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Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 93

Chapter 93: Family Discussions

“So, is Logan going to be their dad?” Charlotte asked, bringing the subject back around. Serena
sighed, “It isn’t that easy,” she said. “He’s going to tell his mother, but Logan has other obligations. He
is Alpha, and he has a girlfriend who is pregnant.”

“What!?” Charlotte asked. Thomas growled low. Serena hadn’t heard her father growl like that in a long
time! “Guys, he was dating her a long time before I ever ended up at Night Sky” Serena said. “I didn’t
even get the DNA results until after Holly found out that she was pregnant.” “I can’t believe he is having
a child with Holly.” Santino grumbled. “Seriously, I’ve met her a few times, and she is high
maintenance.” “Well, if that is the kind of female Logan is attracted to, then obviously he and I would
never work,” Serena said. “Besides, it is just about the twins now.” “But you said he isn’t going to be a
father to them,” her father pointed out. Serena nodded.

“Not in the traditional sense,” she said. “I mean, he already spends a lot of time with them and he treats
them just like his own already. That’s not going to change. He won’t identify himself as their father,

“Are you sure that is wise, letting them get more attached?” Thomas asked. “When the new baby
comes.” Serena sipped her coffee.

“I know,” she said sternly. “That is one of the reasons we didn’t want to tell them yet. Eventually, we will
find a way to tell them. They will want to know where they come from, but for now...”

“It is too complicated with another pregnant female involved,” Santino said, backing up his sister.
Serena smiled at him, appreciating the save. “We will tell them,” she assured. “I just want to make sure
it is at a time when Logan’s attention isn’t too divided. The kids can still know him, and we‘ve agreed to
make decisions together for them going forward.” “It isn’t fair to them,” Charlotte said. “They should
know the truth.” “And we will tell them, when we figure out the best way to do it,” Serena said. She

sighed and dropped her forehead down on the table. “We are their parents, and we are going to do this
our way.”

“It’s okay, Serena,” Santino said, putting his hand on her back and rubbing gent!y. “You’ll do what is
best for the kids, and for the two of you.” “Thank you,“ Serena said, looking up at her brother. She was
so grateful that he was taking her side and helping her take a stand against her parents.

Serena, the twins need to know the truth, there is no way around that,” Thomas 1432

Chapter 93 Family Discussions


“That isn’t for you to decide,” Serena pointed out. “Logan and I have already reached a conclusion
about how we are going to handle this. I don’t need two sets of grandparents weighing in.” Charlotte
and Thomas exchanged looks. Serena hoped they were ready to give up the criticism.

“Alright, we are behind you, darling, but you can’t keep this a secret forever,” Charlotte told her.

“I don’t intend to,” Serena assured. “There is just too much…with Moonshine and Holly and her baby…
the timing is just all wrong.”

“Speaking of Moonshine,” Santino said as a means to change the subject. “Dad and I are going
with you and Logan. The kids shouldn’t come though, not if we are going to


“I agree” Serena said with a nod. “They can stay with me,” Charlotte confirmed. “I won’t let anything
happen to them. We will be far away from the fighting here, anyway.” Serena nodded. “Is Logan going
to tell Holly?” Santino asked. Serena stared at her brother. She’d thought that he had moved on from
the topic.

“I don’t know,” she admitted. “I don’t think he has decided. She will have to know eventually as well, but
I don’t think he is in any rush to tell her. She isn’t the most agreeable, and she is in a delicate
condition.” “You think she’s at risk of losing the baby?” Charlotte asked, concern flickering in her eyes.
Serena shrugged. “I think her condition, whether physical or mental, is variable and volatile,” Serena
admitted. She didn’t tell them that she wasn’t sure if Holly was even really pregnant. She didn’t want to
spin the rumor mill and talk too much about someone else’s relationship. “That does complicate
matters.” Thomas agreed. Serena nodded, finishing her coffee. “I know what you all want me to do,”
she said. “I will do it, but it is really up to Logan and me.”

“Alright, we can agree on that,” Thomas said with a nod. “I won’t agree with you sitting around when
some other female has her claws in your mate!” Serena shook her head and chuckled.

“That isn’t up to any of us,” Serena insisted. “Logan is allowed to follow his heart, pursue his own
relationships. He has no obligation to me. He didn’t even know the twins were his until today. Whatever
he has done or how he has chosen to live before now is not for me to judge, not for any of us to judge.
There were some nonsensical mumbles from her parents and Serena rolled her eyes. She brought her
mug to the kitchen sink and set it down while her parents bickered

Chapter 93 Family Discussions

back and forth about her children. “I don’t know about you, Serena, but I think you should fight for him,”
Santino said from the table. Serena turned around, leaning back against the counter. She raised an
eyebrow at him. “Logan and I are complicated enough without trying to actually be in a relationship.”
she said.

“Honey, if you two are mates, then you know should talk about that,” Charlotte encouraged. “It doesn’t
matter if he and Holly are together. It doesn’t matter if Holly is going to have his baby, the two of you
are mates.” Serena crossed her arms and shook her head. “Look, Logan already said he’s not going to
leave his new child without a parent,” Serena snapped. “He’s made his decision, regardless of if we are

mates or not.” Charlotte scoffed and Thomas shook his head. “Did the two of you even talk about that
today, or did you just talk about the kids?” he asked his daughter. Serena chewed her lower lip. She
and Logan had hardly broached on the topic of being mates. Everything had been about the kids and
why she hadn’t told him.

The fact that they were mates seemed like a footnote compared to everything else they had to talk

“I don’t know if we should have that conversation,” Serena confessed. “It would just make things even
more complicated. It isn’t like he is going to leave Holly, and if she knows…” Serena trailed off.

She didn’t want to think of the tantrum Holly would throw if Logan not only told her that they had twins,
but that they were also mates. Holly had always seemed to think she and Logan were mates, but the
truth was indisputable now. Logan had smelled her, and she’d already known it from before, or at least
suspected it enough. Serena filed that conversation away for later. There would be a time for them to
address all these issues, but for now, that had to take it one problem at a time.

“Do you guys think we could get the Moonshine situation under control before you are all on my case
about who I’m with, whether or not my kids know who their father is, and if Logan is going to be with
Holly or not?” she asked with a heavy sigh. “Alright, alright,” Thomas said, standing up. “We’ve all had
a long, interesting day. It might be better to table the conversation for now until the mood and
circumstances have improved. “Thank you,” Serena said, smiling at her father. He nodded at her. There
was a knock on the living room door. Perfect timing to end their conversation! Santino opened the door
and the kids ran in. Santino stepped out onto the deck with

“Mommy, we got to play tag with Logan, and he took us out on the dock and we looked at the fish,”
Olivia said running up to her.

“Wow!” Serena said, shifting into ‘mom mode.’

“And we made Logan happy and sad,” Oliver said. “Happy and sad?” Serena asked, touching Oliver’s
head. He nodded, but he didn’t seem to know how else to explain it. “Did you have fun with him?” “Yes,
he plays a lot with us,” Olivia said.

“He said when we go home, he’ll come with us,” Oliver added. Serena sighed.

“He’ll be around as much as he can,” Serena said. “You know he has his own house and family too,
though.” “We know,” the twins grumbled. Serena’s heart ached to see them look so crestfallen! She
wanted to give them everything, including a father and a real family. She could tell they wanted that too,
and they’d already latched into Logan as their father figure. She hoped keeping the truth from them a
little longer wouldn’t end up hurting them more.

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