Kids from One Alpha

Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 142

Chapter 142: Family Time

It didn‘t take long for Logan to get settled into the new room. After the furniture was moved in and asse
mbled, the twins came in and watched him as he put the bedcovers on and folded his clothes into the d
resser. “Can we help?” Oliver asked,

“Okay.” Logan said with a nod. “Grab
the corner of the quilt. Olivia, get the other corner on that side.” The twins did as they were told. Logan
grabbed both corners on his side. The three of them pulled the comforter out, stretching away all the wr
inkles. With the bed made, Logan started pulling his clothes out of his suitcase and folding them on the
bed, sorting them out. “Are you going to live her all the time?” Olivia asked. Logan smiled at her. “Not
all the time,” he said, “I‘ll be here as much as I can be, though. I want to be here as much as possible.‘
“We want you here too.” Olivia said with a nod. “Are you almost done?” Oliver asked. “I‘ll be done soon,
” Logan promised.

The twins watched him while he folded and sorted his clothes. Then he tucked them away into the dres
ser. He had left a good portion of his clothing and belongings back at his house too, but he‘d brought
enough with him to make the room feel cozy and personal.

“Come play with us, now,” Olivia demanded once Logan was done.

“Okay.” Logan said with a smile. Olivia took his hand and pulled him out into the living room.

The twins got some of their toys and started playing. Logan sat down on the couch and watched them
with their toys and fantasy games. It was the first night he was going to be staying there. He‘d given Da
na the night off completely because he wanted to full family experience with Serena and the twins.

When Serena got back from work, she seemed surprised Logan was sitting on the couch while the twin
s played. “All settled in?” she asked with a smile. Logan nodded.

“Yes,” he said. He stood up and took her white doctor‘s coat from her. She bit her lower lip, her cheeks
reddening slightly. He loved when that happened, and he liked how it happened more since they had s
pent the night together in the grass and at his house,

“Where‘s Dana?” she asked.

“Out for the night,” Logan said, “I was just about to start dinner.”

“You‘re amazing.” Serena said. Logan winked at her and headed into the kitchen. Serena got down on t
he floor with the twins and started playing. She used some interesting voices while they played. Logan t
hrew together a
quick meal. He didn‘t want to do anything too elaborate for their first night. He was supposed to be treat
ing it like any old family night, not some special occasion. He served up the plates and called everyone
the kitchen. “I was thinking this morning how nice it would be for all four of us to be at the table together
,” Serena said. She went to the refrigerator and poured the twins glasses of milk

“I was looking forward to it as well,” Logan admitted. The
four of them sat down and Logan smiled at everyone. He watched them all eat for a moment, wanting
to fully enjoy the first
real family meal they were having together, a meal where he wasn‘t going to have to rush off at the end
to get home. After dinner, Serena started washing the dishes. “I can do that,” Logan offered. Serena sh
ook her head. “You cooked, I‘ll clean. If you
want to help, take the kids to get a bath,” she said. Logan smirked and nodded.

“Come on, you two, let‘s get in the tub,” he said. Olivia and Oliver ran up the stairs.

“I have this little duck I want to show you, and my blue elephant robe,’ Olivia gushed as she raced up th
e stairs. Logan laughed.

He‘d been there before to help with the nighttime routine and to tuck them in. Now he was the one in ch
arge of the nighttime routine. It changed the dynamic significantly Serena was also trusting him to get it
right. He was a little nervous about that part, but she wasn‘t overing, which meant
she was confident he could do it all.

In the tub, Logan helped the twins soap themselves up and wash their hair. They had tons of floating b
ath toys that they played around with, making big splashes. “Woah, let‘s try to keep the water in the tub
,” Logan said grabbing a towel to wipe some splashes off his face and arms.

“That‘s no fun,” Olivia argued. Logan chuckled.

When Olivia and Oliver‘s fingers and toes started to prune, he
pulled the stopper out and the water started to drain.

“Alright, come on you two, time to get out” Logan said. Olivia stood up and Logan wrapped her in a towe

“I want my robe,” Olivia said, pointing to the blue, fuzzy, elephant robe hanging on the back of the door.

belonged to Oliver.

He rubbed his hands up and down on the towel around Olivia until she was a dryer, then he switched he
to us?” Oliver asked. “Yeah, of course,” Logan said. Oliver held his hand and Olivia took his other hand.
a good one,” Logan said. “Olivia, go change into your pajamas, and then we can read in here in Oliver‘s
Logan returned. He sat on the edge of the bed and Oliver handed him the book. He read to
them until they were so sleepy their eyelids were drooping. Oliver fell back on his pillows. “Okay, I think
to her bed. He tucked her in, patting her blankets down around her “Can you
get my stuffy?” Olivia asked, pointing to a stuffed animal across the room. Logan nodded and brought it
more comfortably positioned on his pillows. Then he tucked the covers in around him. “You‘ll be here in

back of her neck. She shuddered and giggled. “Alright,” she
said. “When you come back down, maybe we can indulge ourselves in a late–night glass of wine,” he
whispered in her ear. Serena laughed.

“I‘ll take you up on that offer,” she said. “T‘ll be back soon.” She slipped out of Logan‘s hands. He chuck

Logan finished the dishes quickly and then got out a bottle of wine. He poured two glasses and went to t
wine. Serena sat on the couch beside him and leaned against him. Logan put an arm around her. “You k
to leave at any time.

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