Kids from One Alpha

Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 103

Chapter 103: Town Meeting

Night Sky and Starseeker wolves were slowly bringing in the detained Moonshine wolves from every
direction. Logan had set up the town square with seating. Though the Moonshine wolves remained
bound, Logan didn’t want them to think they were going to be killed “How many casualties?” Logan
asked Carson. “Our pack only suffered a few. Mostly minor injuries, a few majors, but the hospital is on
it,” he reported.

“And in Moonshine?” he asked.

“More injuries and casualties than we suffered,” he said. “Serena had the injured wolves transported to
the hospital too.” “Good,” Logan said.

“Logan,” Alpha Thomas called, waving at him as he deposited a captive in one of the chairs.

“Thomas, did you check in with your children?” he asked immediately. Serena had been worried that
her father hadn’t made it through the battle.

“I did,” he said. “They will be joining us shortly. Damon has been detained?” Logan nodded, motioning
up to the podium in the town square. Still unconscious from the sedative that Serena had given him,
Damon was lying down behind the podium. Serena had wanted to take him to the hospital, but Logan
had made her a deal. She could administer medical treatment to him herself, and he would have
anything she needed brought to her, but Damon had to remain in the town square.

“Santino didn’t want to miss this town meeting, but I told him it was best to rest,” Thomas said. “That
doctor, Adriana, gave him some pain killers that have him very happy.” “Good,” Logan said with a
smirk. “Once all the conscious and uninjured Moonshine pack members have been gathered, we can
begin.” Logan left Carson and Thomas to see to the arrangements. He went around the podium to

where Serena was cleaning the wounds on Damon’s back. “Have you been looked at?” she asked
without even looking up to confirm his identity. She probably smelled him.

“I’m fine,” he said. “When will he be waking up?”

“Soon,” she said. “Can you get him some clothes?” “Why would I do that?” Logan asked, arching an
eyebrow. Serena looked at him over her shoulder and narrowed her eyes. 1/4


“If he’s about to stand before his pack, your pack, and a large portion of my father’s pack, he should be
clothed,” she argued. “I’m not in the business of making my enemies more comfortable,” Logan
growled. “Well, I’m not in the business of shame and humiliation,” she said. Logan growled, but he
knew he wasn’t going to win the fight. “Besides, do you really want everyone to see him naked? It
might change some minds.” Again, Logan growled, wondering if Serena found Damon attractive in any
way. The very thought made him bristle, so he stalked off to find clothing. When he returned, Damon
was already waking up. Serena helped him into a sitting position, and Logan dropped the clothes into
Damon’s lap. “Get dressed, you’ve got a public appearance to make,” he snapped. Damon looked at
him groggily. Serena stepped away, now that Damon was healed. Damon chuckled as he pulled the
shirt on. “So serious and stern,” he said to Logan. “My people won’t turn against me, you’ll see.” “No,
you’ll see,” Logan retorted. “Keep an eye on him. If he gets rambunctious, sedate him again.” Serena

Logan returned to Thomas and Carson. The entire square was filled now, and Logan recognized a lot
of his own pack members and those belonging to Star Seeker.

“I want Damon’s family brought up to the podium too,” Logan said. “I want them separated out so we
can see where his deepest loyalties are. If they are scattered in . the crowd, others around them might
be too fearful to speak up.” “Good idea,” Carson said, heading into the crowd to pull Damon’s family

members out. Most of the Moonshine pack members looked scared. They looked weak, gaunt, and
hungry. “Do we have rations to hand out?” Logan asked. “I know Serena stocked the hospital with
blankets and extra food rations. I want to see that out here, passed out to these hungry wolves.” “I’ll
pass the word along,” Thomas said. Logan waited until the rations and blankets arrived. The
Moonshine wolves were hungry. They ate ravenously, and Logan wished he had more food to offer
them. “Alright, bring Damon out,” Logan said, motioning to the podium behind him.” Serena and
another nurse, holding Damon’s arms and partially supporting him, brought him out into the open
where everyone could see him. Behind him, his family members growled and bristled. Logan nodded to
his own wolves, and they ran over, restraining his family from stepping out of line or acting up. The rest
of the Moonshine wolves cowered when they saw Damon. “What the hell is this?” Damon asked with a
scoff, glaring at his pack members. “Moonshine wolves cowering?” 2/4

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Chapter 103. Town Meeting

“Settle down,” Logan snapped. “You’re not here to make speeches. I just wanted to see how your pack
would react.” He nodded to Serena and the nurse, and they pulled Damon back.

Stepping up, Logan and Thomas stood side by side to address the scared, beaten wolves of

“Moonshine Pack, it has come to our attention that you’re in need. Your Alpha has betrayed his
responsibility to you,” Logan said. “Today, we are going to have a town meeting for all your voices to be
heard.” “It is a weak Alpha that lets his own pack members starve while he builds a lavish wine cellar,”
Thomas continued. “You have a choice today, continue to cower under the boot of a weak Alpha, or
stand up for yourself and take back your territory.”

Logan smiled as the bound wolves in the crowd started nodding and glancing at each other. Some of
their faces even brightened up. So, Damon really was nothing more than a tyrant! “This is treason!”
someone shouted from near the podium. Logan looked over his shoulder. Someone from Damon’s
family had spoken up. As he suspected, Damon’s family would support him. He looked at Carson. If
they continue to speak, gag them, he said through the mind link. Don’t use violence. On it, Carson said
moving back towards the family members. “You are each your own wolves now, and you will have a
say in what happens to you and this territory,” Logan continued. “We will hold a trial to lay out all the
crimes of your so-called Alpha, and then you can decide whether you want him to rule you or


Murmurs of agreement and happiness rippled through the crowd. Logan gave a satisfied smile and
looked sideways at Thomas. “There are several options for what will become of the pack and the
territory.” Thomas said. “For now, let us commence with the trial.” Logan returned to the podium where
Damon was still being watched closely by Serena. “Don’t stress him out” Serena said. “Why not?”
Logan asked. Serena sighed, shaking her head. “You need him alive,” she pointed out. “If he dies
during this trial, he could become a martyr to anyone who supports him or is sensitive to him. You don’t
know if there are sympathizers in the crowd.” “My daughter does have a point.” Thomas sald. Logan
rolled his eyes, but Serena was right. “Keep it clean” she said. Logan nodded. “Alright, I will,” he said,
giving her his word. Serena nodded. She backed off and


Chapter 103: Town Meeting allowed Logan to pull Damon into a standing position. He pushed Damon
forward, putting him out before the crowd again. “You think you‘ve won?” Damon asked. “There’s
nothing you can do, this pack is mine.” “Just give me a reason,” Logan snarled, pinching Damon’s arm.
The illegitimate Alpha growled.

“The pack knows who takes care of them,” Damon insisted. “We’ll see,” he said. “I doubt most of them
even know what you have really been up to. But I have wolves tearing apart your mansion now to make
sure I know every secret you’ve been keeping, your financial status, and anything else, like a luxury
wine cellar, that the rest of your pack has missed out on.” Damon snarled, struggling against Logan’s
grip. “Ready to take a long, hard look in the mirror of your failures?” Logan asked with a chuckle. He
pushed Damon forward again. “Here he is, Moonshine, the Alpha that stole the leadership of your
pack,” Logan said. Snarls and growls rose up from the crowd. “Demon!” someone called.

“Evil doer!” someone else cried out. Other names were called through the crowd. “Carson, cut their
bonds,” he said, nodding into the crowd. We‘ve fed them, made them warm, now I want them to be
comfortable too, to see that we are on their side.” “I’ll take care of it,” Carson said. He pulled a knife out
and corralled a few more wolves to help. “You’re free now, if you choose to be,” Logan said. “This man
can no longer control your fate.”

Kicking Damon in the back of the knee, Logan forced him to the ground. “Let’s go over his crimes now,
shall we?” he asked. He was met with a lot of supporting cries from the Moonshine wolves. Logan
smirked. He’d been waiting for this.

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