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Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 132

Chapter 132: Eradicating the Threat

In his wolf form, Logan led Carson, Santino, and the other patrol wolves to the forest where the cave
formation was. The sun was setting. It was low enough that shadows were long, but under the tree
cover, the wolves could move undetected by watchful eyes.

With any luck, these rogues would be just as disorganized as the rogues that took Serena. They
probably wouldn’t be keeping a very good watch, thinking that they were safe in a territory they knew
and hiding in the caves, Logan kept his head low to the ground. He could smell them ahead. They had
a fire going and he could hear laughs and murmurs. That meant they were mostly in human form.

They are in human form, Logan broadcast to the rest of them through the mental link. Remember,
prisoners only, no killing. Work in pairs. We outnumber them at least two to one. He received
confirmation through the link that the others would follow his orders. They remained perfectly quiet as
they approached the rogue camp. The sounds coming from the camp were far louder than any that
Logan and his wolves made in their stealthy approach. When they got close enough, he lifted his head
and nodded left and right. Two groups of his patrol wolves split off to the left and right. They went in a
wide circle, planning to hit the camp from either side. It would greatly diminish the number of rogues
who could escape. With a final howl, Logan charged forward. The rest of the wolves around him all
broke out in runs, rushing at the camp. There were startled cries as the rogues tried to respond to the
attack. The clatter of metal sounded like pots, pans, and plates were knocked over, and a bucket of
water spilled on the fire, causing it to go out in a puff of smoke. Darkness took over, giving Logan and
his wolves a greater advantage over the rogues in human form.

Logan went straight into the cave system with Santino and a couple others as Carson took command to
round up the rogues outside. Logan wanted to make sure there was no escape route out the back.
Few rogues had retreated into the cave, making him think that there wasn’t, but he wasn’t leaving it up
to chance. When they got to the back of the cave system, Logan growled. There was a back exit! He

sniffed around quickly, but he couldn’t detect where the rogues had gone. Clothing lay around the back
of the cave. They must have shifted into wolf form and then scattered From what he could tell, only a
few had made it out, but Logan couldn’t let them get —- far tonight. They weren’t leaving any rogues
out in the wild! Returning to Carson, Logan shifted back into human form, as did Santino. There were
plenty of pants lying around the rogue camp to clothe themselves in. Carson was already in human
form, counting off the detained rogues. “Any injuries?” Logan asked immediately. “A few of the rogues
took some sharp bites, but no one on our side was injured,” Carson reported. Logan nodded. “Good,”
he said. “Did any rogues escape?” “No, we boxed them all in,” Carson said. Logan looked at one of the
rogues Carson had tied up. He was smiling smugly. Logan grabbed that back of the rogue’s head,
forcing his neck back all the way. He growled while the rogue sputtered. “What are you laughing at?” he
asked. The rogue glared. “You’ll never be able to kill our spirit,” he said. “Alpha Damon will resist all
your treatment. He will return stronger and more powerful than ever before, only to dance on your
grave.” Logan scoffed. “Let’s see if you sing that same song after you see what state your Alpha is in,”
he said. He shoved the rogue’s head forward. “Logan, is something wrong?” Carson asked, picking up
on Logan’s sour mood. “A few of the rogues made it out the back of the caves. Santino and I should
track them down and detain them before they get too far,” Logan said. “They’re already long gone,”
Santino argued. “We will track them all night if we have to!” Logan hissed. Santino held up his hands in
surrender “Yeah, of course,” Santino said. Carson gave Logan a warning look. “I can handle things
here,” Carson said. “I want to ask around, see where the rogues would go, if there is a secondary
location,” he said. “I’ll help,” Santino said. He broke off and went to question the rogues being tied up
by another patrol wolf. “Good work here, Logan,” Carson said. “Even if a few got away, we have the
bulk of the threat right here.” “Yes, but the threat isn’t gone entirely,” Logan said with a sigh. “I need to
ensure the refugees can feel safe with the new arrangement before it all falls apart. For that, I want to
be able to say, without a doubt, all the rogues are gone.” “I understand,” Carson said.

an walked around the aroun of roques that his Datahad viadun

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he’d grabbed before wouldn’t talk, so he looked for any signs of weakness. Most of them stared at him
defiantly, proving they wouldn’t give up answers easily. If he needed, Logan could get them, but he
didn’t want to torture anyone. That wouldn’t put him in a position of strength and trust. It would create a
further divide between him and the rogues. He wanted to do this in a way that made them see he was
strong but not without mercy. One of the wolves glared at him for a moment, but the longer Logan
stared back, the more nervous the rogue became. He started darting his eyes away from Logan briefly,
until he eventually broke eye contact all together. Logan knew that was the rogue he needed to

Logan nodded to Carson.

“Release him,” he said. “We are going to chat privately.” Carson complied, untying the indicated rogue
from the rest.

Logan grabbed the rogue’s elbow and led him into the cave where they could talk without being
interrupted or overheard. “You’ll have to kill me,” the rogue insisted. “I’ll never talk! I’ll never betray my
pack!” “I’m not going to torture you,” Logan said. “I just want to know where the rogues who escaped
out the back would go.” “What are you talking about?” the rogue asked. Logan smirked. Oh, so the
escape route out the back of the caves hadn’t been common knowledge. That would also work to his
advantage. Logan led the rogue to the back of the cave, kicking the discarded clothing. “A few rogues
came back this way and shifted so they could escape,” Logan said. “Why wouldn’t our entire company
know about this escape option?” “No,” The rogue said, shaking his head. “No, we were all told to go to
the front, that there was no other way to escape.”

“It looks like you were lied to. How is it that an Alpha you see as an enemy is the only one that is
honest with you?” he asked. The rogue shook his head. “You’re just trying to confuse me,” he said, his
voice cracking. “Just tell me where they would go, and I will return you to your company,” Logan
offered. The rogue sighed. “There was a rendezvous point, should anyone escape if we were
attacked,” the rogue said.

“Rendezvous point, now we are getting somewhere. Do you know where it is? Logan asked. The rogue
looked around nervously. “If you’re not going to torture me, what is my incentive to cooperate?” he
asked. “I have Damon alive and in captivity,” Logan explained. “If you help me, you and your gogues
will be allowed to see him and be held captive close to where he is. If you 5:50

don’t, you won’t be allowed anywhere near him. Nor will the rest of your company.”

The rogue he had a grasp on swallowed hard.

“Okay,” he said with a quick nod. “On the northern edge of the forest. There is a stream and a small
cave. It was stocked with supplies in case of an attack.”

“Thank you,” Logan said. To make good on his word, he returned the rogue to Carson who tied him up
again. Logan didn’t speak to Carson directly or let the other rogues know that their friend had betrayed
them. “Logan,” Santino called his name. He waved Logan over.

“What have you got?” Logan asked.

“A cave on the northern edge of the woods We just need to follow that stream” Santino said, motioning
to the stream cutting through the trees.

“That is the same answer I received,” Logan said with a nod. “We’ll follow up on that together.”

“Great,” Santino said, another smile of anticipation crossing his lips. Logan shook his head and rolled
his eyes. Although he was eager, Santino was effective in his abilities. He was a good ally to have

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