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Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 120

Chapter 120: The Start of Something New

Logan had told Serena that they were going out to dinner for their first official date. They’d been in
romantic and emotionally intense settings before, but this was the first time they were calling it a date.
Serena had been told nothing about where they were going to eat, but she’d been told to wear
something nice. She’d dressed in a casual dressy dress that made her feel pretty “Are you going on a
date, mommy?” Olivia asked.’ “I am,” Serena said. “Dana is going to stay here with you two while I’m
out.” “With Daddy Logan?” Oliver asked. Serena smiled. “That’s who I’m going out with,” she said with
a nod. Dana was in the kitchen working on dinner for the twins. Serena had told her about her budding
relationship with Logan. Dana didn’t seem all that surprised. No one Serena told had seemed that
surprised. She wondered what that said about her and Logan. Did it mean that they were fated to be
together? That everyone else could see the sparks between them when they themselves couldn’t? Or
had they both been in denial about what they really meant to each other? “Why can’t we come?” Olivia
asked, pouting. “You’ll have plenty of time with your father,” Serena assured. “Mommy needs time with
him too.” “000,” Olivia said making a kissy face. Serena rolled her eyes at her own daughter! “Be
good for Dana, and I will be home later,” she said. The twins gave her casual waves. Serena stepped
into the kitchen to check in with Dana.

“Thank you for watching them tonight,” Serena said.

“That’s what I’m here for,” Dana reminded her. “Have fun, as much as you want.” Dana winked at her.

“You’re not going to tell me not to have too much fun?” Serena asked, playfully. “Oh, I hope you have a
lot of fun,” Dana said with a chuckle. “You and Logan are both due for some playful, romantic, fun.” “I’ll
keep that in mind,” Serena said. “I better get going or I’ll be late.” Serena would have liked Logan to
come pick her up so they could go to the restaurant together, but she knew that if Logan showed up at
the house, they’d never make their reservation.

Chapter 120 The Start of Something New

The twins would distract him and keep him occupied and they’d never get out. As much as Serena
wanted the twins to have as much time with their father as they wanted, she also needed to take time
to get to know him as the Alpha and as a man separate from being a father and Alpha.

It was important to her to learn who he was and see if they really could be together.

Serena walked to the restaurant. It wasn’t too far from the house. Logan could walk her home after and
see the twins if they were still awake. That was the plan anyway.

When she arrived, she saw Logan sitting at a table for two in a corner of the restaurant. It was the kind
of romantic restaurant shown in movies with low lighting, candles on the tables, and single flower vases
with red roses in them.

Logan stood up when Serena entered and motioned her over. He even held her chair out for her while
she sat down. “Thank you,” she said. “This place is lovely.” “A well-kept secret here in the village,”
Logan explained. “It is all two top tables, mostly for couples coming out on dates or enjoying their
anniversaries.” “I had no idea the pack had anything like this.” Serena admitted. Logan chuckled and
handed her a menu. “I hope you don’t mind, but I did order us a bottle of wine already,” he said. “I don’t
mind,” Serena said with a smile. Their waiter came over with the wine and poured them each a glass.
“This is a robust red that will have your tastebuds tingling,” he said. “It pairs well with the fish or red

“Thank you.” Serena said. She picked up the glass and took a sip. “That is delicious,” she said, nodding
at Logan. Logan smirked and sipped his own wine. “So, what are you thinking about for food?” he
asked. Serena shrugged, looking over the menu. There were a lot of good options, things werewolves
would like that were heavy on the meat side. They ordered their food and passed the menus off to the

waiter. He left the bottle of wine for them. “I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to do on a date,”
Serena admitted. “I spend so much time with my kids and…” she trailed off.

Logan was smiling at her again. “You don’t have to try here. Not tonight, not with me,” he said. He
reached across the table and covered her hand with his.

Chapter 120 The Start of Something New

Serena smiled shyly, looking down at the table. “I thought you’d like to have a quiet night for just the
two of us,” he said. “It is nice,” Serena agreed. “It is weird, though. I mean, we already know so much
about each other. This isn’t the kind of date where we small talk to feel each other


“No, it isn’t,” Logan greed. He stroked the back of her hand with his fingertips. Serena blushed as warm
tingles spread from her hand up her arm. “So, Alpha Logan, what is it that we should talk about?” she
asked, raising an eyebrow at him and giving him a sultry smirk. “The party,” Logan said. “The
masquerade.” Serena chuckled and shook her head. “What more do we need to say about that?” she
asked. “I looked for you,” Logan said. Serena creased her brow at him. “Really?” she asked. Logan
nodded, continuing to caress her hand. “It was a good night,” he said. “You were gone before I even
woke up, and I felt the desire to follow up. Maybe that was a result of the mate bond, but I didn’t know
that at the time.” “I’m sorry I disappeared,” Serena said. “I wasn’t sure what to expect. I think it was
easier to vanish than have that awkward morning after conversation.” Logan chuckled. “Did you ever
think of following up?” he asked. Serena sighed. “There was a longing,” she admitted. “I guess it was
the mate bond. For a while thought about who you were, whether you thought of me, and if I’d know
you if I got the chance to see you again.” “It seems we were destined to come back together again, one
way or another,” Logan said.

Serena took a sip of her wine. “And now?” she asked. “Are we here because of destiny or are we here
because we both feel something?” Their conversation paused when their meals were delivered. Logan
released Serena’s hand so they could start eating. The fragrance of the steak on her plate had her
mouth-watering, and she stopped asking questions to take a few bites. “I’d like to think we are both
here because we feel something,” Logan said to answer her question.

Serena gazed at him. In the low lighting he looked incredibly handsome, the glow of the candle casting
rugged shadows across his face. Serena licked her lips, looking away quickly when she saw Logan
was watching her too. He chuckled.

Chapter 120 The Start of Something New

The rest of the dinner, they casually talked about the pack and Logan becoming Alpha. Serena knew
the story, but she liked hearing it from him, seeing the emotion on his face when he spoke about his
father. It made her heart soften to him more, and she reached over, touching his arm. “Would you like
anything for dessert?” the waiter asked when he came to clear their plates. “I’m all set,” Serena said.

“Oh no,” Logan said. “There is a reason I chose this place. We’ll have your special.”

“Very good choice,” the waiter said. He nodded and left. “What is the special?” Serena asked. “Let
yourself enjoy the surprise,” Logan said with a smirk. Serena rolled her eyes. Logan definitely knew
how to get under her skin. Before, it bothered her. Now, it made her squirm with passionate delight.
Maybe the way the challenged each other was a way to strengthen their relationship. “I want to make a
toast before dessert, Logan said, raising his wine glass. Serena followed. “To found families.” “To found
families,” Serena echoed. They clinked their glasses and drank. It was a perfect toast for their situation.

The waiter brought out the dessert. It was a bowl of three scoops of ice cream, vanilla, sweet cream,
and coconut, with a platter of banana pastries topped with powdered sugar. Logan grabbed one of the

pastries and dipped it into the ice cream. He held it out to Serena. She leaned in, biting into the warm
pastry covered in three flavors of melting ice cream.

“Oh my,” she muttered through a full mouth. She swallowed quickly. “Good, isn’t it?” Logan asked.
“That is the most amazing dessert ever,” she said. “You were right, this was definitely worth it.”

Logan chuckled and dipped the pastry in the ice cream for another bite. Serena and Logan finished the
dessert and Logan picked up the check. Serena put up a bit of a fight, but Logan insisted. “Come on, I’ll
walk you home,” he said. “I’d like to catch the twins before they go to bed.”

“I’m sure they’ll love that,” Serena agreed. It was the start of something new, something good.

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