Kids from One Alpha

Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 133

Chapter 133: Logan and Santino on the Hunt

Logan and Santino shifted back into their wolf forms to track the rogues up the stream. The scent was
strong, and they had no problem confirming the direction that the rogues had fled. Logan had
considered the possibility that the rogues had been told to lie about the rendezvous location, but the
scent on the leaves were told him otherwise.

Furthermore, Logan had considered that the lead rogues had given the rest of the pack a false
rendezvous location so they could make a clean getaway while their attackers chased down fake leads.
Fortunately, Logan had discovered that the rogues weren’t all that intelligent.

Damon was their Alpha, they were loyal to him, but they didn’t have the same ability to lead as he did.
Not that he had been the most competent Alpha to begin with. Snarling at his own thoughts, Logan
dipped his head to the ground, sniffing the trail he was on. He recognized the scent as one of the
wolves he’d chased into the back of the cave. They were definitely going in the right direction! The
stream led them three miles north to the edge of the forest. The trees were starting to thin out, making
it more difficult to find cover. Logan stopped, and Santino stopped beside him. They had to approach
from upwind or the wolves would smell their approach. Nudging Santino in the shoulder, Logan pushed
him in the direction he wanted him to go. Santino complied without argument. They got into an upwind
position and found some underbrush to take cover in. Logan wanted to confirm how many rogues were
there before going in. They waited, watching the cave entrance. It didn’t take long for the rogues to
appear. They were in human form, packing up the supplies they’d stocked in the cave. Logan counted
only three wolves. He thought back to the cave where they’d shifted and confirmed there’d been
enough discarded clothing to make three outfits, but no more. It was a good bet that there were only
three rogues left. Turning to look over his shoulder, Logan nodded at Santino. Silently, the two of them
moved in on the rogues as they packed. When they are close enough, Logan launched himself forward
at the same time as Santino. They each landed on one of the rogues, knocking them to the ground and

knocking them out. Logan bit the leg of the one he’d landed on, ensuring he wouldn’t be able to escape
if he regained consciousness.

The third was trying to run, tearing at his own shirt as he attempted to shift. Logan growled, pouncing
again and landing on the rogue’s back, knocking him to the ground. He grunted. Logan put his teeth
around the rogue’s throat, daring him to move. He whimpered and relaxed. Satisfied, Logan got off of
him. He grabbed the rouge’s arm in his jaws and dragged


Chapter 133: Logan and Santino on the Hunt

him back towards the cave. Santino was in human form, tying up the other two. He took the rogue from
Logan and tied him up with the others. Logan shifted back to human form. “I’ll check out the cave,” he
said. Santino nodded. Logan went into the cave. It was mostly just piles of old clothes, which Logan
helped himself to, some food, and camping gear. There wasn’t a lot of supplies, and it was probably
only intended to be used by three or four rouges total. It wasn’t like they were stockpiling to survive the
winter or anything. “Let’s get these three back to the others,” Logan said when he rejoined Santino. He
tossed the other male a pair pants. Santino grinned and put them on. “We did really great today,”
Santino offered as they walked back to where Carson was with the others. The rogues they had tied up
walked behind them and Santino held the rope that tied them all together. “We did,” Logan said. “I’d be
willing to say that this is the last of the rogue threat.” “I’d say so too,” Santino said. Carson had gotten
the first rogue camp cleaned up and a few Jeeps had been driven in to transport supplies and
prisoners. “Got the last of them,” Logan said, nodding to the rogues behind him. “Great,” Carson said
with a nod. “Arrangements are being made for detainment, and the gear and supplies they are being
inventoried.” “Good,” Logan said with a nod as Santino handed off the rest of the rogues. “I’m going to
return to my office and update our files.” | Carson nodded. Logan motioned for Santino to follow him.
The other male didn’t hesitate and they went back to Logan’s car to drive back to his office. “I feel very
accomplished,” Santino said with a chuckle. “We saved face with the Moonshine refugees, eliminated a

threat, and secured large portions of territory.” Santino said with a laugh. Logan smirked and chuckled
too. “All in a day’s work,” he said. Santino chuckled. “Is this what it is like everyday for you, to be
Alpha?” he asked. Logan scoffed and shook his head. “No, definitely not,” he said. “Though, it doesn’t
take this big of an accomplishment for me to feel like it is a good day.” “Really?” Santino asked. Logan
chuckled. “Not at all,” he said. “Something I hope you’ll get to experience one day is the joy it brings
you to see the smiles on your children’s faces. And an even greater feeling is when you know you are
the one who put the smile there.” Santino laughed.

Chapter 133: Logan and Santino on the Hunt “I’m not ready for that yet,” he admitted. “It sounds like
things are going well with my sister and the twins, though.” Logan nodded. “Really well,” Logan
confirmed. “I spent the whole day with the twins yesterday. They definitely know how to wear me out,
but it was one of the best days I can remember having in a long, long time.” “Parenthood really does
change everything” Santino muttered. “How about with Serena, things are going well with her too?”
Logan sighed. He wasn’t sure how much he wanted to say about Serena to her brother. He and
Santino were becoming friends. There was no doubt about that, but he didn’t want to betray her
confidence or give her twin anything to tease her about. “Things are going well,” Logan said. “Slow, but
well.” Santino chuckled. “Yeah, you might need to push her along a little,” Santino said. “I don’t want to
pressure her;” Logan said, creasing his brow. Santino shook his head. “I’m sure you’ve noticed my
sister is pretty stubborn,” Santino offered. Logan sighed heavily, pulling his car up to the curb. “Yes, I’ve
noticed,” he grumbled. Santino laughed as they got out of the car. “She’ll continue to be stubborn,”
Santino warned. “You’ll need to push her a little unless you still want to be living separately and being a
part-time dad when the twins are ready to go off to college.” “I think her desire to take things slow have
more to do with the strings that come with our relationship,” Logan admitted, letting them into the office.
“Being Luna?” Santino asked. Logan nodded. “That is a smokescreen. An excuse to remain stubborn.
Trust me, I’ve seen her do it a million times.” Logan raised an eyebrow at Santino, considering what he
said. Before he could respond, his office phone started ringing. Logan stepped away from Santino to
answer it.

“Hello?” he asked.

“Logan, you’re there, thank God!” Serena said in a panicked voice. “We just got in from the woods,”
Logan said. “Santino and I were chasing down the rest pf the rogues.” “Logan, did the twins come visit
you?” she asked quickly. “Have you or Santino seen them?”

“No,” he said slowly. He looked at Santino and covered the phone with his hand. “Have you seen the
twins?” Santino shook his head. “What’s going on?” Santino asked, stepping closer to the desk. “The
twins are missing.” Serena wailed into the phone. “What!?” Logan asked, his temper brewing. 3/4

15:51 D

“I can’t find them anywhere. They aren’t in the yard or in their rooms. Your mother hasn’t seen them. If
they didn’t come find you, I don’t know where they went!” “We’ll be right there,” Logan told Serena.
“Don’t do anything, Santino and I are on our way.” “Logan, are there still rogues out there?” Serena
asked, her voice hysterical. “They’ off somewhere alone! No one has seen them. What if they got
captured or hurt?” “Serena,” Logan said firmly, keeping his own voice controlled even thought he felt
like he could explode out of his own skin at any moment. “Listen to me. We are going to find them
before they get hurt. Before anything bad happens to them.” “Okay,” she said, her voice still frantic. “Do
you believe me?” he asked. There was a long pause on the line. “…I believe you,” Serena finally
said. “We’re on our way over, stay put until we get there,” he said again. “Okay,” Serena said with an
exasperated sigh. Logan hung up. “What is wrong?” Santino asked. “The twins are missing,” Logan
said. Santino’s jaw dropped open, his face paling slightly “Let’s go!” he said. Logan grabbed his keys
again and they went right to the car. The twins were missing!

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