Kids from One Alpha

Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 148

Chapter 148: Appeals for a Prisoner

“Can you take me to see Damon?” Larissa asked Alexandra on their weekly coffee date.

Alexandra thought Larissa needed more support, more family, and she‘d taken it upon herself to be a si
figure to her. “Just you?” she asked. “Well, if Simon can go too, that would be ideal,” Larissa nodded, si
pping her coffee. “I can make it happen, but Larissa, why do you want to do this?” she
asked. She trusted Larissa, but when it came to Damon, Alexandra knew Larissa had a
soft spot. Like any young woman in love, she was blinded by it. Damon being the father of her son com
plicated matters. “I want Damon to
know he has a child, that he did one good thing in his life. I also want Simon to know his father, even if
he’ll never remember seeing him. When he asks, I can honestly tell him that he met his father,” she exp
lained. “Okay,” Alexandra agreed. As far as reasons, they were valid. Alexandra wasn‘t going to deny L
arissa the chance for closure or for Simon to know his father. No matter what Damon had done, he still
had a right to know his
own flesh and blood. “It is going to be a supervised visit. I‘ll be there the whole time to prevent him from
doing anything,” she explained. “I understand,” Larissa said.

Alexandra saw a slight change in Larissa‘s eyes. It worried
her, but there was nothing either Larissa or Damon could
do during a supervised visit. Larissa, Simon, and Alexandra made the trip to Night Sky territory. Santino
hadn‘t been that happy about it, but Alexandra had convinced him it was the right thing to do It still bot
hered her that every time she had a need to see her brother, Santino would get upset and grumpy. He‘
d always try to stop her. Even when she was logical and reasonable, he would get cranky, only agreein
g because he knew Alexandra would probably go with or without his blessing. She‘d made
it clear she was telling him so there weren‘t any secrets between them, not for his permission “I

want two guards at this door” Alexandra said when she and Larissa arrived at the prison. “If the visit go
es longer than an hour, I want a third quard to come in and check on us.”

“Yes, Luna,“ the guard said, nodding.

“That‘s a bit excessive, isn‘t it?” Larissa asked 1/3

Chapter 148. Appeals for a Prisoner “Maximum security,” Alexandra said, shrugging casually. Larissa di
dn‘t need to know that she was making special arrangements just because of her and the baby. Not tha
she thought Damon or Larissa would try anything while she was there, but she wanted to ensure they d
idn‘t get any ideas. As it was, she doubted she‘d agree to bring Larissa and Simon back for another visi
t. She didn‘t want Larissa thinking it was a regular event.

If the young woman was still fantasizing about a life with Damon and their son,
reoccurring visits would only make that fantasy harder to break away from. Larissa needed to form heal
thy relationships, especially for her son. “Let me go first,” Alexandra said, holding a hand up to Larissa,
She headed down the corridor to Damon‘s cell and set up the chair far from his bars. Damon raised an
eyebrow at her, pursing his lips.

“You‘re back again, so soon?” he taunted.

“I brought someone who wanted to see you. She made a convincing argument on your behalf,” she sai
d. “Oh?” Damon asked smoothly.

Alexandra motioned for Larissa to come down and sit in the chair. She did, walking slowly and clutching
the baby close to her.

“Larissa,” Damon purred.

Alexandra noticed how her cheeks flushed. Boy, she really did have it bad. That wasn‘t necessarily a go
to visit Damon without her, or another Alpha or Luna present. Santino would never agree. Neither would

Damon snarled. “Can‘t you let me see my own child up close?” he asked. “You can see him from there,”

“Him?” Damon asked, eyes brightening. He smiled, he actually smiled! Alexandra
hadn‘t seen a genuine, emotional reaction from him like that in a
long time. “His name is Simon. He has your eyes,” Larissa said. She pulled Simon‘s blanket back so Da

“I wouldn‘t raise him to be like me,” Damon said. He dropped to his knees and shook his head. “Please,
that he had faults he didn‘t want to pass onto his own child. Those actions alone made Alexandra think t
humbled him, given him something real to
care about other than power and domination. “I make no promises, but I will talk to Santino,” Alexandra s
was going to love this…

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