Kids from One Alpha

Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 131

Chapter 131: Moonshine’s Revenge

“We‘re still getting reports coming in of rogue activity,” Santino told Logan. He had stopped by Logan’s
office to check in in the aftermath of their war. “Have they hurt anyone?” Logan asked. He watched
Santino walk casually around his office, looking at the books that Logan had on his shelves. “Nothing
serious,” Santino reported. “They are causing a but of a fuss, though, and they are making pack
members uneasy.” “What are they after?” Logan asked. Santino shrugged, running his hand down the
spines of one of the books. Logan thought it strange to be looking for similarities between Serena and
Santino, but he saw a few. Some of their mannerisms and expressions were the same. They were
twins, after all. “Mostly, they just seem to want to get our attention,” Santino said with an annoyed sigh.
“You mean they want us to confront them and pay for what we did to Damon and Moonshine,” Logan
clarified. Santino grinned. “That’s what it appears to be,” he said. “The two of us took out a whole pack
of rogues already. Yet, they still seem to think they are a match for us.” Logan smiled, but he did not
share Santino’s joviality or optimism. “We still need to handle this carefully and decisively.” Logan said.
Santino stepped away from the bookshelf and sat down on the chair across from Logan’s desk. He
sunk down into the chair, a casual and lazy posture. Logan leaned forward, putting his elbows on his
desk. “The members of Moonshine that have been relocated to Starseeker territory are definitely on
edge,” Santino said. “We promised to protect them, and now the rogues have targeted them. Punishing
them for the choice they made.” “That is concerning,” Logan said. “We can’t let them think they made
the wrong choice. We can’t go back on the promise to protect them.” “Agreed,” Santino said with a nod.
He picked at his shirt eyes crossed slightly as he watched his own fingers. “Where are the reports
coming in from?” Logan asked, pointing to the map on his desk. Santino stood up and hovered over the
desk, looking at the map. “The rogues are coming across the border here,” he said, running his finger
along the border between the old Moonshine pack and Starseeker territory “My patrols have bene
running through the former Moonshine territory, but it is still a big territory and my wolves are still
getting used to the increased patrol area,” he

lined the means lille hiding in marts of Moonshine territory they are

familiar with, areas we don’t even know about.” “That is a good bet,” Santino said. “I can temporarily
pull the Moonshine refugees in closer to the village center. They will feel safer and have more eyes on
them.” “Don’t make them feel like they are being imprisoned or that they are under scrutiny,” Logan
advised. “It is important to keep their trust, even when circumstances aren’t ideal.” “You’re really good
at this,” Santino told Logan. “I mean, my dad is a legendary Alpha, but you just always know exactly
what to do and say. It is like second nature to you. My father always considers things from multiple
angles, but it is like you do that in an instant and come up with a solution.” Logan grinned at Santino.
Getting praise from another Alpha, or future Alpha, was always great. “I appreciate the compliment,”
Logan said with a smile. “Let me call my dad,” he said. Logan nodded. Santino stepped away from the
desk and made the call. He explained to his father what was going on and recommended relocating the
Moonshine refugees to a safer place. Logan studied his map of the old Moonshine territory. Carson and
the patrol wolves had been sending back more updated details about the territory, and Logan had
started to update his map with landmarks. He was focused primarily on cave formations on the map. It
wasn’t an ideal accommodation, but most wolves would be willing to live wildly if there were cave
systems to take shelter in. “Alright, my dad is making the arrangements for the refugees,” Santino said,
hanging up his phone. “Good,” Logan said with a nod. “There are a few natural cave formations where
the rogues could be hiding out, making camp. Beta Carson and his patrols haven’t had the time and
manpower to explore the caves extensively, but they have marked where several natural caves exist.”
“Which one do you think is our best bet?” Santino asked, looking over the map again. “Here,” Logan
said tapping the map. “This one is one of the largest formations. It is surrounded by dense forest, and
there are multiple fresh water sources that are easily accessible.” “Alright, so we go there and take
them out” Santino said. Logan sighed, leaning back in his chair. “So eager to go into battle again?” he
asked with a chuckle. Santino shrugged. “My dad is still running most of the operations in Starseeker.
I’m just a little antsy. Since taking down Damon and Moonshine, I been wanting to do more,” he
said. “Alright, well we aren’t going into this iust the two nf us Not this time.” I onan

explained. “This isn’t a rescue mission where your sister and my fated mate are in trouble. This has to
be handled delicately and with few casualties.” “Few casualties?” Santino asked, crossing his arms.
Logan gave a nod. “It would be better to bring them in as captives. I want to send a clearer message to
anyone else that thinks rebelling and going rogue is a good idea,” Logan explained. “They can see
what we‘ve made of their great leader, asserting our own strength and power. Thus, giving them the
chance to reintegrate into the packs if they renounce their loyalties to Damon.” “You think that’s safe?”
Santino asked. “We already defeated him, and they still support him.” “True” Logan said. “Seeing him
imprisoned and mangy is far different than knowing he was defeated. The rogues will want a leader. It
is in their nature to want to a strong leader and be part of a pack. When they see that you and I, and
Thomas, have reduced their leader to nothing, they won’t be as eager to follow him.” “Again, I say you
always seem to know what to do.” Santino said with a chuckle. “Let me see where Carson and his
patrols are,” Logan said. Either way, they had to handle the situation with the rogues as quickly as
possible. Carson, where are you? Logan asked on the mental link. Border of the old Moonshine
territory, Carson responded. Good, hold your position, he ordered. We will await further instruction,
Carson replied. “They are holding on the old Moonshine border,” Logan said, tapping the spot on the
map so Santino could see. “Alright, let’s go,” Santino said grabbing his jacket. Logan chuckled at
Santino’s enthusiasm. Apparently, Serena’s need to prove herself wasn’t just a trait she possessed.
Santino obviously wanted to prove himself as well. Whether it was in strength in battle or being a
competent Alpha, he had his own need to prove himself. “We’ll drive out to the border, then shift into
wolves and meet up with Carson and the others,” Logan said. He grabbed his car keys and swung
them around on his finger. “You got it,” Santino said. Logan grabbed his own jacket and went outside to
where his car was parked. He sped through the streets until they got out onto a dirt road, and then he
slowed down. The last time he’d sped down dirt roads with Serena in the passenger seat, he had
damaged the undercarriage of his car. It had needed some serious work, and Logan didn’t want to
damage the vehicle again. He was quite fond of it. When they got to the end of the road, he parked and
got out of the car. Logan immediately began stripping down He shifted into a wolf and waited for
Santing to

join him. They shared a few wolf-grumbles and then Logan sniffed the air to find where Carson was.

He yipped and let the way to where his Beta was camped. When the patrols ran, they always set up a
base camp where they kept clothes stashed so they could change into their human forms and get
dressed, speaking more easily to each other. When Logan and Santino arrived, Carson was already in
human form, wearing a pair of sweat pants. The other patrol wolves were in a mix of skin and fur.
Carson walked over and set down two pairs of pants. Logan and Santino quickly shifted back to human
and put on their pants. “So, what’s the plan?” Carson asked.

“I think I know where the remainder of Moonshine’s rogues are camped,” Logan said. “Remember that
cave formation by the stream you told me about? Carson nodded. “That would make sense,” he
agreed. “We need to hit it with force, as one unified army,” Logan said. “I want to hit them at sunset
when they will likely be in the caves in their human form. They won’t have anywhere to run.” “Assuming
there isn’t a back exit to the caves,” Santino muttered. “No assumptions!” Logan insisted. “We will hit
them hard and all at once. I want prisoners not casualties.”

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