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Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 105

Chapter 105: Moonshine’s Fate

Logan, Thomas, and Santino convened in the campaign hospital while Santino was still recovering
from his broken leg.

“They voted Damon out?” Santino asked, surprised. Logan nodded. “Yes, only his family spoke up for
him.” Thomas reported. Santino laughed and shook his head.

“I admit, I didn’t see that coming,” he admitted. Logan smirked, “Well, he wasn’t that smart about it,”
Logan elaborated. “There are still loyal rogues of his running loose. They are being round up.” “What
are we going to do about the rest of Moonshine?” Santino asked. Logan and Thomas exchanged a
look. Logan knew there was still a lot of work to do? before Moonshine would be able to stand on their
feet. “There’s a lot of work to do,” Logan said. “The territory alone needs to be brought back to a point
where it can sustain life and a pack population,” Thomas said. “We can’t just install an Alpha in
Moonshine from one of our packs,” Santino said. “They just voted out their last Alpha. I doubt they’ll
want someone else coming in and telling them who they have to be loyal to.”

“You’re right,” Logan said with a nod. Thomas stroked his chin thoughtfully.

“It wouldn’t do any good to let them chose their own Alpha either. They will need someone strong, but
none of them are particularly strong anymore. Anyone with strength is going to be someone that will
likely be just as bad as Damon in the long run,” the older Alpha said.

“We don’t necessarily need to put a new Alpha in control,” Logan offered. Both Thomas and Santino
stared at him, confused. “It won’t take them long to trust us, not when we offer the help and support
Damon denied them.” “You want one of us to assimilate the Moonshine pack?” Thomas asked, raising
an eyebrow. Logan had gathered some files and maps after the trial. He had brought them to the field
hospital so the Alphas could look them over. He pulled out a map and laid it across Santino’s legs on
the hospital bed. “This map shows all three of the territories and our most updated information on pack

demographics and numbers,” Logan said. “Moonshine’s numbers have probably dwindled a fair
amount over the years, since this was last updated,” Thomas said. Logan nodded in agreement.
“Starseeker has less of a population than Night Sky,” Logan said.


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Chapter 105 Moonshines Fate

“But we do not have the territory to assimilate a whole pack,” Thomas said, shaking his head.

Logan nodded, looking at the map more closely. He sighed, letting his mind wander through the
different details of what they could do with the pack members and the territory. He and Thomas had
their own packs to worry about too. Spending too much time and attention on building up Moonshine
again could take away from their own packs.

“We split the territory,” Logan said.

“What?” Santino asked.

“Starseeker and Night Sky both have a good handle on their own fields, orchards, and territories, which
means that if we each took half of the Moonshine territory, it would take half the time to repair it and
half the labor from each pack,” he explained. “It would also keep us from having to divert too much
attention from our own pack needs.”

“You just want to take the Moonshine territory from them, displace them?” Thomas asked. Logan
chuckled and shook his head. “No, no,” he said, holding his hands up. “Starseeker has a lower
population than Night Sky. In the interest of preventing too much power and resources being given to
either one of us, the Moonshine members should be taken under your jurisdiction.” “That could work.”

Thomas said with a nod. He looked at Santino. “Two packs instead of three?” Serena’s brother asked.
“The division of Moonshine territory will give Starseeker slightly more land volume to support their
increased population and to match the Night Sky territory. If you think that you’ll need more laboring
hands to tend to that land until it is restored, I can provide the power,” Logan offered.

“Thank you.” Thomas said.

“What of the Federation?” Santino asked. “We worked so hard to get all three packs involved.”

“The Federation isn’t going anywhere,” Logan said. “Starseeker and Night Sky have demonstrated that
we uphold the treaty, we still honor the alliance. As far as I’m concerned, that will continue even as
Moonshine is assimilated.”

“Agreed” Thomas said with a nod. “We will be a two pack Federation.” Santino sighed, rolling up the
map that had been laid across his legs. His cast had already been removed and he was just wearing a
bandage. He was still hobbling around, but he didn’t need the crutches anymore. “Santino, you’ll be
Alpha soon,” Thomas said, clapping Santino on the shoulder. “You must agree to this arrangement as
well. It is your future pack.” “I agree with it,” Santino said, nodding. “Our two packs are intertwined with
more than just the Federation. Serena is my sister, and a part of your pack. She also holds us.

Chapter 105: Moonshine’s Fate


Logan gave a half smile and collected the map. He had considered that before, and now, her presence
in Night sky only strengthened the alliance. Her kids could very well one day be his heirs, and then the
leadership of the Night Sky and Starseeker packs would be bound by blood. It put the two packs in a
very strong position. “Good,” Logan said. “How is your leg?” “Better,” Santino said, rubbing the
bandage. “It is a bit stiff still, but most of the healing is done. Serena gave me something to help speed

that along.” “When will she be coming back to the hospital?” Thomas asked. “She went on a supply run
to the hospital back in town,” Logan told them. “She wanted to check in with Adriana and update her
reports.” “Always the thorough one,” Thomas said with a chuckle. Logan smiled too. Despite what
Serena had said about them showing that Santino was their favorite, Logan could see that her parents
were proud of her. He wished they would tell her that more, and then maybe she wouldn’t work so hard
to prove herself all the time.

Logan hadn’t told her yet, but now he felt he had to, that she didn’t need to prove anything to him. He
made a mental note to do that when he saw her again.

“Once your leg is healed up, we will finalize the arrangements of our agreement over Moonshine,”
Logan said. Santino nodded. Logan finished collecting his items and tucked them into a messenger
bag he had brought with him. “I’ve got to get back to my office and make sure that my pack isn’t falling
into disarray during this conflict,” Logan said. “Might I accompany you?” Thomas asked. “I must check
in with my Beta and do the same.” “Please do,” Logan said, holding his arm out and inviting Thomas to
lead the way. “Logan,” Santino called to him before he could leave. Logan turned back, raising an
eyebrow “What is it?” he asked. “Are you going to kill Damon and his family?” Santino asked. Logan
sighed. “That is another topic we shall decide upon between the three of us,” Logan said. “For now, it is
best to focus on recovery. Your recovery, the recovery of the Moonshine wolves, and the recovery of
the territory. The focus should be on rebuilding first.” “You’re a good Alpha,” Santino said with a nod.
Logan smirked. “Then it will be good for us to work alongside each other in the future,” he said,
touching Santino’s shoulder. Santino nodded. Logan followed after Thomas. There were several trucks
parked around, and Logan


went to the closest. “Are you able to take us back to the town?” he asked the driver. “Certainly, Alpha,”
the driver said. Logan pulled open the sliding door and he climbed into the back with Thomas. “You’re
plan for Moonshine’s future was very clever,” Thomas said. “Though, there may come a time in the

future when dividing into three packs again is a necessity. If the two populations become
unmanageable.” “That’s true,” Logan agreed. “Though, I doubt that will happen in our lifetimes.” “You’re
young, yet,” Thomas pointed out. Logan chuckled. Logan sighed, leaning back in his seat. He started to
think about his own pack again. He still had responsibilities to fulfill for his pack, like finding a Luna and
producing heirs. Normally, it happened in that order, but Logan had had heirs first and now had to find a

He and Serena hadn’t talked about anything about them and the kids since before Logan had broken
up with Holly. He wanted to know if she would entertain trying it out, now that Holly wasn’t an obstacle.

Too many thoughts spun around in his mind. Leading up to the attack, all he’d cared about was
defeating Damon and rescuing Moonshine. Now, everything he had been putting off came flooding
back, overwhelming him with thoughts he hadn’t processed


Serena and the kids were at the forefront of his mind.

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