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Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 139

Chapter 139: Jack-O-Lanterns

Serena and Logan corralled the kids away from the games early. They wanted to have enough time to
carve their pumpkins. At the house, Serena covered the kitchen table with newspaper. She got a big
bowl out for the pumpkin seeds and insides and got come big spoons and knives. She also grabbed
markers so they could draw designs on the pumpkins to carve out. “I’m going to carve a wolf,” Oliver
said. “Mine is going to be super scary,” Olivia said. They sat down and got right to work. Serena sat
and stared at her blank pumpkin. She wasn’t sure what she wanted to do. “Creative block?” Logan
asked, taking a seat beside her. She nodded. “Oliver is covering the wolf and Olivia is covering scary,
so what should I do?” she asked. “Make a fairy, mommy.” Olivia suggested. “A fairy?” she asked. Olivia

“A fairy sounds good,” Logan said with a nod. Serena shrugged. She picked up her marker and started
drawing the outline of a fairy. “Are you going to carve a pumpkin?” Olivia asked Logan. “Not today,”
Logan said. “I’m going to separate the seeds out so I can make roasted pumpkin seeds.”

“Gross, you’re going to play with the pumpkin guts,” Olivia teased. Logan reached his hand into the
bowl and pulled a handful of seeds and pumpkin goo out. He pushed his hand forward at Olivia.

Squealing, Olivia jumped out of her chair and ran away. She laughed as she ran back to the table.

Logan grabbed a second bowl and started separating the seeds out into it. The twins chattered away
as they carved their pumpkins. Logan kept a close watch on them when they started using the knives.
He didn’t want them to hurt themselves. He finished separating the seeds out long before the kids and
Serena were done carving. Logan put them out on a baking sheet to dry.

“Have you ever had roasted pumpkin seeds before?” he asked the twins. “No,” they said. “Oh, you’re in
for a treat then. They are very yummy,” he said. He chuckled and patted the seeds as dry as he could
with paper towels. He sprinkled them with salt and cooking oil and then put them in the pre-heated

oven. It wasn’t long before the kitchen was filled with the warm smell of roasting seeds. “Smells
very yummy.” Olivia admitted.

Chapter 139: Jack-O-Lanterns As they were wrapping up the pumpkin carving, Dana came in. “Oh, it
smells great in here,” she said. Logan smiled at her and pulled the seeds out of the oven.

“The best fall snack there is,” he said, setting them on the counter to cool. “Can we light our jack-o-
lanterns on the porch?” Olivia asked. “Yes, of course,” Serena said. She went to a drawer in the kitchen
and pulled out candles and matches.

Dana stayed in the kitchen cleaning up while Logan, Serena, and the kids went outside. They put their
jack-o-lanterns out and Serena lit the candles. “Wow” Oliver muttered, stepping back to look at them.
“They are so pretty!” Olivia agreed. Logan smiled, putting his arm around Serena’s waist.

“Think I can sneak you away to dance by jack-o-lantern light tonight?” he whispered in her ear. Serena
smiled and nodded. Dana took over care of the kids and Logan waited while Serena changed into
something that was better for dancing and adult socializing. She kissed the kids goodbye and met
Logan on the porch. Logan held his arm out to her and she looped hers though his. “Let the dancing
commence,” he teased. They went back to where the dance floor was set up and Logan got them each
a mug of the pumpkin mead again. Serena got herself some snacks from the table of food and picked
at them absently. “Are you worn out on fall yet?” Logan asked her. Serena sighed and shook her head.
“No, this has been one of the best weekends ever,” she admitted. “Not just for me, but for the twins
too.” “I really wanted it to be special” Logan said, “You succeeded,” Serena said. She had something
on her mind, but Logan couldn’t figure out what. He liked seeing the kids happy and he liked seeing
Serena happy. She was holding something back, though.

When the live music started up, Logan took Serena’s hand in his and led her onto the dance floor.
There were several other couples dancing too. The candles in the jack-o-lanterns flickered from the air
displacement of the dancers.

Logan pulled Serena against him, one arm around her waist, the other holding her hand up. Serena put
her free hand on Logan’s shoulder. He gave his arm a little squeeze, pulling her as close as possible.
She gave a little squeak of surprise and then smiled. He pressed his cheek against hers, leading her in
a slow, casual dance. The heat from

ChapterJack-O-Lanterns her skin against him warmed the moment quickly. “Does this take you back?”
he asked her playfully. Serena giggled. “I prefer being able to see your face,” she admitted. Logan
kissed her cheek quickly

and kept dancing. “Though that night is a bit hazy, I recall you being an excellent dancer,” Logan said,
letting an alternative meaning slip into his words. Serena moved her hand on his shoulder so her arm
was around his neck. It brought them even closer together. Her breasts pressed against his chest.
Logan smirked, enjoying the not-so-subtle hints Serena was dropping. He moved his hand to the small
of her back, feeling how she shuddered from the caress. “What are you thinking about?” Logan asked
her. Serena gave a nervous giggle. “I’m not going to answer that,” she said. “Why not?” Logan teased.
“Or do you want me to guess?” “No, I don’t want you to guess,” Serena said, giggling again. “I’m pretty
sure you can figure it out.” “Oh?” Logan asked. He stepped forward, lowering Serena in a dip. She
gasped. Logan smirked, leaning in and kissing her throat and then the base of her neck before pulling
her back into an upright position. “You are quite the charmer,” Serena teased. Logan shrugged,
pressing his cheek to hers again. “It is too bad you want to keep taking things slow,” Logan murmured
in her ear. Serena sighed, leaning against his body more heavily. Holding her in his arms, Logan knew
without a doubt that she was his mate. It hadn’t surprised him when he found out, like a part of him had
always known. But now, on the magical night around them, holding each other so close, he felt it into
his bones and into his soul. “Now you’re being mean,” Serena whispered in a breathy voice. Logan felt
the skin of her cheek warm even more. Santino had told him he might have to push her outside her
comfort zone a little. He hadn’t intended to push much, but she was clearly receptive to his teasing and
suggestiveness. “Maybe a little” Logan admitted with a chuckle. They danced together until the end of

the song and then Serena stepped back. She was flushed and breathy. Logan smirked at her, watching
as she walked off the

dancefloor. He liked the way her hips swayed in the dress she was wearing. Logan followed behind her.
She returned to the mead truck and started to get herself another mug of beer. Logan reached out and
stopped the tap. “What?” Serena asked. “Not this time,” he told her. Serena creased her brow. “Come
with me.” Logan took the

mug from her hand and laced his fingers through hers. He pulled her away from the dancefloor and the
night time festivities. “Where are we going?” Serena asked, her voice giddy with excitement. Logan
jogged into the woods, pulling Serena along.

“On a night light this, wolves should be out under the stars, don’t you think?” he asked, repeating
something similar to what she said to him the first night they met. Serena chuckled and rolled her eyes.
“You‘re not wrong,” she said. When they were far enough from the rest of the pack, Logan released her
arm. He started taking his clothes off and shifted into his wolf form quickly. When he turned around,
Serena was also in her wolf form. He approached her, nuzzling his head under her chin and along her
neck. Serena ‘nuzzled back. Their fur seemed electric as it brushed together. Logan turned and began
to run. Serena ran right behind him. He felt her more than saw her. He ran in the direction of his house,
luring Serena to exactly where he wanted her. She wasn’t going to get away from him this time! He
challenged her with a low howl, and Serena met it with a howl of her own. She wasn’t backing away
from him. She would follow him all through the night. When they made it to Logan’s backyard, he
turned to face her again. He pounced on Serena, shifting back into his human form. Serena shifted to,
her back against the grass. Logan hovered over her, leaning in and kissing her lips passionately.

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