Kids from One Alpha

Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 113

Chapter 113: Coming Clean

Logan waited in the bathroom while Serena was in the shower. When he’d offered to be in the
bathroom with her, he’d expected her to protest, but Serena had just nodded and closed the door long
enough to take her clothes off and get into the tub.

She was more shaken by her kidnapping than she was letting on.

“You said we had some things to talk about,” Serena said over the sound of pattering water. “I was
hoping to have that conversation face to face,” Logan said with a chuckle. Serena sighed. “It feels very
awkward. Knowing you’re sitting out there in silence,” she admitted. “Right,” Logan said. He crossed his
legs and leaned back. He’d made himself comfortable on the toilet, closing the lid. It was the best seat
he could find in the bathroom.

“So, are you going to talk to me about that or are you going to talk to me about

something else?” she asked. “Okay, we’ll talk,” Logan said. “You asked if I would be telling Holly that I
was staying with you to… keep an eye on things.” “Well, she should know.” Serena said. “She already
has problems with me and my kids.”

“Our kids,” Logan corrected quickly. He almost missed Serena’s sigh through the cascading shower
water. “Yes, our kids,” she said. “After we talked about Holly and the lab work, I decided to have her
take a home pregnancy test, like you suggested. It came back negative,” Logan explained. “Negative?”
Serena asked, turning the shower water off. Logan stood up and grabbed a towel off the back of her
door. He slipped it through the shower curtains so he couldn’t see Serena. She took the towel. He saw
a bath robe on the back of the door too, and he grabbed that, throwing it over the shower curtain rod for
Serena when she was ready for it.

“Yup. It appears that Holly wasn’t pregnant at all,” Logan explained. “I guess she swapped her blood
sample for another that belonged to a pregnant wolf.” “That’s…sad,” Serena said with a humorless
chuckle. She pulled the shower curtain back, revealing herself in a robe with her hair wrapped up in the

Logan smirked at her. She glared, tightening her robe around her and crossing her arms over her

“I confronted her about it and she had all kids of excuses,” he went on. “The one she

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used most was in regards to being jealous of you and wanting to make sure I never had a reason to
leave her.”

“Again, I say that’s sad” Serena muttered.

Logan opened the bathroom door. Serena went out ahead of him, going for her bedroom. Logan
followed. She didn’t tell him to leave or give him any dirty looks. “What do you mean?” Logan asked.

Serena was pulling pajamas out of her dresser, tossing the pants and shirt on her bed.

“I mean she was so insecure in her relationship with you that she had to lie and try and trap you into
staying with her,” Serena said. “Can you turn around or go into the hall for a minute or something?’

Logan nodded and backed out of her room. He closed the door almost all the way, but didn’t let the
latch click closed “I mean, did she think you wouldn’t find out?” Serena asked. “She went off birth
control after telling me she was pregnant, thinking she’d get pregnant fast enough…” Logan trailed off.
It was a pretty personal topic to share with Serena, but he wanted to share it with her. He wanted to

come clean with her entirely. “Anyway, I broke up with her,” he continued. “What else was I supposed to

Serena opened the bedroom door. She nodded for Logan to come in. He raised an eyebrow at her.

“I’m going to lie down and hopefully get some rest,” she said. “If you’re okay with it, there is a comfy
chair in my room. Or you can sleep in the guest room downstairs.”

Her voice dropped off slightly when she spoke of the guest room. Logan understood that to mean she
didn’t want him that far away. “The comfy chair is fine,” Logan said. He entered her room again and
went straight for the chair. “I told you I wasn’t going to let you out of my sight.” Serena smiled weakly
and nodded. “Thanks,” she said. She got under the covers while Logan made himself comfortable in
the chair. “So, you broke up with her.” “And my mother was not pleased with her follow up tantrum.
Holly has since relocated;” Logan explained. “I wondered why Flo was being extra maternal to me at
the relief hospital,” Serena said with a chuckle. “She didn’t mention anything?” Logan asked settling
into the chair. The lamp on the bedside table beside Serena’s bed was still on, casting a warm, soft
light around the room. With her hair still damp and her eyes still worried, she looked

absolutely stunning against her pillows. “She told me she was excited to have grandchildren,” Serena
said. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner,” Logan said. “Everything with Moonshine was pretty distracting.”
“Yeah,” Serena agreed. “You don’t need to keep me updated on your personal life.” “I know but…”
Logan trailed off. He wasn’t sure how he was going to approach this subject. “But what?” Serena
asked. She turned on her side, propping herself up on her elbow to look at him.

“If you’re tired, we can talk tomorrow,” Logan offered. Serena shook her head. “You have me intrigued,”
she said with a smile. Logan chuckled. “Now that I know the kind of woman Holly is, and I know she
isn’t pregnant, it has opened up some new potential opportunities,” he said. “You make it sound like a
business proposition,” Serena said with a laugh. Logan shook his head. “I’m sorry, talking about this

sort of thing isn’t really one of my strengths,” he admitted. “Yeah, tell me something I don’t know,”
Serena teased. Logan smiled. He liked having her joke with him, after everything they’d been through.
Not to mention her recent kidnapping. She was going to be okay, even though she was still a little

“Serena, we are mates,” Logan said. “We have children together. Finding out about the twins so close
to when Holly’s deception was revealed. It makes me think that we are supposed to give this a shot.”
“Give what a shot?” Serena asked. Her tone changed slightly. “You and me,” Logan said. “Us, together,
like as a couple and as parents.” Serena sighed. Logan watched her to see if he could read her
feelings or understand what she was thinking. Her face was expressionless. “You said you weren’t
ready to be a parent,” she reminded him. “Maybe I just wasn’t ready to be a parent to a child I didn’t
want,” Logan said honestly. “I couldn’t see Holly as a mother and I didn’t want to have a kid with her.
The twins, though, I love them and they love me. They are great kids.”

“They are,” Serena agreed.

“I know how I feel” Logan said. “I feel like I want us to give this a shot, and I care about you a lot more
than I thought I would. What are your thoughts or feelings?” Logan braced himself for some kind of
rejection. He was being forward with her, something he didn’t always do.

“You were kidnapped,” he added. “I almost lost my mind when I realized that. I was ready to do
anything to get you back. I was ready to fight my way through an army if I had to. I knew then what my
feelings were.” “Logan, I like you a lot too,” Serena said with a sigh. “I don’t know if I am ready to try
anything like that. Olivia and Oliver are my focus, along with my career. I don’t know if I want to split my
attention a third way.” “I understand,” Logan said with a nod. He was pleased she cared about him, but
it wasn’t what he had wanted to hear from her.

Serena lay back on her pillows. “Rest now,” Logan said as more of an order. “You’ve had a long day.”
Serena nodded, turning the lamp out and closing her eyes. Logan could still see her in the dark. He

could tell when she went to sleep, but he was planning on staying up and watching her. She needed to
feel safe.

Alone with his own thoughts, Logan was glad he’d told Serena how he felt. Even if she didn’t want the
same thing, the truth was out in the open now. She knew where he stood, and he knew where she did.
It was possible things would change for her once she became a licensed doctor, or if they spent more
time together parenting the twins. Now that Holly was out of the picture, he would have all the time in
the world for the twins! Logan told himself that he would get Serena to give him a chance.

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