuild this place.” His
wolves nodded and began obeying his orders without question. The goal had never been to destroy the
entire Moonshine pack. Logan and Thomas didn’t want that kind of blood on their hands. Any that were
willing to live peacefully and renounce Damon as their Alpha would be assimilated back into society.
Logan went into the basement, taking a look at the wine cellar. It was more impressive than he could
have imagined. The walls were made of yellow brick, lined with racks of wines from all over the world.
For a moment, he was a little jealous, but then he remembered that the wine cellar had been built at
the expense of the rest of the pack. Disgustedly, Logan went back upstairs to wait for Serena.

“Where is he?” she asked the moment she saw Logan.

“This way,” he said, leading her and the rest of her team upstairs. The others ran ahead to secure
Damon. Logan didn’t want the illegitimate Alpha sneaking away.

“How bad is it?” she asked, her steps slowing at the top of the stairs. “Minor,” Logan assured. “Easy fix.
But it is a wound from a wolf mouth, there could be risk of affection.” “How did this happen?” she
asked. “Weren’t you two together to help keep each other safe?” Logan snorted and shook his head.

Chapter 102 Santino injured

“Don’t try to blame this on me,” he insisted, grabbing Serena’s wrist. She sighed, pulling away quickly.
“I’m sorry,” she said. “I’m just…scared. We haven’t heard from my father yet.”

“I’m sure he is fine,” Logan said. Serena nodded and started moving again. Logan showed her where
Santino was injured, still in his wolf form. Until she set the bones, he wouldn’t be able to shift back to
human, then she’d have to bandage him.

While Serena worked, Logan went to see what was happening with Damon. The nurses that Serena
had brought had his throat and back patched up. He seemed reluctant to change back into his human
form again. Logan crossed his arms and shook his head as they bound his wrists and ankles, binds
that would hold even when he changed back.

“You can’t put off the inevitable,” Logan said.

He went over to Serena to check on her progress with Santino. She almost had her ! twin patched up.
Santino was back in human form, breathing heavily as Serena bound his leg.

“When you’re done here, can you give Damon a sedative?” he asked. “He doesn’t want to change back
into human form.”

“I’ll take care of it,” Serena said. She touched Santino’s shoulder. “Go, I’m fine,” he said. Serena sighed
and grabbed her medical bag. “You’re stupid!” she said. “Getting injured like that.” Santino smirked at
her. “Yea, I know,” he said. “But I have my sister to put me back together.” Serena snorted. She went

with Logan over to where Damon was growling at anyone that tried to approach. “Growl at me and I will
shoot you full of phenobarbital instead of a sedative,” Serena warned. Logan let out a soft whistle and
stepped back. The other nurses pulled away too. Immediately, Damon settled down, relaxing. Serena
knelt down beside him. She inserted the needle at Damon’s neck, pushing the sedative into him. His
eyes rolled back, and he gave a lazy gasp before falling asleep. Serena grabbed her medical bag and
stepped back. Once asleep, it was easy to slip back into human form. Damon shifted on the floor and
Serena pulled a blanket out of her medical kit. She laid it over him.

“Can you go to the nearest relay station and get a backboard and gurney?” she asked one of the
nurses. “And a pair of crutches for my brother.” The nurse nodded and headed out.

“Thank you, for coming on short notice.” Logan said. “Thank you for not letting my idiot brother get
killed,” she said. She gave Logan a weak smile. “I should get back to the hospital.” Logan nodded as
she left.


Once Damon was on the back rack and gurney, Logan helped Santino get to his feet. “How are you
doing?” Logan asked. “Serena gave me a pain killer,” he said. “I have crutches.” Logan waved his
statement off. He pulled Santino’s arm over his shoulder and put his arm around Santino’s waist.
Santino leaned his weight on Logan, lifting his broken leg and allowing him to hop alongside as the
headed out of the mansion. “I should have been more careful,” Santino muttered. “I didn’t think, I just
reacted.” “You did fine,” Logan said. “Need I remind you that the last fight I was in, I was nearly torn
apart.” Santino chuckled. “Yea, I guess I did better than you,” Santino agreed. “We’ll regroup with your
father and the rest of Moonshine. The battle is over, but we still have a lot of work to do,” Logan said,
making conversation to distract Santino from the pain and the awkwardness of hobbling around one-
legged. “Any ideas for how to handle the territory?” Santino asked. “A few, but we should discuss them
with your father,” Logan said. They headed out into the sunny yard around the mansion. Logan sighed.
He’d almost forgotten it was still daytime out. His mind had been so focused on the battle and on war.

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