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Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 138

Chapter 138: Pumpkin Harvesting

“What do you want to do now?” Logan asked Serena as they walked off the front porch. Serena bit her
lower lip. “Pumpkin mead truck?” she asked. Logan smirked. “Alright,” he said. He took her hand and
led her back towards the festivities. The carnival games had shut down, but Serena could still hear
sounds of celebration from the pack. Beyond the hay maze and pumpkin patch, there was a dance
floor set up. String lights were hung around it up high and then there were jack-o-lanterns carved with

flickering in them around the edge of the dance floor on the ground.

Live music played, and there were already several couples dancing. There was an old pickup truck
parked near the dance floor. It had a massive barrel built over the bed of the truck and there were taps
coming out of the side. Many pack members were standing around the truck with metal beer mugs,
drinking and toasting. Beside the truck was a huge table full of all kinds of foods and desserts. “This is
amazing,” Serena said. “Here, try the mead,” Logan said. He went to the truck and got them each a
mug. “There are a couple different flavors, but the pumpkin is the best.” Serena sniffed the foaming
drink and then took a sip. She moaned appreciatively. “Wow, this is incredible,” she said, taking another
big sip. “Be careful,” Logan warned. “It is pretty intense. You’ll get drunk way too fast off this stuff. I
don’t think either of us are ready for a repeat of our last drunken party.”

Serena creased her brow at Logan. She wasn’t sure what he meant by that. Was he saying he wasn’t
ready to take their relationship to a physical level or was he saying he didn’t want more kids?

Serena sipped her mead a little more slowly.

The next day marked the pumpkin harvesting event. It was another event geared towards kids, but
Serena planned on getting her own pumpkin too so she could carve it with the kids.

They arrived at the pumpkin patch where Logan was waiting for them. He had a pair of garden Clippers
for when the kids found the right pumpkins. “I’m going to pick the biggest,” Olivia said. “I’m going to pick
the roundest,” Oliver insisted. They ran off into the patch looking for their perfect pumpkins. “Serena,
last night..” Logan trailed off. After his comment about getting drunk, Serena

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Chapter 138: Pumpkin Harvesting

had finished her mead and made an excuse to leave. Logan had caught on to her change in mood, but
she hadn’t let him address it then. “I told you, it was nothing,” she assured. Logan grabbed her arm as
she tried to walk off. “It was a joke, you know, about the drunken party,” he told her. Serena smiled. “I
know that,” she said. “But something about it still bothered you,” he said. Serena sighed, glancing up at
the kids who were patting pumpkins and lifting them to test their weights. They were chattering with
each other about why certain pumpkins were better than others. “I was just thinking about the
progression of our relationship,” she admitted. “I mean, I don’t think either of us are rushing to have
more kids, but..” she trailed off. “Mommy, I found the biggest pumpkin,” Olivia said waving Serena and
Logan over. Logan snipped the pumpkin off the vine. He tried to hand it to Olivia. “It is too heavy for
me,” she said. Logan chuckled and tucked the pumpkin under his


“I found one too,” Oliver said. Logan went and cut that pumpkin too. He held it under his other arm.
“Now we have to find a pumpkin for mommy,” Olivia said. “We’ll find you the best one.” Oliver said.
Serena laughed. “Okay, go find me a pumpkin,” she said. “But what?” Logan asked, picking up their
conversation again. Serena smiled shyly. “Does that mean everything is off the table?” she asked.
Logan raised an eyebrow at her. “Oh,” he said. He chuckled and smirked. “No, absolutely not.” Serena
bit her lower lip. “Okay,” she said, her cheeks flushing. “Mommy, we got you the best pumpkin over
here,” Olivia said, getting their attention again. Serena and Logan went to the twins again and Serena

cut the final pumpkin. She held it in her arms and the four of them left the pumpkin patch. “There’s a
cart over there,” Logan said, nodding to where there were some pumpkin carts lined up. Serena put her
pumpkin in the cart and wheeled it back over to Logan so he could set the twins’ pumpkins down too.

Logan started pushing the cart. “What can we do now?” Olivia asked. “I can run these pumpkins back
to the house if you want to go play some more

games,” Logan offered. Serena nodded.

Chapter 138: Pumpkin Harvesting “You can’t leave!” Olivia argued. “Yeah, you’re supposed to be with
us the whole time,” Oliver pointed out. Logan chuckled.

“I’ll be right back,” he assured. “I want to get your pumpkins home so no one accidently takes them.
These are very special pumpkins picked out by you two.” “Good idea,” Olivia agreed, shooing Logan
away. Serena took the kids back to the carnival area. There were several more games they hadn’t
played the day before, and there was a table covered in yummy pastries, like apple tarts, pumpkin
cupcakes, and cranberry Danishes. The twins were happy to indulge in some sugary sweets between
their games. True to his word, Logan returned quickly, bringing the pumpkin cart back for another family
to use. “How’s it going?” he asked. Serena was sitting on a bench watching the kids bob for apples.
“They’re bobbing for apples,” she said, nodding to them. A usually messy game, the wolf that had
organized the bobbing for apples had enough foresight to provide plastic ponchos and shower caps to
keep the kids and their clothes as dry as possible. Logan sat on the bench beside Serena and slipped
his arm around her shoulders. Serena leaned her head on him and they watched the kids together. “I’m
so glad you got the whole weekend to spend with them,” she said. “I know there are a lot of demands
for your time, especially during a pack event like this.” “Not this time,” Logan assured. “Carson was kind
enough to offer to handle it when I told him I wanted to spend the weekend with my family.” He leaned
over and nibbled Serena’s ear lightly

Serena felt the ticklish tingles all the way down to her toes. She giggled and squirmed pleasantly
against Logan. “I thought…” Serena trailed off until Logan wasn’t teasing her anymore. “Thought
what?” he asked.

“Well, you never seemed like you were willing to let Carson take on more responsibility when
you were with Holly,” she pointed out. “Well, sometimes with Holly, work was a good excuse not to deal
with her drama,” Logan admitted with a chuckle. Serena giggled, shaking her head. “That should have
been a red flag,” she teased.

“Probably,“ Logan admitted. “But I think these things happen for a reason. If I hadn’t put up with Holly
for so long, we might have missed our timing, again. It was, after all, her fake pregnancy that really
allowed us to come together.”

Chapter 138: Pumpkin Harvesting

“True,”Serena agreed. “Then again, aren’t we fated mates? Maybe we would have come together
regardless.” “Maybe,” Logan said. Serena giggled. “Look, mommy, look,” Olivia said running over. She
held an apple out with big teeth marks in it. “You got one!” Serena said excitedly. She sat up and
leaned forward a little. “Oliver too,” she said pointing behind her. Oliver walked over slower, but he held
up his apple with the bitemarks in it too. “It was really hard,” Oliver said. “I’m proud of you two for
sticking with it,” Logan said, ruffling each of their hair. “Can we play another game now?” Olivia asked.
“Why don’t you sit here with us for a minute and eat your apples,” Serena said. “I want a cupcake,”
Olivia whined.

“Eat your apples first, then we’ll play more games, then you can have sweets before we go home,”
Serena said. “Okay,” the twins said together. They climbed up into the bench, Olivia sitting beside
Serena and Oliver beside Logan. “Are you two enjoying the pack event?” Logan asked. “It is so much

fun,” Olivia said. “Can we do this every weekend?” Oliver asked. Logan chuckled. Serena sighed

“I wish we could” Serena said. “This is a special event, though. I think we’d get very tired if this
happened every weekend.” “Maybe you would,” Olivia said sassily. Serena chuckled.

The twins finished their apples and ran off to play another game. Serena sighed and leaned back
against Logan again. “They are so happy,” she said. “Are you happy?“ Logan asked her. Serena
creased her brow. She hadn’t been expecting him to ask her that. Seeing the twins happy always made
her happy, but Logan was asking beyond that. He was asking about her specifically. “I am,” she said
with a nod. “Things finally feel like they are going smoothly, for the first time since I joined Night Sky.”
“That’s probably because you don’t have any more secrets,” Logan teased. Serena rolled her eyes, but
Logan could be on to something. The weight of those secrets had bothered her.

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