Kids from One Alpha

Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 107

Chapter 107: Restoration Plans

Santino met Logan in his office. He was still hobbling around, but his leg was getting stronger. Alpha
Thomas was also present, standing behind the chair that Santino had collapsed in to. “Have all the
rogues been rounded up?” Thomas asked. Logan looked up from the documents on his desk.

“That’s difficult to say, seeing as we don’t know how many there are,” he said. “We‘ve brought in three
different groups, though.” | “How many can there really be?” Santino asked, looking up at his father.
Logan shrugged. “We’ll see,” he said. “Have they been causing any problems?” Thomas asked. Logan
shook his head, looking back at the pages on his desk. He’d already sorted through the reports filed
about the fight and the trial. Most everything lined up and he didn’t have to chase anyone down to get
their reports. He’d written up a restoration plan for Santino and Thomas to review in regards to
Moonshine’s territory and the pack members. “They seem to have delusions of gaining enough force
and influence to stage a rescue and take back their territory,” Logan explained. “Whether that is truly a
delusion or we underestimated the number of supporters Damon has, only time will tell. Fortunately,
Beta Carson and his warriors have been effective in keeping any of the rogue factions from joining up
and conspiring together.” “That’s a positive, at least,” Thomas said, putting his hand on Santino’s

“I wrote up plans for restoration,” Logan said.

He slid two copies of the documents across his desk. Thomas walked forward and took them both,
handing one to Santino so his son didn’t have to get up and hobble around.

Logan stood from his desk and went to the window, looking out at the never-ending lines of trucks
coming to and fro from the battle sight. With the most injured wolves finally stable enough to relocate to
the hospital, the field hospital had started to be broken down.

Logan had put Serena in charge of breaking it down and making sure everything got back to where it
needed to be and was properly catalogued. The vehicles had been driving back and forth all morning.
Logan guessed they had to be close to wrapping


What has been done with the Moonshine pack members now?” Thomas asked. Logan looked over his

Chapter 107 Restoration Plans

“They’ve been returned to their homes,” he explained. “Many of my Night Sky warriors are remaining in
the territory, along with some Star Seeker volunteers, to make sure the Moonshine wolves have what
they need in terms of food, clothes, and basic necessities.”

“Their presence is accepted?” Santino asked, raising an eyebrow. “They don’t feel like prisoners?”

Logan scoffed “The real prisoners have been restrained and detained in a separate, heavily guarded
location,” he pointed out. “They all got to go home and are being given aid and resources.” “That’s a
good point,” Santino said with a chuckle. “This plan shows it will still take several years for complete
restoration before the Moonshine territory is able to sustain itself again. “Yes,” Logan said with a nod.
He turned around to face his guests. “If we are going to do this, we have to do it right, and that will take
time. Neither of our packs have the manpower to make it happen quickly without neglecting our own
territories.” “I agree. It is slower, but it is the right way to do things,” Thomas said. “Besides, we need to
teach these wolves how to care for the land. Even though they will fall under our jurisdiction, none of
them will be required to relocate if they don’t want to.” Logan nodded. “Good,” he said. “Though, I
suspect many of them would prefer moving closer to the Star Seeker town.”

“I will send out surveys and inquiries to see what the interested level is like,” Thomas said. “We have
some vacant houses now, but not enough for everyone. Building new houses takes time.”

“We‘ve got equipment we can loan you to expedite the process as needed;” Logan offered. Even
though he had been allied with Star Seeker before, this was the first time since he had become Alpha
that they were really working together. It was heart-warming, being in the presence of other Alphas,
working together as two separate packs for the good of both. Logan greatly respected Thomas and
Santino, especially after their joint campaign against Damnon.

“What’s to say the Moonshine wolves won’t think we are trying to oppress them further?” Santino
asked. It was a legitimate concern.

Logan sighed and went back to his desk, sitting down so he could face Thomas and Santino

“I think they will appreciate the help and support,” Logan said. “They’ve been starving, oppressed, and
taken advantage of for too long. If we offer them community, the means to fend for themselves, that is a
type of freedom they’ve been denied. I think they will see it that way. I would.”

Chapter 107: Restoration Plans

“There is a chance they could get…accustomed…to the current hand outs and become non-
contributors to the community and pack,” Thomas said, following along with Santino’s concern.

“Yes, there is,” Logan agreed. He sighed and leaned back in his chair, pushing back until the springs
creaked. “Though, it is in our nature to want to be a part of a pack and want to contribute to our
community. I don’t think their base nature and instincts have been stripped away.”

“Do you have a plan if that becomes an issue?” Santino asked. Logan gave a sharp nod.

He flipped several pages into his restoration plan and tapped a specific paragraph. Santino and
Thomas turned to the page he indicated in their own documents. “It is a simple plan, really,” Logan
said. “The more they work for themselves, the less support we offer in terms of food, clothing, etc. They
will have to work harder to make up the difference. The harder they work, the less we supply, and

eventually they will be entirely self-sufficient, contributing members of your pack.” “Tapering off”
Thomas muttered. Logan nodded. “That’s the idea,” he said. “They won’t even notice that our
assistance has been reduced until they realize they don’t need it anymore.” “Good plan,” Santino said
with a laugh.

“I’ll be honest, I‘ve considered different plans for how to get Moonshine back into the Federation for
some time. I never wanted it to lead to war, but this outcome is better than it could have been. Both
sides suffered minimal casualties,” Logan said.

“Small favors,” Santino said, rubbing his own injured leg. Logan grinned at the other Alphas. “Were
there any other questions you had about the restoration plans?” he asked. “By my own calculations, by
the time the restoration is complete, Santino will likely be


“That is likely.” Thomas agreed, ruffling his son’s hair. Santino grumbled and pushed his father again.
“What about your portion of Moonshine territory? What will that be allocated for?” “Primary the
expansion of food production,” Logan said turning to another page in his document. “I’ve been drawing
up various plans for additional town expansion, but that will come much later down the line, and only
when the population growth exceeds what can be sustained here.” “That sounds reasonable,” Thomas
said, reading the outline plan Logan had written. “I have been considering letting a portion of the
territory remain wild. A forest where anyone from Starseeker and Night Sky can run together. A nature
preserve, of sorts,” he said.

“For what purpose?” Thomas asked, arching an eyebrow. Logan shrugged.



Chapter 107 Restoration Plans

“To promote peace and togetherness between the packs. It could even be considered a ‘joint territory’ if
that seems more balanced,” he said. Thomas and Santino shared a look. “I don’t see anything wrong
with that,” Santino said and Thomas nodded. “If there are no other questions or recommendations, the
three of us need to sign these,” Logan said. Thomas, Santino, and Logan passed the documents
around until each of them had signed each one. Three identical documents with three signatures.
Logan filed his away into a filing cabinet that held inter-pack relations documents, like the original
Federation treaty. Already, he had sat down with Santino and Thomas, and they had amended the
Federation treaty. Now, it reflected that it was only going to include Starseeker and Night Sky. Logan
had also added updated territory maps to the treaty documents. Later, the two packs would have to get
updated population counts, and over time, they would need to exchange information on the restoration
progress, along with any other buildings they were erecting or space they were clearing for food
production. Logan knew that his pack had less work to do than Starseeker in the aftermath of the war,
but he was willing to offer as much aid as he could spare so Starseeker wouldn’t regret making the
arrangement. As it worked out, the two packs would have almost equal territory and equal numbers. It
created a good balance that would hopefully mean lasting peace and prosperity. .

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