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Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 124

Chapter 124: Getting to know the Pack

Carson had arranged for a small lunch gathering in one of the parks. Serena knew most of the wolves
in the pack from working in the hospital, but she hadn’t interacted with them socially

When she was at the hospital, she was all business. Even those that had thanked her at the
inauguration had been thanking her for her medical expertise and the work she’d done. This time, she
wanted things to be casual. She wanted to get to know pack members on a personal level.

“It is a good day for a barbeque,” Carson said when Serena showed up.

“It is,” she said. “Was this an open invitation?”

“Sort of,” Carson said. “I opened it up to adults that had free time today during the hours of two and
four. I didn’t want to overwhelm you too much.”

“Thanks,” Serena said. “And what did you tell them it was for?”

“I said it was a barbeque you were hosting to promote health and wellness in the aftermath of the
Moonshine battles,” Carson said. Serena nodded.

That seemed like a good enough reason, and also wouldn’t be the kind of event a lot of wolves would
take time off of work for. Serena was glad with the turnout. The number of guests was manageable.
“Well, go on and mingle,” Carson said, nudging Serena. She chuckled and went into the crowd. Carson
had arranged for someone to man the grill, and already most of the guests had drinks and plates of
food in their hands. There was also a table filled with condiments, buns, and other dressings and
toppings, along with snacks and a salad. “This is lovely, Carson,” Serena muttered.

“Hey, I can make almost anything you want happen,” he said. “I’m kind of a pivotal figure here in the
pack.” Serena giggled.

“Yes, you are,” she agreed.

Serena went to the grill and got herself a burger. “This was a great idea, Serena,” the wolf at the grill
said. “All the big, important celebrations, it feels like we haven’t been able to just relax and be causal
for a while.” “I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself,” Serena said with a nod. “I thought it was about time I
get to know pack members beyond their medical charts.” The wolf at the grill chuckled. “Well, everyone
here is already a fan of yours,” he said. Serena nodded and thank him for the burger. She headed over
to the table to put toppings on it. Serena’s mind was put at ease


Chapter 124 Getting to know the Pack

slightly. Hearing that there were a lot of wolves that already liked her made her feel more accepted.
“Looks like you finally have some free time now,” one of the females at the table said to Serena “Free
time?” Serena asked.

“Oh, between hospital renovations, the relief hospital, and your twins, you‘ve been so busy,” she said.
“We’ve all seen it. Most of us have been inspired by your determination, energy, and ability to
accomplish what seems impossible.” “Thank you,” Serena said. “That is so sweet.”

“I mean, not just with the hospital, but being a single mother too. Not to mention how well you handie
Alpha Logan. No one has ever stood up to him like you do,” the female went on

Serena chuckled. “How did you know I stood up to him?” she asked. The female laughed and flipped
her hair over her shoulder. “Who doesn’t?” she asked. “Seriously, rumors have been flying about the
times you’ve stood up to him for a while.” Serena flushed. She wasn’t sure how public her relationship
was with Logan yet, but apparently the wolves in the pack had had eyes on them for a while. She knew
she’d stood up to Logan several times in the hospital waiting room. It seemed like word had spread.
“Well, it is my job to ensure that all wolves get proper medical care. Not even the Alpha can get in the

way of that,” she said. The female giggled again. “Oh, we all heard about it,” she said, motioning to her
friends. “It was very inspiring. You took charge, and you managed the situation so professionally.”
“Well, as long as it was inspiring,” Serena said with a smile. She regrouped with Carson who was
having a beer with a couple other males. “There she is, the woman behind this lovely event,” Carson
said, raising his beer to her. “We haven’t seen much of you outside the hospital,” one of Carson’s
companions said.

“It has been a busy few months,” Serena said. “I’m glad to have the time now.” “Us too,” Carson’s friend
said. “You’ve always been a bit of a mystery. A wolf spending years in the human world, coming into the
pack as a transfer, taking charge and making changes.”

“Is that really what I did?” Serena asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Oh, sweetie, the pack’s moral has definitely changed since you arrived.” Carson’s


Chapter 124 Getting to know the Pack

friend said.

Serena looked at Carson and he nodded. “Believe every word of it,” Carson said. Serena spent her
afternoon mingling with the other pack members. Everyone seemed to already know a lot about her.
Whether it was rumors or truth, she had obviously been a person of curiosity and the other pack
members had wanted to know more about her.

As she mingled, she got to know several more of the pack members. Most of them seemed happy and
cheerful. Carson explained to her that was because the threat of Moonshine was gone. Any lingering
animosities and tensions had started to fade. The pack was in the most prosperous, safest space it had

been in for years! “Are you satisfied with getting to know the pack?” Carson asked her as the guests
began to leave and the barbeque was wrapped up. “Everyone seems to already know a lot about me,”
Serena admitted. “Yes, they do,” Carson said. “Does that really surprise you?” “Yea, it does, actually,”
Serena said. “It is like they knew Logan and I were mates or something.” Carson laughed, throwing his
head back and clutching his chest. “I don’t think they could tell that,” he said still chuckling. “I do think
that there was always some vibe between the two of you that was detectable. You’ve made an
impression on a lot of wolves, and they see you as a leader, isn’t that what a Luna is?” “A leader?”
Serena asked. Carson nodded. “Yes, a Luna is a leader who keeps the

Alpha in check.” “Well, there, you already meet those two requirements,” Carson said. “I should get
home,” Serena said. “Dana has been with the kids all day.” “Alright, Serena, it was good to spend some
time with you again,” Carson said. “You too,” she said with a nod. She waved to some of the last guests
and headed out. On her walk home, Serena thought about what she’d learned. The pack saw her as a
leader, as someone who challenged the Alpha and kept him in check. If she was a male, she could
have been seen as a challenger for leadership. Since she was female, she was seen as a good mate
choice, a good Luna. “Mommy, mommy, where have you been all day?” Olivia asked when Serena
went inside the house.

Serena smiled, hugging her kids. “I was just getting to know some of the pack members,” she
said. “Are you and Daddy Logan going to get married?” Olivia asked again. Serena sighed.

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“I think you love each other,” Olivia said.

Serena looked at Oliver. “Do you think that too?” she asked. Oliver nodded. “Obviously,” Olivia said. “I
think it is about time the two of you start getting ready for bed,” Serena said. She nodded to Dana who
went upstairs with the twins. Serena sighed and pulled out her phone. She wanted to call Logan and
tell him how her day went.

Their relationship was still new, but already she was at the point where she wanted him involved in her
day, even if only by telling him about it. She called Logan at his office but he didn’t answer. She called
at the house, but there was no answer there either. Finally, she called his cell phone, hoping her
multiple calls wouldn’t be too annoying to him. “Hey you, how’d your day with Carson go?” Logan
asked, not sounding at all annoyed she’d tried every line to get ahold of him. “Good,” Serena said.
“Where are you?” There was a knock on her front door. Serena went to look outside and saw Logan
standing on her front porch. “Right here,” he said. Serena giggled and hung up her phone. She pulled
the door open and stepped out ono the porch. “What are you doing here?” she asked, hugging Logan.
He kissed her lips quickly. “I wanted to see you after my long day” he said. “This is great,” she said,
resting her head on his shoulder and tightening her arms around him.

“Honestly, I wanted you to be the last person I saw and spoke to before going to bed tonight,” Logan
told her. Serena nearly melted in Logan’s arms. He was being so sweet and she was falling right into it

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