Kids from One Alpha

Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 121

Chapter 121: Wooing of Serena

Dana had let the kids stay up to wait for Logan and Serena. They were sitting on the couch, already in
their pajamas. Oliver was drawing a picture and Olivia was reading a book.

“Mommy, daddy!” Olivia said when they came in. They both jumped off the couch and ran over to hug
their parents. “Hey you two,” Logan said, dropping to a knee to hug them better. “How were they?”
Serena asked Dana. “Perfect angels, as always,” Dana said. “We can put them to bed if you want to
turn in” Serena offered. “Great, thank you,” Dana said. “I will take them to daycare in the morning.”
Serena nodded and waved goodnight to Dana. “You should say goodnight to Dana and thank her for
dinner,” Logan told the twins. “Thank you, Dana. Goodnight,” they both said together. “Alright, it is time
for you two to get up to bed too.” Serena said to the kids. “Can you tuck us in?” Olivia asked Logan.
“That’s why I’m here,” he said. Serena followed them all upstairs. She was happy to see the twins
bonding with Logan, and to see how hard he was trying to be a good dad. Serena hung back though,
watching as Logan tucked each twin in to their respective beds. She went in after and kissed them
each goodnight. Seeing as Logan wasn’t there every single night, she wanted to give him the chance to
take control and be the primary caregiver when he was around. It created a stronger bond between him
and the kids. There was still a lot he missed out on, at least until Serena was sure she wanted them all
to live together. When they got scared at night, it was her bed they crawled into. She was there for all
their bumps and scrapes and questions.

Logan still only had split time with them.

“When can we go stay at your house?” Olivia asked Logan as he was tucking her head.

“Oh, I don’t know,” Logan said. “I think we will all live together sometime.” “No, I mean, when can Oliver
and I come stay with you for a while?” she clarified. Serena stood in the doorway, listening to the

conversation. It made her heart hurt a little to hear that they wanted to go stay with their father. She
almost felt like she and Logan were a divorced couple trying to figure out joint


Chapter 121 Wooing of Serena

custody. Their situation was the exact opposite, but it made sense that the twins would still want to split
time between their mother and father.

“If you really want to come stay at my house for a while, we can talk about that with Oliver and your
mother,” Logan said. He kissed Olivia’s forehead and stepped away. Serena went to Olivia and kissed
her goodnight. She and Logan went back to the living room “Thank you for the date tonight,” Serena
said. She walked out onto the porch with Logan. Serena looked up at the night sky, leaning her
shoulder against the porch rail pillar. Logan came up beside her and put his arm around her waist. “It
was a good date,” he said, slowly caressing her hip with his thumb. Serena gasped, closing her eyes.
Talking about their shared night at the masquerade had stirred up a lot of heated memories and
feelings for Serena. Even such a simple touch had desire stirring inside

of her “And now we say goodnight?” she asked. “If you want,” Logan said with a chuckle. Serena
turned towards him. She slipped her arms around his neck and stepped closer to him. Logan held her
hips in his strong hands. “Goodnight,” she said, biting her lower lip playfully. Logan scoffed and shook
his head. He dipped his head low, catching her lips with his. Serena gasped. His lips were warm and
soft, pressing gently to hers. Serena closed her eyes, succumbing to the feelings coursing through her.
She kissed him back, the moment turning from a simple goodnight kiss into a heated, passionate kiss
in seconds. Logan’s hands ran up and down her sides and Serena curled her hands in his hair. She
pressed her body as close to his as she could, and Logan stepped back, leaning against the porch
pillar behind him. With a soft moan, Serena pulled away, panting for breath. Her cheeks were flushed.
Logan released her so she could step back and catch her breath. She looked up at him to see him

smiling at her, a goofy grin. “That was a perfect end to a perfect date,” he said. Serena giggled. “Yeah, I
think so,” she said. “Goodnight,” he said with a nod. He chucked her chin and headed off the porch.
Serena watched Logan disappear in to the darkness. She felt a knotted frustration building in her
stomach, like she needed some kind of release from the heat that wound through her.

Chapter 121 Wooing of Serena

Going to work after her date, Serena couldn’t help the smile that was plastered all over her face. Her
cheeks were aching from smiling so much, but she couldn’t help it, and she couldn’t stop, even if she
wanted to.

“You are in a remarkably good mood,” Adriana pointed out. “How was your night last


Serena’s smile pulled even wider.

“Logan and I went on a date,” she explained. “And then we got home in time to tuck the kids in.”

“Wow, he is really stepping up to the plate with you,” Adriana commented.

“It is so wonderful,” Serena said. “I forgot how great dating could be.” “I’m sure he is pulling out all the
stops,” Adriana said. She motioned to the door of the waiting room A flower delivery man came in with
a large bouquet of beautiful red flowers. Serena just stared at them. “I’ve got a delivery for Serena,” the
delivery man said. “Over here,” Adriana called, waving the delivery man over. Serena still stared in
shock. “Here you are,” the flower delivery man said, setting the bouquet on the reception desk next to
Serena. “They are from Alpha Logan.”

“Yeah, big surprise,” Adriana said. “Th-thank you,” Serena said with a nod. “Why don’t you go put those
in your office,” Adriana suggested. Serena blinked, breaking out of her shock. “All the stops,” she said

with a giggle. Adriana laughed and called in her next patient. Serena took the flowers to her office. She
set them on her desk and opened a window curtain to give them some natural light.

There were red roses, red peonies, red carnations, mixed with white baby’s breath and green foliage. It
was the most beautifully crafted and lush bouquet that Serena had ever seen. She leaned in, pressing
her face right into the flowers to smell them. A small card was pinned to the vase. Serena opened the


Thank you for an amazing night last night. I’ve forgotten how great dating can be. Though, I think for
that to happen, it has to be with the right person, someone special.

Being with you, being a father to the twins, is more important to me than I think you’ll ever know. Again,
I say, thank you. I will be wooing you in all the most romantic ways possible until I win your heart

Chapter 121 Wooing of Serena

completely. -Logan Serena pressed her hand over her heart as she read his card. It was such a
beautiful sentiment. Her knees even went a little weak when she thought of what that meant. She
hadn’t been romanced like that in a long time, and she was starting to look forward to it

Serena got back to work, her mind on the bouquet all day. She didn’t want to think about how much
Logan had spent on the flowers. It was a very nice, very expensive gesture.

As much as Serena appreciated it, she didn’t want Logan to feel like he had to spend a lot of money on
her. She also didn’t want him to think that spending money on her and getting gifts from him would
make her a ‘kept’ woman. When she had a break, she called Logan quickly. “I wasn’t expecting to hear
from you today,” Logan said. “Even after sending me that huge bouquet?” Serena asked with a giggle.

“Ahh, I’m glad you like it,” he said. “I really do,” Serena admitted. “I know you want to do all the big
romantic gestures, and I’m fine with that, but I want to make sure you don’t…” she trailed off. “That I
don’t what?” he asked. “Well, I don’t want you to think you have to spend a lot of money on me,” she
said. “Oh, I don’t,” Logan said casually. “I just want to.” “Okay,” Serena said with a laugh. “There’s
something else too, isn’t there?” Logan asked. “Yea…I don’t want you to think this makes me like…a
kept woman or something. Like the presents and gifts are a way to control me,” she said. Logan
laughed into the phone. “Oh, no, I don’t think that at all” Logan assured. “Just remember, the things I do
are because I want to. I want to romance you, appreciate you as the mother of my kids, and thank you
for letting me be a part of the family.” Serena smiled, pleased that Logan was just acting out of
kindness and caring.

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