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Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 129

Chapter 129: Concerns for the Future

Logan took Serena to a small bakery for coffee and breakfast pastries. It was early enough that
they were some of the only people there and they could continue their conversation without drawing too
much attention.

Serena had her hands wrapped around her warm coffee mug, a cheese Danish sitting on a plate
beside her.

“You should have told me of your concerns earlier,” Logan said to open up the conversation. Serena
sighed. “I know,” she said. “I was having trouble really getting to the bottom of it, though. I talked to Flo,
I talked to my mother, I also talked to Santino. I couldn’t really figure out what was bothering me so

“I get it,” Logan said with a nod.

“I know you do,” Serena said, smiling warmly at him. “At least I have people to talk to about it. People
that can offer the right support.” Logan smirked. “I made due,” he said with a shrug. He bit into his
croissant. Logan hadn’t thought much about whether or not Serena would have doubts about becoming
Luna. He’d always thought that she would welcome the opportunity, based on what she’d told him
about her parents. “You know, I’m honestly a little surprised about this,” Logan said. Serena raised an
eyebrow at him from across the table.

“Why?” she asked. Logan chuckled.

“When you told me about why you became a doctor, it had been a way to prove yourself to your
parents,” he reminded her. “A way to step out from under your brother’s shadow. You admitted to being
jealous of Santino for getting to be Alpha, wanting to show you had the same abilities as him.” “Yes, I
know the story,” Serena said with an eyeroll. Logan chuckled again. “And becoming Luna doesn’t help

fulfill that desire?” he asked. He tilted his head at Serena, studying her as she drank her coffee. There
was so much about her that was worth admiring. Logan didn’t think he’d ever understand the strength
she possessed, but he wanted to bask in it.

“It isn’t the same as working for something and succeeding,” she said. “To become a doctor, I had to
study, work hard, make the right connections, compete with other humans and wolves. It was all me.
Becoming Luna…that’s just destiny, fate, because the Moon Goddess fated us to be mates.” Logan

“Is that any different than Santino becoming Alpha?” he asked. “He was fated to be Alpha because he
was the oldest and only son born to your parents.”

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Chapter 129 Concerns for the Future

Serena looked down at her pastry, her mind working through what Logan said. Logan munched on his
croissant, pausing to drink coffee in between. “You do have a point,” Serena said. “Of course, I do,”
Logan said playfully. He smirked at her. Serena sighed, shaking her head.

“I’ve got to get to the hospital. Thank you for breakfast,” she said. Logan nodded.

“Dana is expecting me to drop by?” he asked. Serena nodded. She gathered her things and left.

Logan finished his coffee slowly. He had a feeling that Serena’s concerns were rooted more deeply
than just being concerned about giving up her independence to become Luna. He had a feeling it had
more to do with their relationship than being Luna. He’d have to talk to her about it more when she got
out of work. As it was, he had planned to spend the day with the kids instead of taking them to daycare.
“Come on in, Logan,” Dana said, opening the door when Logan arrived at the house. “The kids are just
finishing breakfast.” “Dana, how would you feel about letting me keep them home from daycare today?”

he asked. Dana raised an eyebrow at him. “I should clear that with Serena,” Dana muttered. Logan
sighed. “Sure,” he said with a nod. “I’d just like to have a day with them. Dana pulled out her phone to
make the call, Logan went into the kitchen where the kids were eating cereal. “Daddy Logan!” Olivia
greeted him excitedly. Logan grinned at her. “You can just call me ‘dad’ you know,” he told her. “Are you
here to play with us?” Oliver asked, “I am,” Logan said. “All day, just the three of us. How does that
sound?” “Perfect!” Olivia sang. She jumped down from her chair and hugged Logan tightly around the
thighs. Logan smiled, putting his hand on the back of her head. Dana came into the kitchen, tucking her
phone into her pocket. “Serena says that is fine,” Dana said. “I’ll just clean up from breakfast, and then
I’ve got a shift at the daycare. Were you planning on staying at the house all day?” “We’ll see where the
day takes us,” Logan said. “I will have them both back here before Serena comes home from work,
though. If we do go out, that is.” “Alright,” Dana said with a nod. “Come out to the back yard,” Olivia
said, taking Logan’s hand and dragging him towards the back door. Logan grinned at the kids. Oliver
was out in front of Olivia, leading the way

Chapter 129: Concerns for the Future

The backyard had a sandbox, a swing set, and several other toys that kids enjoyed. Oliver wanted to
play soccer, so Logan kicked the ball around with him while Olivia played on the monkey bars on the
swing set. Olivia called out to them, telling Oliver what direction to go with the ball to avoid Logan. It
didn’t take long for Oliver’s stamina to wear out though, and he flopped down in the grass, breathing
heavily. “…can’t…go…on,” he gasped dramatically. “Just leave me.” Logan scooped Oliver up in his
arms and threw him over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. “No man ever gets left behind,” he said.
“What about women?” Olivia asked. She jumped down from the monkey bars and ran over to Logan’s
side. “Carry me too!” Logan grinned. He grabbed Olivia in his other arm and threw her over his
shoulder too. Olivia giggled and kicked her legs back and forth. Logan ran around the yard with them
once before he too started feeling tired. He set them both down on the ground. “Again, again!” Olivia

said. She held her arms up and jumped up and down. Logan put a hand on his chest, breathing
heavily. “I need a minute,” Logan said. He sat down in the grass and Olivia and Oliver sat with him.

“When are you going to come live with us?” Olivia asked. Logan took a deep breath.

“I don’t know,” he said. “That’s a conversation that your mother and I are going to have.” “Why can’t we
talk about it?” Olivia asked. “Yea, we want you to live with us, daddy,” Oliver said. “Why does mommy
have to say it?” Logan chuckled, ruffling Oliver’s hair. He still wasn’t used to explaining those
complicated adult things to kids. He didn’t want to lie to them, but he didn’t want to say anything that
could strain the relationship between the twins and their mother. He didn’t want them to think that she
was keeping him from the twins or anything. It wasn’t that Serena was doing anything like that, but he
didn’t know how kids processed certain bits of information. “Your mother and I are working things out,”
Logan said. “Sometimes, what kids want and what parents want are two different things. We want to
make sure that everything we decide is best for all four of us. That’s what families do.” “Okay, okay,”
Olivia grumbled. She got up and went to the swing set again. “I’ll push you,” Oliver said. “I bet you can’t
push me all the way around the top,” Olivia teased.

Chapter 129: Concerns for the Future

“Yes, I can!” Oliver said, rising to the challenge. Logan smiled at the kids. They never did run out of
energy. He was happy to have a day with them but it gave him a good look on how Serena’s life had
been for years. Logan still had the luxury of saying “enough is enough.” Serena didn’t have the chance
to step away like he did. Logan didn’t want to step away. He wanted to be there for the kids and for

giving her the chance to step away when she needed it. “Come on, dad!” Olivia shouted. “Push me

“Me too,” Oliver said getting on the other swing. “Push me too!” Logan groaned, heaving himself up
onto his feet. He went behind the swing set and started push them, alternating back and forth. The both
laughed and kicked their legs out. The sound of children’s laughter warmed Logan’s heart. He pushed
them as high as he could, then slowly let them lose their momentum until they were begging him to
push them again. He repeated the process until his arms were too tired to keep going. The twins were
exhausted after, so Logan brought them inside. He made them a snack and let them take nap on the
couch. He had his own lunch time snack while he watched them sleep. They clung to each other
happily. Logan still wasn’t sure about the future, but he knew he wanted the twins and Serena in his.

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