Kids from One Alpha

Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 147

Chapter 147 : Kids on Kids on Kids

Alexandra invited Larissa and her baby over. She had a little boy named Simon. He was still very youn
g, but Alexandra wanted the kids to meet their cousin and she wanted the kids to see what it was like to
be around a baby,

Now that she was going to have another baby, they needed to understand how fragile and little babies

Victoria was there to help out. She‘d been coming over to their house almost every day since Alexandr
a got released from the hospital. She said Alexandra needed to take it easy, especially since she was p
regnant and still healing.

“He‘s so cute!” Sophia said, pointing at Simon.

Larissa sat on the couch with her son while the kids ogled him. “He‘s kind of wrinkly,” Charlie said, scru
nching up his face. “Will our baby look like that?” Gabriel asked Alexandra. She chuckled, shaking her
head. The
kids had started referring to their unborn sibling as “our baby.” She thought it was adorable that they we
re already claiming their new sibling as theirs. “Our baby could. Simon is your cousin,” she explained. “
He‘s so tiny,” Gabriel said. “Is he breakable?” Sophia asked, poking the child gently. Larissa laughed. “
He is a baby. He‘s going to grow up big and strong. Right now, he is still little, but he won‘t always be.”

“He looks kinda mushy,” Charlie said. “Are you good here?” Alexandra asked Larissa, She nodded, roc
king and humming to her son while the kids asked questions and stared at him.

Alexandra joined Victoria in the kitchen and got
herself a drink of water. She was already feeling a little more fatigued than usual. She sat and watched
Victoria moving around her kitchen, fixing a snack for everyone, No matter

where she was, Victoria always seemed to be cooking and feeding people. “How are you feeling?”
Victoria asked. “I‘m fine,” Alexandra shrugged. “Then why is your face full of worry lines?” Victoria aske
winking at her as she arranged fruit slices on a tray. “You know how much damage Damon caused. I‘m
still working to restore the pack, and I‘ve been running myself ragged, I won‘t be able to keep that up o
nce my


Chapter 147 Kids on kids on Kids

pregnancy advances or once the baby is here,” she explained. “Your priorities will shift, but they won‘t g
o away.” Victoria offered. She patted Alexandra‘s hand quickly and went back to her food arrangements
. “I don‘t think those things should be put on hold, though. It could take years before ! can work towards
repairing the damage Damon caused,” she said, shaking her head. “Honey, the pack is going to under
stand,” Victoria assured. “Will they?” she asked, creasing her brow.

“We are a community and we support each other. No one expects you to put your personal life on hold
until the
pack is perfect. The idea that there will come a time where everything is peaceful and settled, well that
may never happen. Families, your family, will still grow in the meantime,” Victoria said.

Alexandra smiled and nodded. She loved that her grandmother could really put things in perspective
for her. Victoria always seemed to know what to say. “Besides, you‘ll have help from Santino, the kids,
me, and from Barbara. You‘re not going to be raising this child on your own. You‘ll have plenty of suppo
rt,” she said. “That‘s true,” Alexandra muttered. She was basing her concerns off of what it was like to b
e a single mother to triplets while being Damon‘s maid and constantly tiptoeing around him.

This time around, she wouldn‘t have triplets and she wouldn‘t be alone. That made thing so much easie

“Maybe I won‘t have to put the pack on hold for so long,” she mused aloud.

“It is worth thinking about,” Victoria nodded. “At the hospital, you and Santino seemed happy about the
pregnancy.” “Oh, I still am,” Alexandra assured. She put a hand on her stomach and smiled. “I didn‘t get
to be there every step of
the way with the triplets. Santino wasn‘t there at all. This is kind of a second chance for both of us.” “Ye
s, I agree. That is a good way to look at it,” Victoria said. She picked up her tray of food.

Alexandra grabbed a little finger sandwich off
the edge of the tray and ate it quickly. She followed Victoria back into the living room and sat beside La

“Mind if I hold
him?” she asked, “Not at all,” Larissa said, She carefully transferred Simon to Alexandra‘s arms. “Oh, h
e is so cute. What a precious little boy.” Alexandra cooed. “Is he cuter than us?” Charlie asked, muffled
by a mouthful of food. Alexandra chuckled and shook her head. “All babies are cute in their own way.” “
How are you adjusting, Larissa, to motherhood?” Victoria asked, finding a seat across from them.



Chapter 147 Kids on Kids on Kids

Larissa grabbed herself some cheese and crackers. “I didn‘t know what to expect. My mother has been

“You‘d be surprised,” Alexandra chuckled. “Santino didn‘t know the triplets were his when he pursued me

“Well, those are good points,” Larissa said. She smiled weakly. There was something in the way she talk
with Damon.

“Things will work out. And Simon is my great grandson too. If you ever need help, 1 would be happy to a
think the continuation of Damon‘s bloodline is a good idea?” Alexandra asked.

“I think if he is raised in a nurturing environment, Simon won‘t bear the burden of his sire,” Victoria said.

Alexandra hoped that was true. Simon would wonder who his real father was one day, even if Larissa m
his father. That wasn‘t uncommon with children who had an absent parent.

“I hope you‘re right,” Alexandra said. She didn‘t want her kids to be at odds with their own cousin if he tr

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