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Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 114

Chapter 114: One Step at a Time

When Serena woke up in the morning, Logan was asleep in the comfy chair. She smiled tenderly at
him. He didn’t even move when she got up. Grabbing some clothes, Serena went to the bathroom to
change. She came back to

find that Logan was still fast asleep.

Going over to him, Serena reached out and smoothed some of his hair out of his face. She hadn’t been
expecting him to ask if they could have a more intimate relationship She hadn’t been expecting him to
confess feelings for her either! It had caught her off guard, and she had given the typical excuse that
was expected Serena had made her excuses quickly, but now she was having second thoughts about
her decline.

Logan was a great Alpha, a wonderful male, and he had proven more than once that he loved the twins
and would protect her. He’d been an upstanding gentleman when Holly told him she was pregnant,
committing to stay with her even though he didn’t want to. It was all very admirable.

Serena’s fingers slipped from Logan’s hair and brushed his cheek. The Alpha started awake, causing
Serena to pull back quickly. “Sorry,” she said quickly. Logan raised an eyebrow at her. “I must have
dozed off,” he said, shaking his head and blinking several times. “It’s alright,” Serena assured. “Want
some coffee and some breakfast.” “Are you cooking?” he asked, running his hand down his face.
Serena giggled. “I promise I will make something simple, like cereal,” she said. She couldn’t exactly get
offended by something so true, like how horrible her cooking was. “I’m in,” Logan said with a nod.
Serena headed downstairs to the kitchen while Logan collected himself. She put on a pot of coffee and
got a few boxes of cereal out of the cabinet. Most of them were kids’ cereals with marshmallows or
fruity colors.

“I smell coffee,” Logan said. “It smells good.” Serena smiled at him, handing him an empty mug. She
pulled the sugar and milk out for Logan.

The pot was still bubbling, the coffee moments from being done. “I don’t have breakfast for adults,” she
said with a little laugh as she waved her hand over the cereal boxes. Logan chuckled, pouring himself a
mug of coffee and handing one to Serena too. Serena nodded in thanks.

“Don’t worry about it,” logan said ‘I can make a manly breakfast out of this

“Logan, did you mean what you said last night?” Serena asked once logan was seated with a bowl of

“Umm yeah,” he said with anod. “I wouldn’t have said it otherwise.”

Logan stopped with his spoon hallway to his mouth,

“What do you mean?” he asked.

Serena sighed, looking out her kitchen window. There were some dishes in the sink that she was
absently washing. The house seemed so quiet without the kids around.

Moonshine was no longer a threat and the rogues were mostly taken care of. She wanted to go back to
Starseeker and get the twins as soon as possible. She hated being away from them, and she wanted
Logan to have the chance to really bond with them.

“I made excuses,” she said. “The obvious ones about my career and the twins. But I should be able to
acknowledge now that you have the twins’ best interests at heart too.”

“I do,” Logan said with a nod before he resumed eating his cereal. “Are you going to have breakfast
with me?”

Serena chuckled humorlessly. She turned from the sink, getting herself a bowl of cereal and sitting with
Logan at the kitchen table.

“As for my career, I’ve been able to focus on it with the twins, with you breathing down my neck, with
the drama Holly incited, the war with Moonshine, I already know I can handle my career with split
attention and under pressure,” she explained.

“Where are you going with this?” Logan asked, raising an eyebrow at her. “What I think I’m concerned
about most is that things could work out between us,” she admitted

“That is concerning to you?” Logan asked, sipping his coffee. Serena nodded, moving her cereal
around with her spoon.

“Yeah,” she said. “If things went really well between us and then they didn’t..” she trailed off.

“You’re afraid of getting hurt,” he said.

“If it was just me I had to worry about, then I wouldn’t be so reluctant,” she said. “But, the twins…

“I know what you mean,” Logan said.

Serena took a bite of her soggy cereal. She cringed as it turned to mush in her mouth and set her
spoon down quickly. She covered up the bad flavor with a sip of coffee. “I’d be willing to give it a try, but
it has to go slow. Like glacier-aly slow. One step at a

time kind of thing,” she explained. Logan smirked at her from across the table.

“I wouldn’t expect things to move quickly,” he said. “I understand how this goes. Being around for the
twins as a friend and being around them as a parent is different. I think I am ready, but I want to ease
into it so I don’t disappoint them, or myself.”

“It is comforting to hear you say that,” Serena said, wrapping her hands around her coffee. “For a while
now, I’ve considered what it would mean if we were to take our relationship in this direction, especially
after learning we were mates.” “And what did you consider?” Logan asked. “Well, I thought about all the
possibilities if it went badly, but I also thought about the possibilities of if it went right,” she explained.
“I’d rather go about this the right way, for you, for me, and for the twins,” Logan said. “Okay,” Serena
said. She bit her lower lip and collected the dishes from the table. She put them in the sink to clean up,
but Logan came up behind her. He took her hand and turned her to face him.

“This could be really great,” he said. “I’ve already felt like you’re my family, like the twins are family, and
now we know that is true.” “It is,” Serena said. “So, we’re really going to do this?” Logan asked. Serena
chuckled, her cheeks reddening. She put her hands on Logan’s shoulders. He was looking at her in a
way that made her stomach squirm. He had proven to her the night before that he would fight for her
and protect her. She knew that he would do the same for her kids…their kids. “As long as you’re okay
with taking things slow,” she said. Logan nodded. “I am confident you are worth the wait,” he said with a
smirk. Serena felt her blush deepen. “Should we hug now?” she asked. Logan chuckled. “Yeah, I think
we should,” he said with a nod.

Serena leaned in, looping her arms around Logan’s neck. He slipped his arms around her waist, giving
her a little pull towards him.

Serena sighed, feeling safe, warm, and comfortable in his arms. She hadn’t noticed it the night before
when he’d hugged her after rescuing her. She’d been so shocked and shaken that she’d been a little
out of it. Now, she was able to relax into him and really enjoy the way it felt. She felt the mate bond
tingle on her skin, and for a moment, she thought about throwing the whole ‘taking it slow’ out the
window and going all in. Logan pressed his lips to her forehead and then gently released her,
respecting her

desire to take things one step at a time, even as she was considering letting it all go! Serena stepped
back too and returned to the sink. “That felt really nice,” she admitted. Logan ran his fingers down her

back. “Yeah, it did,” he agreed. “Now that the conflict with Moonshine is over, can we go get the twins
and bring them home?” she asked. “You want us to go together?” he asked. Serena nodded. “I think it
would be nice to get them together and bring them home to Night Sky,” she told him.

“I’d really like that,” Logan said. “I mean, as long as you don’t think I’d be intruding.” Serena smiled at
Logan. “Not at all,” she said. “I think it would be a good way to ease them into this whole ‘us trying to be
together’ thing.”

“Alright, first thing tomorrow morning we can check in with Santino and Thomas and go get the twins,”
Logan promised. “Thank you, Logan,” Serena said. “You know, for being honest with me. But more
importantly, for staying with me last night. It helped me feel safe, and I needed that. You were really
there for me.”

“There’s no where else I would have been last night,” Logan said. “You needed me.” “I did,” Serena
said, her cheeks reddening again. She giggled slightly. It gave her a new sense of excitement to think
that she and Logan were actually going to pursue being a couple.

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