Kids from One Alpha

Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 112

Chapter 112: Rescue Part 2

With one final exchange of glances, Santino and Logan pounced into the rogue camp. There were five
of them in human form.

Logan only had enough time to see Serena bound and gagged on the ground before he jumped onto
the nearest rogue, knocking him to the ground. His temper flared, his teeth tearing into the shoulder of
the rogue he’d toppled over. The man screamed and thrashed on the ground, so Logan stamped on his
throat with a paw. He whipped around as another rogue came up behind him, diving straight at his
stomach and biting into his abdomen.

Intestines spilled out, and the rogue grabbed at the wound, groaning and collapsing in his own blood.

Santino had taken care of two of the others, but the leader went straight for Serena.? He put a knife to
her throat.

“Don’t move a muscle!” he demanded, glaring right at Logan. Santino growled, dropping the leg he’d
been chewing on. Logan found Serena’s eyes with his. She looked scared, but there was something
else there. She nodded at him, her eyes bright. Logan understood.

Growling, he lowered his head to the ground and prepared to spring off his hind legs. He looked at
Serena once more, and she gave a final nod.

Leaping forward, Serena’s captor stared at him, giving her time to duck away. Under the cover of
Logan’s furry body, the rogue couldn’t grab her again. Logan landed on the rogue, the knife getting
knocked from his hand, getting lost in the leaves on the ground. Logan pinned the rogue leader down,
snapping close enough to his face that specks of saliva covered his skin. The leader cowered,
whimpering. “Just kill me!” he said. Logan backed off, shifting back into his human form. “I’m not going

to kill you,” he said. “You’re going to be reunited with Damon, isn’t that what you wanted?” he asked.
The rogue looked around at his dead comrades and he shuddered.

Logan smirked. Santino came up to him, Serena’s bindings and gag in his hands. “I’ll tie this waste of
space up,” he offered. Logan nodded. He went to Serena, dropping down onto his knees. Without
thinking, Logan pulled Serena into a hug. She made a startled sound in her throat, muffled against his
chest. He didn’t care that he was naked or that she was only partially clothed in whatever the ragues
had put on her.

Logan held her tightly against his chest. Serena sighed, wrapping her arms around him too.

“Are you okay?” he asked her.

“I’m fine,” Serena said. “I’m fine.” Her voice broke a little. She was more scared than she’d been letting
on. “How’d this…” Logan trailed off. He shook his head and released her. Serena gave a nervous laugh
and went to one of the rogues, pulling a spare set of clothing out of his backpack. She tossed a pair of
pants at Logan and one to Santino. Santino was dragging the rogue leader closer to them. “I didn’t
think the rogues would come all the way into town,” Serena said. “I wasn’t on guard. They took me by
surprise and got the jump on me.” “I shouldn’t have let you go off on your own, not with this threat out
there,” Logan said. Serena shook her head. “This isn’t your fault, Logan” she said. “You couldn’t know
what would happen.” Howls in the woods told them that Carson’s reinforcements had arrived. Most
came in on four legs, but a few were on two.

“Alpha Logan, is everyone okay?” one of the warriors asked. Logan nodded. “Yes, we caught up with
the rogues in time,” Logan said. “This is their leader. Take him to be reunited with Damon.”

“Yes, of course,” the warrior said. “Should we call a medical team out?” Logan looked at Serena

“I’m fine,” she said. “A little bruised, but I’ll be okay.” “That’s not necessary,” Logan said. “I want a full
sweep of this area to see if there are any more rogue factions hiding out.” Several of the wolves offered

small howls and sounds of compliance. The two that were in human form grabbed the rogue leader and
the others spread out through the woods. “Their plan was to trade me for Damon’s release,” Serena
said. She got to her feet and held a hand out to Logan. He smiled and accepted her offering. “That is
what I suspected,” Logan said. Santino ran over and hugged Serena.

“I just knew something was wrong! I wen to check on you at the hospital and…” he trailed off.

“The rogues left us quite a trial to follow.” Logan said. “They weren’t very organized” Serena concurred.
“They also had no plans to actually return me to you once they got Damon.” I wouldn’t have made a
deal with them that could jeopardize your life,”

assured. “I know,” Serena said with a smile. She stepped away from her clinging brother. Serena
moved closer to Logan, and he took her hands in his, squeezing them gently. “You’re sure they didn’t
hurt you?” he asked. “My pride, a little,” she admitted with a dismissive laugh. Logan chuckled. “I’m
sorry it took us so long to realize something had happened. With the party and everything. If Santino
hadn’t gone to check on you, if I hadn’t left the party from the exit closest to where you were taken…”
Logan sighed, shaking his head. “It all worked out,” Serena said. “I didn’t doubt for a moment that you
would come for me.”

Logan looked into her eyes. She was telling him the truth. She had full confidence in him and his ability
to protect her and keep her safe. “You were a little reckless,” she pointed out “Running in with no
backup.” Logan smirked at her, squeezing her hands again. He stepped in and pulled her in for another
hug. The inappropriate timing of his love realization, but seeing her safe and uninjured, had him
unwilling to stick to propriety and defensiveness at the moment.

“Lecture later,” he said. “Just appreciate the moment.”

Serena chuckled lightly and hugged him back. Now that they were both mostly clothed and standing, it
was far less awkward. Logan felt something he’d never felt before…completion. When they stepped

back from each other, Serena looked around at the bodies. “Wow, I guess you didn’t need backup,” she
muttered. “When it comes to your safety, nothing will stand in my way,” Logan told her firmly There was
something in Serena’s eyes that made Logan puff up a little with pride. He got the sense that coming
after her like he did, protecting her, defending her, and being concerned with her wellbeing, somehow
proved something to her. Like he was capable of redirecting his temper in a way that would benefit her
and her kids. At least, that was what he hoped she was showing him. “Where are we?” Serena asked.
“Come on, let’s get you home,“ Logan said. He put his arm around her shoulders and she didn’t pull
away. Santino stood close beside Serena as they headed out of the forest, back along the trail they’d
walked. “Thanks for coming to my rescue, brother,” Serena said to Santino. “Always, sis,” he said with
a wink. “Rut Santino, where did you get such a lovely, feminine perfume?” she asked, teasing

him. Logan chuckled too. Even with the sweat and blood, the perfume from Santino’s romantic
encounter still lingered on his skin. Any sensitive nose could pick it up. Santino rolled his eyes. “You
two are more alike than you realize,” he said. “I’ve got to call dad with an update.” He broke off from
them to make the call. “I need a shower,” Serena said. “Yes, you do,” Logan agreed, wrinkling his nose
and chuckling. She smelled like she’d been dragged through the woods, and there was still a strong
odor of fear on her. “Can you come back to my house with me?” she asked, her cheeks reddening. She
looked at Logan shyly. His heart thudded in his chest, pules sky rocketing. “Sure,” he said smoothly. “I
don’t want to be alone right now,” she elaborated. Logan nodded. He knew she could have turned to
her brother, but tonight, Serena saw him as her protector, so she wanted to be near him. She wanted to
feel safe, and Logan understood that. He would be there for her in whatever way she needed. “I won’t
let you out of my sight,” Logan promised. Serena blushed deeper. “That might be a problem,” she said.
They were at the edge of the forest, and Logan led her in the direction of her house. Logan chuckled at
her statement. “Maybe for you,” he said playfully. Serena gave a nervous giggle. “I won’t push anything.
Do whatever makes you comfortable.” “When did you become so nice and accommodating?” she
asked. Logan shrugged. “Since I could be,” he said. Serena’s brow creased. “Are you even going to let
Holly know that you’re staying with me so I can feel safe?” she asked. Logan shook his head. “We have

a few things to talk about,” he said. “First, get cleaned up.” He opened the front door to her house and
ushered Serena inside

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