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Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 134

Chapter 134: Missing

Logan and Santino pulled up in front of Serena’s house. Dana was there and so was Flo. Logan ran
inside, wrapping Serena in a big hug. She broke down immediately, collapsing against him and
sobbing. “What do we know?” Logan asked his mother while he comforted Serena. He hadn’t seen her
so vulnerable before, and he wasn’t about to let her go. Her hands were clenched into fists around his
shirt, and he already felt the damp pools of her tears soaking through the fabric. “The twins were
playing in the backyard,” Dana said. “I came in to make them a snack and when I went back out
they were gone.” “Why didn’t you call me sooner?” Logan asked Serena who was still sobbing into his
chest. “I thought they might have gone to see you or your mother, like they did before,” she said in a
choked voice before sniffling. “She called me first,” Flo said. “I checked the daycare to see if they snuck
off to go to the playground,” Dana offered. “We’ve all looked around at where they might have gone, but
Logan, they aren’t anywhere,” Flo said. “They knew not to leave the yard. Could they have been
taken?” Serena asked. Logan rubbed her back soothingly. Holding her against him, calming her grief,
helped him keep a lid on his own anger and fear. “Who would have taken them?” Santino asked. “The
rogues?” Flo asked. “No,” Logan said shaking his head. “We had them all under control, and they were
too far to double back. Besides, they wouldn’t know that the twins are my kids. They wouldn’t target just
random kids.” “They’re not in the village,” Dana said. “I put out a lot of calls, and no one has seen
them.” “My heart can’t take this!” Serena muttered “Come with me,” Logan said. “Dana, can you put on
some chamomile tea?” Dana nodded and went to the kitchen. Logan kept his arms around Serena, half
pulling her up the stairs to her bedroom. He let go of her with one arm and pulled the covers back. He
helped Serena into the bed and pulled the covers up to her chin. She sighed, laying back on her
pillows. Logan got her a tissue from the table beside her bed. He leaned in and kissed her forehead.


Chapter 134: Missing

“I know it is hard,” he said. “But try and relax. We are going to put together a pack search and rescue,
and we will find them. They can’t have gotten far with their little legs. They can’t even shift yet.”

“Logan, we have to find them. It is getting so cold at night, we have to bring them home before then,”
Serena said, a fresh wave of tears leaking out of her eyes. Logan took her hands in his.

“We will” he promised. “The whole pack will get on it. No one will be working on anything else until we
find them, okay?” Serena sighed again, but she nodded. Logan kissed her hands and then kissed her
forehead again. “Do you think you can relax a little?” he asked. “It isn’t going to help the kids if you
can’t think clearly.” “How are you being so calm?” she asked him, looking up at him with watery eyes.
Logan gave her a humorless half smile. “When my family needs me, I am the solid, steady rock,” he
said. “Inside, I’m terrified, but I’m here for you, and I’m here for the twins. I’m not going to stop until they
are home safe with us.” Serena nodded. Dana appeared with a steaming cup of tea. Logan took it from
her and Dana backed out of the room.

“Drink this,” he told Serena, handing her the mug. She pulled herself up into a sitting position and drank
the tea. She wrinkled her nose. “It tastes funny,” she said. “It is chamomile,” Logan told her. “It will help
you relax.” Serena nodded and drank the rest of the tea.

Her eyelids drooped a little and she laid back down.

“Just get some rest, please,” Logan said, brushing her hair from her face. “I’ll check in on you soon,
and I will keep you updated on everything we do. You should stay here though, in case the twins come
back before we find them.” Serena swallowed hard, but she nodded. Logan kissed her forehead again.
Serena’s eyes were closed and she was snoring softly by the time he walked out of the room. He
sniffed the empty teacup in his hands. It definitely wasn’t just chamomile! “What did you put in the tea?”
Logan asked when he met with Dana, Flo, and Santino in the living room again. “Some bourbon, from
my personal stash” Dana said. “It’ll keep her tranquil. “Good” Logan said, “She’s asleep now. She’s
agreed to stay here in case the twins come back,

“We should stay with her too,” Flo said, motioning between herself and Dana. “We can keep an eye on
things and vou non fill…inen in

Chapter 134: Missing

things she needs to know.” Logan nodded. “Dana, you’re sure that the twins aren’t anywhere in the
village?” he asked. “I’m positive,” Dana said with a nod. “Okay, Santino, come with me,” Logan ordered.
Santino obeyed, as if Logan was his own Alpha. “What’s the plan?” Santino asked, following Logan out
onto the porch. Logan didn’t answer. He took out his cellphone and called Carson. “We just finished
moving the rogues and cataloging the supplies,” Carson said. “Drop it,” Logan said. “Drop everything.
Get the entire pack together and send them to the village center.” “Logan, what’s wrong?” Carson
asked. Logan snarled. Now that he wasn’t holding Serena up, his own fear was manifesting as anger.
“The twins are missing, we need to organize a territory wide search and rescue, immediately,” Logan
said. “I want the entire pack involved. Everyone drops what they are doing. This is the only priority.”
“I’m on it,” Carson said. He hung up. “Wow, you are all business, man,” Santino said. “My children are
missing,” Logan snapped. “All we know is that they aren’t in the village. That means they are
somewhere out in the territory alone. Temperatures drop fast at night these days. Finding them is the
only thing that matters.” Santino nodded.

“I get it, man,” he said. “That is my niece and nephew. I’m not stopping at anything until we get them
back.” “Good, because I won’t accept anything less,” Logan growled. Santino nodded. “Get to the town
center. I will be there shortly. I want to check the backyard first.” Santino nodded and took off. Logan
really just wanted to be alone for a moment. He took a deep, calming breath and went around the back
of the house. The scent of the twins was really strong in the back. They were so strong, though, he
couldn’t determine what direction they had left the yard in. There were so many trails in the yard and
around the yard that he couldn’t make sense of any one of them. Frustrated, Logan groaned and
looked around at the tracks to see if there was any sign in the grass what direction they had gone.
Again, he found too many overlapping trails and tracks to make sense of it. The twins probably hadn’t

intentionally covered their tracks, but it would make finding them more difficult! Logan gave up looking.
He went back to his office to get some papers and a map of Night Sky territory. This wasn’t the first
search and rescue operation he had

organized. He sent his mother a text message, letting her know what was going on. He knew that Flo
would only tell Serena what was absolutely necessary. It was best to keep her as calm as possible.
When they found the kids and brought them home, Serena would need to be there for them. She would
need to be well rested.

Logan piled his papers and maps into the car. He sped over to the village center. It was a building
where they held town meetings and certain town events. The main part of the building was set up as an
open room full of chairs.

The pack was already filing in and filling the chairs. There was a podium at the front with a microphone,
a table beside it with a few chairs where Carson and Santino sat,

and a white board behind the table.

Logan handed Carson the map and Carson hung it up on the whiteboard. It was a special map that
split Night Sky territory into different quadrants.

“Has everyone been signing in?” Logan asked. Carson nodded. “I took care of it,” he assured. “I know
how this goes.” Logan nodded sharply. There were murmurs of what the meeting could be about.
Carson hadn’t filled anyone in on the details. That was better. The whole pack could hear it from Logan.
The chairs were almost full. It was time to get started.

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