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Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 109

Chapter 109: Bad Timing, Good Timing

Serena arched an eyebrow at Logan. His little outburst caused her to actually pay attention to him. Her
mind had been wandering with her brother, wondering what he was really up to. “You don’t think it was
a mistake to have the one-night stand that we did?” she asked.

“No,” Logan said firmly. “I think that would be saying that the twins were a mistake, and I don’t believe
they are. I know you don’t believe they are.” Serena sighed, grabbing another glass of wine off a tray
that a waitress carried by. She took a big gulp. Logan was right. “You’re right,” she admitted. “The twins
aren’t a mistake. I would never think of them like that. Maybe the mistake was not seeking you out
after…” she trailed off. Logan shook his head. “No, that wasn’t a mistake either,” he said. “Hindsight is
a great way to pretend I know what you were going through and pretend I could have made the right
decision at the time. Honestly, I don’t think I would have been in a place to raise twins if you’d told me
back then.” Serena looked at Logan fully for the first time since she entered the celebration. His eyes
were cast down, the corners of his lips turned down in a frown. He was being honest with himself and
with her. “I appreciate you saying that,” Serena said, sipping her wine. Logan raised his eyes and
smiled at her. He had a bottle of beer in his hand, taking a swig off the top. “But seriously, we didn’t
make a mistake,” Logan insisted. “No, I guess not,” she said. Serena agreed with Logan on the most
basic level. If she hadn’t had a one-night stand with him, then she never would have had the twins. She
would never fault their existence or wish she didn’t have them. She’d never wish that the timing had
been different, because she loved them so much, just the way they were! “What would you call it?” she
asked Logan. Logan shrugged, looking out at the crowd of the gathered wolves. Serena followed his
gaze. She couldn’t remember the last time Moonshine, Starseeker, and Night Sky had all been
together. The Moonshine wolves stood out, but Serena liked seeing that they weren’t being excluded or
avoided. Logan had made it clear that all Moonshine wolves being assimilated had been at the mercy
of Damon, not supporting him. Starseeker and Night Sky had been much more

accommodating based on that. Nd say it was bad timing,” Logan said with a grin.


Chapter 109 Bad Timing, Good Timing

“Bad timing?” Serena asked. He nodded. “Yea,” he said. “If things had happened at a different time,
then maybe things between us would be different, and I wouldn’t have missed five years of their lives.”
“That is true,” Serena said. “Alright, then it was bad time.” She smiled at Logan. As much as she still
wasn’t sure what her own feelings were for Logan, she didn’t want to be mad at him anymore. She
didn’t want to be second guessing him all the time or analyzing his actions in terms of whether or not a
good father would do something like that. It was exhausting!

Serena already had so many other things to consider and care about on a daily basis.

“So, Santino said that the guidance I offered for the restoration plans was well received,” she said to
make casual conversation. Logan smirked. “Yes, it was very helpful,” he said. “As was your work on the
treaty addendum. Why didn’t you want your father to know?” “He would never understand,” Serena
said with a shrug. “I’m not the one with the mind of a leader in our family.” “Well, you are always
welcome to give me guidance,” Logan offered with a chuckle. “Even when Holly is your Luna?” Serena
asked. “I think she will have her own opinion on that.”

Logan’s expression changed, his features creasing slightly. “Serena,” he said her name seriously.
“Serena, Logan,”Thomas called out, pushing through the crowed to get to them. Logan smiled, and it
was clear he wasn’t going to say what he was about to say in front of her father. “Hi, dad,” Serena said,
hugging him. “You did such great work in the hospital,” he said. “All Starseeker members that were
treated by you have had nothing but good things to say about you.”

“Thanks,” she said as Thomas kissed her on the cheek. Her dad raised his beer up. “A toast, a new
beginning between our packs and our families,“ Thomas offered. “Here, here,” Logan said, raising his

beer. Serena lifted her glass. “That sounds good” Serena agreed, sipping her wine. “Logan, can you
come with me, there are some wolves I want to introduce to you, wolves from Moonshine,” Thomas
said. Logan nodded. He looked over his shoulder at Serena and winked at her. Serena smiled, nodding
at him.

Serena was left alone at the party. She finished her wine and went to mingle with the other wolves.
Most everyone was cordial with her. They all were in high spirits, a general sense of peace and
happiness settling everyone.


Chapter 109 Bad Timing. Good Timing

She slowly made her way over to Flo, who was talking to some of the Moonshine wolves. “Serena,” Flo
said, turning her attention to her. “You look lovely.” “Thank you, Luna,” she said.

“Please, don’t call me that,” Flo said with a laugh. “I’m not going to be Luna much longer, and I have
mostly stepped down from my duties.” “Yes, I imagine so,” Serena said, casting her eyes at Logan. He
was talking to her father and laughing. She knew that Holly would be Luna soon, seeing as Logan had
agreed to stay with her to raise their baby. “This pack owes you a great date, so dol,” Flo said, following
Serena’s gaze to Logan. “Things with Moonshine were tense even before Logan became Alpha. It has
been years, and I never thought I’d see a resolution to this conflict. I don’t think it would have been
possible without your transfer to this pack.” “How’s that?” Serena asked, arching an eyebrow. Flo
smiled and took a sip of her wine.

“With Moonshine out of the loop, Logan wasn’t in contact with your father and Star Seeker as much as
he should have been,” she explained. “It wasn’t until you came to Night Sky that communications were
reopened and this plan became a reality.”

“I think it would have happened regardless,” Serena said. She didn’t want all of Night Sky thinking she
was more important than she was. “The tipping point was a long way off,” Flo said, brushing some of
Serena’s hair over her shoulder in a very maternal gesture. “We would have faced a much harder road
and a lot more casualties.” “You’re saying my transfer to the Night Sky pack was good timing?” Serena
asked, chuckling to herself at the irony of the term. “Very good timing,” Flo agreed. “Excuse me, dear.”
Serena nodded as Flo back away. Shaking her head, Serena reveled in her own amusement. Maybe
things hadn’t gone as she planned, but it wasn’t like things hadn’t worked out in ways she never could
have imagined

Logan was probably right in saying he wouldn’t have been ready for the twins when they were born. His
father had recently passed and he had been an incredibly young Alpha. Having the responsibility of
kids too would have been too much.

Now, he was ready. Even if he had concerns about it, Serena could tell he was ready.

Maybe the timing with the twins hadn’t been bad at all. They’d given Serena a chance to get out from
under the wings of her parents and out of the shadow of her bother. That had been what she needed at
the time. Now, she and the twins had given Logan the means to settle a conflict with his greatest
adversary. She didn’t think the timing had been bad. All the timing had been just right! Looking around
the tent, Serena could see that, even though they’d had to

Chapter 109 Bad Timing Good Timing go to war, the outcome was better than it could have been under
most circumstances.

There never would have been a peaceful resolution. To come out the other side with few casualties and
no major deficit, it was almost unheard of in the history of werewolves to have a conflict resolved with
so little bloodshed. Still, there were rogues out there. Serena hadn’t heard an update on them, but no
one was coming in injured. Either they were being taken peacefully or they’d been slaughtered. Serena
sighed, setting her empty wine glass down. She was done with the party. Everyone else was chatting

and having a good time. The Alphas were busy, Flo was busy, and she didn’t see anyone else that she
knew. She wanted to get back to the hospital and make sure that her patients were doing well before
turning in for the night and calling her kids. Serena left the party and went straight to the hospital.

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