Kids from One Alpha

Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 116

Chapter 116: Talking to the Kids

Olivia and Oliver immediately wanted to start playing when they got back to the house. Serena set their
bags aside for the time being. “Olivia, Oliver, can we all sit down together and talk?” Serena asked.
“Now?” Logan asked. “Better get it all out in the open,” she said. Logan nodded. The kids came over to
her and sat on the couch. Serena sat across from them on the coffee table. Logan stood beside her.
“Mommy, you look serious,” Olivia commented. Serena smiled and looked up at Logan. “How would
you two feel about me being your dad?” Logan asked them. Serena sighed at his straight forwardness.
She had said it would be better to get it all out in the open.

“I thought you were our uncle,” Oliver said.

“No, honey, Santino is your uncle because he is mommy’s brother,” Serena explained. “Logan is
mommy’s friend, but he could be part of the family if that’s okay with you.”

Olivia and Oliver looked at each other. They leaned in and began whispering to each other. Serena
looked back at Logan and gave a shrug. He smirked at her. “Apparently, my change in status needs to
be carefully considered,” he said with a mirthful grin. “I’d say so,” Serena said with a giggle. “You’re
kind of already like our dad,” Olivia said when she and Oliver stopped whispering. “A really cool, fun
dad,” Oliver said. Logan smiled widely, his grin uncontrollable. “Don’t get too used to it,” Serena said.
“As your dad, he gets grounding privileges.” Olivia pouted. “You wouldn’t, would you?” she asked
Logan. Logan chuckled. “I will do whatever is best for all of us,” Logan said. He put his hand on
Serena’s shoulder and squeezed gently. Serena smiled, comforted by the contact. “That means no
grounding.” Olivia insisted. She stood up on the couch. “Olivia, please sit down.” Serena said. Olivia
‘hmphed, but plopped back down on the couch.

“Are you going to live here with us now?” Oliver asked Logan. Serena and Logan exchanged another
glance. She wanted to take things slow, at least with their relationshin She didn’t want the kids to only

have half a father.

though. “We will hopefully get to that point soon,” Serena said. “For now, Logan will still live at his
house and the three of us will live here.”

“I want to live all together,” Olivia argued, pouting again.

“I hope we will get that chance,” Logan said. He stepped forward and knelt down in front of the twins.
“But your mom is right, this is the way it has to be for now. We will get to spend a lot more time together
even though I’m not living her.” “Because Holly isn’t your friend anymore?” Olivia asked. Serena barked
a quick laugh and then covered her mouth. Logan looked back at her. “I didn’t say anything,” she
assured. “I didn’t even know they understood.” she trailed off shaking her head.

Logan smirked at her and then looked back at the twins.

“Holly isn’t my friend anymore,” Logan said. “She did some mean things.” “Good, we didn’t like her,”
Olivia said. “She was mean,” Oliver agreed.

“Well, you don’t have to worry about her anymore,” Logan assured. He put one hand on each of the
twins’ cheeks affectionately. “So, do we call you daddy?” Olivia asked, looking at Serena. “If you want
to,” Serena said. “Unless there is something else you want to call him.” “No, I like ‘daddy,” Olivia said.
“Me too.” Oliver said. “I do too,” Logan said. “Are you really?” Olivia asked. “What do you mean,
Olivia?” Serena asked. “Are you really our daddy?” she asked. Serena raised an eyebrow at her
daughter, wondering how much about the birds and the bees Olivia understood or knew. Logan looked
at Serena for help. “I don’t understand,” Logan admitted, playing it safe. Serena sighed in relief when
he did.

“Well, all our friends have mommies and daddies,” Olivia said. “Some only have mommies,” Oliver said.
“And some only have daddies,” Olivia said back. “But it takes a mommy and a daddy to have a baby,”

Oliver said. Serena chuckled, shaking her head at how clever her kids were. Logan looked at her for
help. She put a hand on his shoulder and he stood up. Serena leaned in to address

her kids.

“A long time ago, before you were born, Logan and Mommy were friends,” Serena explained. “Then I
left to go to medical school. Logan and I didn’t see each other for a long, long time, but he was still your
daddy.” “Then why didn’t he say so before?” Olivia asked, crossing her arms and looking at Logan. He

“We didn’t know before,” Logan said. “It had been so long since we were friends, it took us a while to

Serena hoped her kids wouldn’t ask more questions. It was the simplest way she knew how to describe
it without going too deep into mature topics they weren’t ready for.

“Okay,” Olivia said with a shrug. “That’s fine,” Oliver said. Serena gave Logan a relieved look. “Are you
going to stay the night tonight?” Olivia asked. “How about Logan stays for dinner and tucks you into
bed,” Serena said, jumping in before too much was promised. “I like that plan,” Olivia said. “Can you
give us a bath too, daddy?” Oliver asked. Serena looked at Logan. He was smiling foolishly at being
called ‘daddy’ for the first time. Serena rolled her eyes. “How about it?” Serena asked.

“I think I can make that work,” Logan said.

“Just don’t let mommy cook,” Olivia said, sticking her tongue out at Serena. Laughing and shaking her
head, Serena went to the kitchen. “I won’t cook. Logan, can you make something?” she asked. “I’ve got
it,” Logan said. He went to the refrigerator and started digging around for something to put together.
“When is Dana coming home?” Olivia asked, sitting dutifully at the table. Oliver sat next to her. They
were being so well behaved. “She’ll be home tomorrow,” Serena said. “I told her I’d let her know when
you two got home, but I think you’d like to have time with Logan tonight.” “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” the twins

shouted. While Logan cooked, Serena set the table. It was going to be like a real, family dinner. “Can I
have some paper, mommy?” Olivia asked. “And some crayons.” “Sure, sweetie,“ Serena said. She
grabbed the paper and crayons from a nearby drawer, giving them to Olivia before

Chapter 116 Talking to the kids going back to setting the table. Olivia hummed while she started writing
on the paper “I want to draw too,” Oliver said grabbing a sheet of paper. “I’m not coloring,” Olivia said.
Serena looked over her shoulder and saw that she was writing, as well as a five-year-old could. “What
are you writing?” Serena asked. “Things need to change here,” Olivia said. “Now that Logan is our
daddy.” Serena didn’t ask. She let Olivia write on her paper. When Logan finished cooking, Serena
cleared away the crayons and paper and the four of them sat down together. Logan gave Serena a
look from across the table. She blushed and looked down at her dinner.

“This is so yummy!” Olivia crowed as she ate.

“It really is,” Serena agreed.

The kids started talking to Logan, asking him all kinds of questions about what was going to happen
next, when they were going to all live together, and how long it would take before they had brothers and
sisters. Serena cringed at the last question. Logan looked at her, raising an eyebrow. Serena smiled,
but shook her head. She didn’t know if she’d ever want to have more kids, even if everything with
Logan worked out. “Okay, why don’t the two of you focus on eating,” Serena said, tapping Olivia’s
plate. Olivia grumbled, but kept eating. “I think it is fair to say that your mother and I are still working out
the details,” Logan said.

He winked at her. Serena’s stomach flip flopped. She kept having to remind herself that they were
taking things slow. Slow, slow, slow, she told herself. She wanted to take her relationship with Logan

No matter how many times she repeated it, she couldn’t stop the little tingles that fluttered through her
every time he looked at her. She’d been lonely a long time, and she hadn’t given much thought to
pursuing romantic relationships.

Now that Logan knew the truth about everything and she knew he was her mate, she wanted to explore
that more. It made the looks he gave her a little more exciting and it made her look forward to the time
they’d have alone, when that happened. “I’ll take care of the dishes,” Serena said, clearing the table.
“Take them upstairs and put them to bed.”

“As you wish,” Logan said. He took the kids hands and started up the stairs with them.

Serena watched them go. She was so happy to see them happy and Logan involved. Things couldn’t
have worked out any better.

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