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Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 137

Chapter 137. Fall is Here

Fall in the pack was a
big event. There were several holidays throughout the fall, and as the leaves began to change color, th
e pack started putting together a big fall festival. It was a long weekend of parades, events, costumes,
and harvest celebrations.

Serena was looking forward to experiencing it with the kids. It was the first time that they were around f
or a pack holiday, and the first time they‘d get to be so involved in
a big pack event. The festival kicked off with a fall parade. Through the daycare, the twins were particip
ating. Their group was the pumpkin patch, and they had to dress up as pumpkins. Dana had hand sew
n them costumes. “Come on, you two, let‘s put
on your costumes.” Serena said, bringing the puffy orange outfits into the living
room where the twins were playing. “Where is daddy?” Olivia asked.

“He is going to meet us at the parade,” Serena said. “I know he wants to see the two of you as pumpkin
s, so let‘s get these costumes on.” Olivia and Oliver stood still, mostly, as Serena got them into their clo
thes. The costumes were adorable! They had green pants with felt vines
and leaves curled around them. The shirts were orange with a puffy
felt roundness around their bellies for the pumpkin. They each had a little brown pointed had for the ste
m. “You two look adorable!” Serena gushed. “Dana, come look at your
handy work.” Dana appeared from the kitchen and sighed as she looked at
the kids. “Absolutely perfect,” she said. “Alright, go with Dana to the parade and I‘ll see you there. I‘ll be
there with your dad,” she said. The twins headed out of the house with Dana. Serena got her purse an
d headed over to Logan‘s house. She passed the village center along the way where pack members w
ere setting up a hay maze and some fun fall games for kids and other pack members to play. There wa
s a real pumpkin patch growing near where the hay maze was set up. It had been decorated with some

festive, fall decorations. Serena was absolutely delighted to see the events coming together. The kids
were excited too, because Logan had promised to spend almost the entire weekend with them. That m
eant Serena would be spending the entire weekend with him too. She hadn‘t spent that much time with
him since they started seeing each other. She was a little nervous, but she felt so much more secure in
their relationship since he helped bring the
twins home. The night he had, she had been so affectionate to him and she realized that she didn‘t

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Chapter 137: Fall is Here

want to take things as slow as she thought Serena knocked on Logan‘s front door. She
waited a few moments and then he appeared. “You don‘t have to knock,” he told
her. “My mom rarely locks the door. Serena, you are welcome to just come in.” “Thanks,” Serena said. “
I can‘t wait until you see the twins. They are so cute in their pumpkin costumes.” Logan chuckled. “Gre
at, let‘s go,” he said. He held his arm out for Serena and she looped her arm through his. They walked
to the main street
where the parade was going to happen. Already, the majority of the pack had assembled. Serena wasn‘
t sure what to expect from the parade, but a lot of the onlookers had streamers and pompoms. “Here, l
et‘s grab these,” Logan said pulling a few ribbon dancers from a nearby bucket. He handed one to Sere
na. She waved it back and forth, smiling. “This is a big event,” she
said. “It isn‘t a masquerade party,” Logan said. “But these are the
kinds of events the whole pack gets involved in, kids and all. They are the best.” Serena chuckled, rollin
g her eyes. “Are you ever going to stop teasing me about the masquerade?” she asked. “Probably not,”
Logan admitted. “Here is a good spot. We‘ll be able to see everything and have front row seats. Seren
a and Logan stood on the
edge of the street. From the distance Serena heard pack members starting to cheer and the sounds of

drums, bells, and other instruments. “We got here just in time,” she said.
Logan grinned and nodded. He took his arm from hers and started clapping as the first parade float we
nt by. There were several large floats, all made to reflect the time of year. Between the
floats there were musicians playing instruments, pack members walking on stilts, and others performin
g tricks like juggling. Everyone on the streets clapped and cheered and waved their ribbons
and pompoms back and forth. Serena quickly got caught up in the excitement, clapping and cheering al
ong with everyone else. “There it is.” Serene said bouncing on the
balls of her feet and pointing to the float that the twins were on. They whole daycare was dressed up lik
e pumpkins the kids were holding hands in a circle and dancing around. Serena laughed, waving her ri
bbon dancer even harder. “They look great!” Logan said near her ear. He pulled a camera out and start

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Chapter 137. Fall is Here The parade continued far down
the street with more floats. There was one with big turkeys on it and another with pack members dresse
laughed, cheering along with everyone else and holding
Logan‘s hand tightly. When they caught up to the twins, the float had come to a stop. “Hey you two,” Ser
him too. “Did you see us?” Olivia asked. “I did,” Logan said. “I took a lot of pictures.” He held
his camera up. “I want to go see the hay maze,” Olivia demanded. “Me too!” Oliver said excitedly. “Okay
fall festival. Serena didn‘t want to do too much in the first day. She wanted to make sure
that the twins had plenty of fun the whole weekend especially since Logan was going to be with them th
said, holding his hand out. Olivia laughed and
took Oliver‘s hand. “This way,” she said, pointing ahead. Logan took Serena‘s hand again as they follow
the twins through the maze. The two of them were good puzzle solvers. Each of the maze dead ends
were marked with a different symbol –
a pumpkin, a turkey, a leaf, a witch, and other seasonally appropriate pictures. That way, the kids could

excuses for celebration and having fun.” Serena laughed. “Does that mean after the kids go to sleep, the
like celebrations going on?” she asked. Logan grinned at her.

There is a pumpkin mead truck, some dancing by jack-o–lantern light, was that the

kind of thing you had in mind?” he asked.
“That sounds nice,” Serena admitted. Logan put his arm around Serena‘s shoulders and gave
her a nice side
hug. She giggled and leaned into him.” “I‘m sensing you had other ideas?” Logan asked. Serena shrugg
stomach squirmed with delight. “Mommy, mommy, come quick!” Olivia‘s voice called from up ahead and
screaming. Serena
automatically thought one of the kids had hurt themselves. When she rounded the corner, she found Oli
lead. “I want to play some games,” Oliver said. “Let’s go, then.” Logan said. He took Oliver‘s hand and S
winked at them as Serena and Logan headed back out of the house.

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