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Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 108

Chapter 108: The Celebration

The field hospital was taken down, and all the patients were out of critical care. Serena had looked
after the ones in the worse condition herself until they were ready to be moved to general
recovery. Santino had kept her filled in on what he was working out with Logan and their father in
regards to the Moonshine territory and pack members. It seemed like they were making good progress
with arrangements.

Serena didn’t think that completely justified the war, but from what she gathered from a lot of her
Moonshine patients, most of them were happy to be free of Damon and have a way to start fresh.
While she was checking inventory, Santino strolled into the hospital whistling. “Ugh, what are you doing
here?” Serena asked, rolling her eyes. She smiled to show she was teasing. Santino grinned at her.
“Oh, just coming by to let you know that the tedious Alpha meetings have finally concluded,” he said
with a big sigh of relief. He leaned on the nurse’s station, winking at his sister. “I’m glad to hear it,” she
said. “I guess that means you, dad, and Logan have figured everything out that needs to be figured
out?” “We have,” Santino said. “You know, dad didn’t pick up on it, but there were a few passages in
that restoration plan that had a certain cadence I recognized.” Serena glared at her brother. She sighed
and shrugged. “Alpha Logan asked me for my opinion on a few topics,” she said dismissively. “Oh,
does that mean the two of you have been spending more time together?” Santino asked suggestively.
Serena grimaced. “Please,” she scoffed. “There are more important things going on than whatever is
between me and Logan.”

“Not anymore,” Santino said. “The war is over and the packs are moving towards stability.”

“Does that mean you and dad will be heading back to Starseeker soon?” she asked. She liked having
her father and brother around. She knew they couldn’t stay forever, though Suddenly, Serena missed
her kids! They’d been staying with Charlotte during the conflict. She knew they were safe and had
video called with them every day, but now that she wasn’t rushing around constantly in a war hospital,

she really felt how much she missed them! “I don’t know.” Santino said. “Logan is planning some big
celebration tonight, a unification kind of celebration or something.”


Chapter 108: The Celebration

“Celebration?” Serena asked. “At a time like this?”

“Yea. He thinks that the Moonshine wolves need to have some fun and see that we aren’t these
intimidating, scary wolves that they think. He also said it would be good to have all the packs together
for some announcements about Moonshine’s future.” Santino explained. “Well, that doesn’t sound so
bad,” she admitted. “Are you going to come?” Santino asked. “I might make an appearance,” Serena
said dismissively. She went back to recording her inventory numbers.

“Come on, Serena,” Santino pleaded. “You’ve been working non-stop for days. You should change out
of your scrubs, put on a nice dress, and party.”

Serena rolled her eyes. “You know, Logan and I together at parties…those don’t always end that well,”
she said. Santino laughed. “Then you should definitely come,” Santino said. “I’ll see you then, right?”
Serena narrowed her eyes at her brother, but she sighed. “Alright, fine,” she said. “I need to finish up
this inventory log.” “Okay, but you better be there, or I’m going to come back here, throw you over my
shoulder, and rebreak my leg to carry you in your scrubs to that party,” he told her.

“Yea, yea, get out of here,” Serena said, waving him off. Once Santino was gone, it didn’t take her long
to finish up her work. She checked on her patients one last time, but the night nurses and doctors had
already come in for their shifts. The patients were in good hands.

Her excuses for going to the celebration were disappearing all around her. Serena headed home to
change quickly. She was pleased to take her scrubs off and shower. It had been a long few days

surrounded by dirt, mud, stream water, and bloody injuries. Washing herself clean felt so good! She
changed into a casual dressy outfit. Santino had told her to put on a dress, but she didn’t know how
formal the celebration would really be. Logan had had one of the event tents set up on the outskirts of
town. Already there was music playing and Serena could hear people talking, glasses clinking together.
It was a real party! She went in, seeing Santino dressed in a nice suit and Flo talking to someone from
Moonshine. Her father was there, talking to some of the warriors that had fought

alongside him. Serena smiled as she looked around at everyone. “You made it,” Logan said, coming up
alongside her. Serena nodded, accepting a glass of wine from him. She looked down at it and then
arched an eyebrow at Logan.

Chapter 108 The Celebration

“I’m not sure about this,” she said, handing the wine back. “Why not?” he asked, his brow creasing.
“You, me, parties with alcohol…” she trailed off. Logan chuckled. “Let yourself relax a little,” he said,
handing the wine back. “We‘ve achieved a great victory here, and now we can finally revel in our
achievements.” “We aren’t entirely out of the woods yet,” Serena pointed out, but she accepted the

Boisterous laughter caught Serena’s attention, and she looked up. Santino was chatting with a young
woman that Serena didn’t know. She must have been from Moonshine. The wolf he was flirting with
was far healthier looking than most of the other Moonshine wolves.

“Who is that?” Serena asked, nodding the her. “I don’t know.” Logan said. “She must be a member of
Moonshine.” “She seems awfully healthy,” Serena pointed out. “A few days on a healthy diet and with
the proper nutrition and care can do a lot for the health and wellness of anyone,” Logan said with a
chuckle. “Do you have to be working right now?” Serena glared at Logan, sipping her wine. “I’m not
working,” she insisted. “I’m looking out for my brother.” Santino brushed his hand down the female’s
cheek. She blushed and smiled at him. He slipped his arm around her waist and leaned in to whisper in

her hear. She giggled and blushed deeper. “Can you at least pretend to enjoy yourself at this
celebration?” Logan asked snidely. “We are here to unite the three packs into two. This is a momentous
occasion.” Serena glared at Logan again. She sighed and relaxed. He was right, the occasion was
what she was there to celebrate. She should be supporting the great move of the pack, not looking
down on Logan for his actions. When she looked over to find Santino again, she caught him sneaking
out of the event tent with the female he’d been flirting with. “At least someone is having fun,” Serena
muttered. Logan chuckled. “You could be too,” he reminded her. Serena finished her wine. She set the
empty glass down and crossed her arms. She wouldn’t drink anymore. Not only did she want to remain
lucid at the party, so she wouldn’t say anything she’d regret, but also because she might still be needed
at the hospital. “I wanted to thank you, Serena, for your work in the filed hospital” Logan said. “It was
doing my job.” Serena pointed out stiffly. She looked at Logan, noticing that he

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Chapter 108: The Celebration

was looking at her with a funny half smile. “No, you always go above and beyond,” he insisted. Serena
shrugged. “Logan, you were really hard on Damon,” she said. “He didn’t need to go through that.” “He
should have gone through worse,” Logan said with a snarl. Serena shook her head.

“You claim to have control on your temper, but seems like you are willing to redirect it on others you
feel deserve it,” Serena pointed out. Logan sighed. “Not tonight,” he said, shaking his head. “Your
father, brother, and I have been working hard to eliminate a threat, unite the packs again, save lives,
and restore a desolate territory. That might not seem as important to you as your work in the hospital,
but it is important to all the wolves here.”

“I respect the work you’re doing,” Serena assured. She sighed, looking to where Santino and his friend

“Then, for at least one night, support it,” he said. “Don’t berate me, don’t tell me all the things I’ve done
wrong, be a part of the pack and support what we are doing.” Serena sighed. She didn’t like being
chastised by Logan, but he was being logical, so she could hardly disagree with him or fight back.

She looked around again. The three packs together, yes it was an important even to celebrate. She
had to acknowledge that. “Parties,” she muttered. “I hope Santino doesn’t make the same mistake we
did.” She : nodded towards where he exited. Logan scoffed. “Mistake?” he asked. Serena nodded. “The
last party we were at together, remember?” she asked. Logan shook his head. “That wasn’t a mistake!”
he said firmly.

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