Kids from One Alpha

Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 145

Chapter 145: Family Separated

Logan was finishing up for his day when Serena and a wolf he didn‘t recognize came into
his office. Logan raised an eyebrow
at Serena. Normally she knocked and waited for him, but this time, she let herself right into his office. N
ormally, he would have been intrigued by her forwardness, but this time, he was wondering the motive
behind it, since she was with another male. “This must be Professor Alex Henderson,” Logan said. Ser
ena nodded. “Alex, this is Alpha Logan,” she said. Logan
stood and moved around his desk. He shook the other male‘s hand.

Alex was strong, but he wasn‘t Alpha strong. He was fit and obviously intelligent. Logan could tell he lac
ked certain qualities, like being a strong leader, being selfless, and wanting to support and guide others
. Logan buried his innate distrust for a non–
pack member standing in his office. “It is nice to meet you,” Alex said with a nod. “Likewise,” Logan said
. “Logan, we were trying to figure out
where Alex could stay for a few days, but I didn‘t have any ideas,” Serena said. “I thought you‘d want to
meet him and maybe give him some ideas?” Logan smiled
tightly. He went back around his desk, feeling better when he had a massive piece of wooden furniture
between them. “You have a spare bedroom at your house,” Logan said. Serena creased her brow. “I do
?” she asked. Logan smiled lightly at her. She sighed and turned to Alex. “Can we have a minute?” she
asked. Alex nodded and left the office, closing the door behind him.

Serena approached Logan‘s desk. She didn‘t sit across from him, though. She came around the desk a
nd sat right in Logan‘s lap. He smirked at her and put his hands on her hips.

“Is this why
you asked the good professor to leave?” he asked. Serena smiled and shook her head. “No,” she admit

ted shyly, looping her arms around Logan‘s neck. “But Logan, that room is for you. You just put all your
clothes in there, and the kids are psyched to have you around.”

“I know,” he said. “But I still have my room at my mother‘s place, and we already agreed that there woul
d be times I might not be able to stay there. Alex is your friend and you should be allowed to put
him up at your house.”

Serena sighed.

“You‘re a great man, Logan, and an even better Alpha,” she said. She leaned in and kissed his lips. Log
an grunted, kissing her back for a passionate moment. He couldn‘t deny that he was a little upset that S
erena hadn‘t put up more of an argument about letting Alex stay at her house. He wanted her to argue t
hat the room belonged to him. He was
trying to be more flexible, though, especially when it came to Serena. He had to continue to show her t
hat he wasn‘t going to be jealous and full of rage all the time

“I‘ll come by later and clear my things
out so that Alex can get comfortable,” he said a little reluctantly. “How long is he staying?” “Just a few d
ays,” Serena assured. “Then the room is all yours again.” She smiled sweetly at him.

“Alright, if you say so,” he teased. “I‘m going to show him around a little.
He hasn‘t been in pack territory for a long time,” she said. Logan nodded as she slipped off his lap. She
looked back to give him a quick wave before leaving
his office. Logan nodded to her. Once Serena was gone, he sighed and leaned back in his chair.

She‘d assured him there was no romantic relationship between them. Logan trusted her, but he didn’t tr
ust the professor. He didn‘t know
the professor! He was a strange wolf in Logan‘s territory, one that didn‘t understand what it meant to be
part of a pack, one that was fixated on hi mate.

There was a vibe that came from Alex, a vibe that Logan didn‘t like. He was almost certain that the prof
essor had ulterior motives. He hadn‘t wanted to voice them to Serena, though. He didn‘t
want to sound jealous and paranoid, even though he knew he was.

When he finished up at the office, Logan went straight over to the house. Olivia and Oliver were
already there with Dana.

“Daddy! You‘re home,” Olivia said, running up and hugging him. Logan smiled. He hugged both the twin
s. It huri his heart suddenly, to tell them that he was breaking up the family

Even though it was temporary, he didn‘t want to let the kids down. “I am, I‘m here, but not for long,” he
said. “Why?” Oliver asked. “You‘re not going to play with us?” Olivia asked. Logan smiled at the kids. “I
wish I could,” he said. “Your mom has a friend from school visiting. He is going to stay here at the hous
e for a few days. That means I need to go back to my house and stay there for a few days.”

“What!?” Olivia asked looking shocked. Logan sighed. He stood up and headed to his room. The
twins followed behind him. “You‘re leaving us? You just got here!“

“I won‘t be gone long,” Logan promised. “Just a few days. Besides, I‘ll still come to see you all the time.
I‘m not going to vanish or disappear.”

“We‘re supposed to be family,” Olivia argued as Logan started pack up his clothes. Logan‘s heart poun
ded in his chest. He hated hearing her sound so upset. Logan took a knee in front of both the kids. He
put a hand on each of their cheeks. “Olivia, Oliver,” he said seriously. “We are family. Nothing is going t
o change that, not

even if I‘m not living here, okay?”

“Okay,” the kids grumbled. Logan kissed each of them on the forehead.

“I wish I didn‘t have to go, but this is just for a few days, I promise,” he said.

“You better come back,” Olivia said, crossing her arms. “Yeah, we still have a book to finish,” Oliver sai
d. “I wouldn‘t miss it,” Logan said. “Go on back to the living room and play.” The kids ran off.

Logan finished packing up his things. He wasn‘t thrilled about
it. Already that room had become cozy to him, along with the sounds of the kids playing down the hall.

As the Alpha was bringing his things out onto the porch, Serena and her professor showed up. They we
say him, panting to catch her breath from the laughter “The room is all set,” Logan said. “Thank you.” Ale

“Do you?” he asked. Alex made a sound of confusion and looked between Logan and Serena

“He‘s wondering how you can know that being a lone wolf and not being
part of a pack,” Serena filled in. Logan smiled at her, pleased that she could interpret his thoughts and in
family,” Alex said. Logan shrugged. “By choice,” he pointed out. Serena stepped in

“Either way, Logan, Alex and I appreciate your kind gesture. I thought you‘d at least stay for dinner,” she

“Of course, they would,” Serena said. She beckoned Alex to follow her and they went inside. Logan brou

“Olivia, Oliver, this is mommy’s friend from school, Alex,” Serena said, introducing her professor to the tw
their toys as they
said ‘hi? Logan‘s lips tugged with a satisfied smile. The twins either hadn‘t met him before or they didn‘t
might have met him and not liked him too. That at least made Logan feel
a little better. He knew Serena would never have anything or do anything with anyone that the twins didn
gotten the impression that one of the reasons Serena hadn‘t tried to pursue anything with him was
because the twins hadn‘t had much fun with him when they went bird watching. “Dinner‘s almost ready,”

to Alex. “I do wonder what brings a lone wolf to a pack after years of isolation
in the human world,” Logan said under his breath. “How many of your human students to you follow up w

Alex grinned at Logan. “Do I need to justify my reasons to you?” he asked. “I‘m Alpha of this pack and
Serena is my mate. The twins are my children. Do you think you need to justify yourself to me?” he coun

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