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Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 111

Chapter 111: Rescue Part 1

“Something’s not right,” Santino said. Logan sniffed him and raised an eyebrow. “I don’t remember you
wearing the perfume earlier,” Logan said. Santino sneered. “Ha – Ha,” Santino said. “That’s not what
I’m talking about.” “What’s wrong?” Logan asked, smirking at the other male. Santino was definitely not
in the playful, humorous mood. “I don’t know, I can just feel it. I think something is wrong with Serena,”
he admitted. “If she was hurt, I would know,” Logan assured. Just like Serena had felt when he was
badly injured, he would feel something similar if she was too. “No, I don’t think it is that,” Santino said,
shaking his head. “Is this some freaky twin thing you are trying to tell me is going on?” Logan asked,
raising an eyebrow. Santino sighed and shrugged, grabbing a beer off the nearest table. The
celebration was winding down, but many of the wolves were still lingering, enjoying late night
beverages and chatter amongst themselves. Logan had been getting ready to leave himself when
Santino had come up to him. He looked Santino over, seeing that a couple buttons on his button-up
shirt weren’t in the right holes. He’d definitely been having a good time. “She went back to the hospital,”
Logan said. “You know how she can’t rest unless she checks on her patients. “Right,” Santino said. “I’ll
swing by there on my way to my bed and see if she’s still hanging around.” “We did good work these
past few days,” Logan reminded Santino. “We’re out of the woods now.” Santino nodded. He waved
over his shoulder as he took off for the hospital.

Logan finished his own beer. Now that Santino had put it into his head, he was concerned about
Serena too. He didn’t think there was a reason to be, but Santino had obviously been serious in his
concern. The Alpha headed back to his house, leaving the event tent open for those that wanted to
stay up later. Temporary accommodations had been made for the Moonshine wolves close by, so they
didn’t have to wander around a foreign territory. Logan exited the tent at the rear, one of the lesser
used entrances. He was walking along the lawn when he caught a scent that made him stop. It was
Serena, and it was mixed with something else, fear and blood. Logan looked around quickly for any
sign that she was nearby, and he listened closely. There was so

nothing else to hear or smell, but he saw the grass shredded. Clear signs of a struggle. Pulling out his
phone, Logan quickly called Santino. “Is Serena at the hospital?” he asked before Santino could even
greet him. “No, the nurses said she never came by for her night rounds,” he said. “I can hear it in your
voice, what’s wrong?” “Look around the area, see if there are any signs of a struggle” Logan
demanded. He waited while he heard Santino leave the hospital and look around. “There’s something
here,” he said. “What is it, what do you see?” Logan asked, panic rising in his chest. “The pavement is
scuffed, claw marks, at least four or five sets,” Santino said. “Can you follow the trail?” Logan asked.
“Yea, it heads off the road. There are some clothes here, men’s clothes,” he reported. “And…I can
smell Serena underneath the other scents. Hang on.” he trailed off. “What is it?” Logan asked when
Santino didn’t respond right away. “I found some of her clothing,” Santino said. “A ripped shirt.” “She
shifted while running,” Logan said somberly. “It looks like,” Santino said. “There’s no blood or anything
to show she was injured.” “There is over here,” Logan said. It didn’t take long until Santino tracked the
prints to where Logan was standing. They remained on their phones with each other until they were
within earshot. “I found shreds of her skirt all along the trail” Santino said when he joined Logan. “Her
attackers, at least four or five you said?” Lagan asked. Santino nodded. Logan swore under his breath.
“This is where they got her. The ground is…there was a fight here.” “But then she stops struggling,”
Santino said, pointing to the trail of prints that led off towards the woods. The prints were clearer and
less flustered. “Some of these prints are deeper, and human” Logan pointed out. “They were carrying
her.” “We have to follow the trail!” Santino said, eyes flaring with anger. “Yes, we do,” Logan agreed.
“First, we need to check in with Alpha Thomas and Beta Carson. They need to know where we are
going. Call your father.” Santino grunted, but he nodded, grabbing his phone again. Logan got through
to Carson quickly. “There was a rogue attack deep in our territory,” Logan said.

“Not possible, Logan, we‘ve been tracking all the rogues,” Carson said.

“Not all of them,” Logan hissed. “They came right into town, snatched Serena, and took off. Santino
and I are going after them.”

“Logan, wait, you need backup!” Carson insisted. “There’s no time,” Logan said. “We have no idea
what they are going to do with her, what they’ve already done.”

“Tell me what direction you are headed, and I will send reinforcements,” Carson said.

“Santino and I are heading into the woods at the west,” Logan said. He knew it would be better to have
backup when they caught up to the rogues. The anger that was bubbling inside of him made him think
he would be able to take down an entire band of rogues without anyone else’s help though. Some low-
life rogues took it upon themselves to come into his territory and make off with his mate.

He wasn’t going to let them get away with it, or escape with their lives. “What could they want from
her?” Santino asked, coming up beside Logan when he hung up with Thomas. “Probably to bargain her
for Damon’s release,” Logan snarled. “It won’t come to that,” Santino growled. “We are going to kill
them all before that is even an option.”

He took his clothes off, knowing he would be able to track their scent better if he was in his wolf form.
Santino did the same.

The two wolves headed off in the direction of where Serena’s captors had taken her. They weren’t the
smartest because they’d done nothing to conceal their scents. Either they thought that Logan would be
too busy at the party to notice, or they wanted him to follow to try and lead him into a trap. Either
way, they were foolish to think he wouldn’t notice and just as foolish to think he would go into a trap
unprepared. Whatever their plan was, he wasn’t going to let it happen. Growling, Logan nudged
Santino and led him in the direction where her scent was stronger. He stopped at a point where all the
scents became more pungent. Based on the tracks, it looked like Serena had been put down. The
wolves carrying her had probably switched roles. The scents were stronger because the rogues had
been in the one place longer. Santino whined, spinning in a circle and pawing at the ground. Logan

responded with another nudge and they headed off into the woods again. Both Logan and Santino
tread with careful footing, their paws light and springy against the ground, not making a single sound.

Logan knew they were getting closer when Serena’s scent started to become stronger. Two wolves on
four legs could easily catch up to a larger band of rogues on two legs with a prisoner they were

His ears caught their voices as they approached and he slowed down. Santino mimicked him, and both
wolves lowered their heads. They didn’t want to give themselves away too soon. “Rest here,” one of
the rogues said. “It is a pain to drag this broad through the woods.” Logan swallowed the growl that
rose in his throat. He had to be perfectly quiet. It was the perfect time to attack, though. They were
resting, unaware of their pursuers. Logan looked at Santino. The other wolf nodded. They would attack
together, take the whole camp by surprise. Logan’s nose could tell that none of the rogues were in wolf
form. That put them at an advantage, one he intended to fully exploit. As he was readying to spring and
make the first attack, Logan was hit with a strong realization. The panic he’d felt at Serena’s capture,
the desire to rescue her, hating how the rogues insulted her, how he could accept her kids as his and
no one else’s, he loved her!

The realization hit him like a punch to the throat. He almost lost his foot, but Santino steadied him. The
mate bond connected them, and obviously that led to certain feelings, but the swell of emotion he felt
wasn’t from the mate bond, it was true emotion, pure love. Serena had to survive so he could tell her.

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