Kids from One Alpha

Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 151

Chapter 151 : Just Friends

Santino left with his warriors to track down Damon. Alexandra was left in charge of the
pack, alone, again. She wasn‘t entirely happy about it, but until she and Santino figured out what they
were going to do, they had to keep acting like they were a functioning Alpha and Luna team.

“Luna Alexandra, there‘s a problem at one of the construction sites,” one of the contractors said when h
e called her. “Which site?” she asked. She rolled her eyes, every day something seemed to fall apart.

“One of the residential houses, belonging to pack member William,” he told her.

“I‘ll be right there,” Alexandra said. She hung up the phone and rushed to where William‘s house was st
ill being built. Construction had been halted a little because of all the other things going on. The constru
ction crew was just getting back to his house. It figures that something would go wrong! “What‘s the pro
blem?” Alexandra asked when she showed up.

“Some of the interior was damaged during a recent rainfall. We need to haul it out and fix the damage,”
the contractor said. He handed her a chart that showed where the damage was. “How much is this goin
g to cost?” Alexandra asked, reviewing the forms. “It isn‘t going to add to the overall cost of materials.
We are the ones at fault for not waterproofing the site,” the contractor explained. Alexandra nodded. “G
ood, good,” she murmured. “Alex, what are you doing here?” William called to her from across the site.
She looked up and handed the clipboard back to the contractor. William was smiling so widely as he ra
n towards her. “The contractor called to update me on what the problems are,” Alexandra explained. “O
h, I figured Santino would deal with anything related to my property,” William said, shrugging. Alexandra
sighed. “He is dealing with another issue. Pack security stuff.”

“That makes sense;” William said, shrugging.

“What are you doing here?” Alexandra countered, smiling playfully. “Well, it is my house. Of course, the
y are going to call me if there is a
problem,” William said, grinning. “Oh, right,” Alexandra said bringing her palm to her forehead.

“So, crisis under control. Do vou want to grab a cup of coffee or


Alexandra swallowed. She knew she shouldn‘t. It could throw gasoline on an already out of control fire.
But she needed a friend. William was still her oldest friend.

“Um… okay. Yeah, I‘ve got some time,” she said. They
went to a coffee shop. William was surprised when Alexandra ordered decaf. She hadn‘t told anyone el
se about the pregnancy vet “I haven‘t been sleeping well,” she said shrugging casually

“Sure, sure,” William said, teasingly

They sat in a booth in the corner with a good window view outside the shop. Alexandra kept looking at t
he pack members walking by, wondering if any of them would
report her to Santino. Having a cup of coffee with a friend shouldn‘t have been such an issue!

“You see distracted,” William commented

“There‘s a lot going on, with the pack and everything,” Alexandra said.

“I know, but this seems more personal,” William said, sipping his coffee.

Alexandra raised an eyebrow at him. “Okay, there is no possible way you can know that,” Alexandra sai
d, chuckling. “Of course, I can. I‘ve known you long enough, William said, winking. “Well, fine. The kids
are a bit of a handful and things are tense,” she said. “With Santino?” William asked.

“What is it with you males? Why do you care so much what is going on with Santino and me?” Alexandra

“Why? It is the truth. You can‘t tell me you don‘t feel something for me, too,” he pushed. “I do feel somet

met his eyes and glared at him. “I am in love with Santino. I think of you as a friend, only.” “Oh, okay,” W
which the rest of the pack didn‘t know about –
she was still married to him. William knew she was married, and there were no divorces. He should kno
always have been. That is the relationship I want with you,” she added. “I understand,” William said. He

Alexandra sighed heavily, her shoulders sloughing. “Honestly, Santino and I have been having some pro

Of course, William would immediately jump to cheating in the relationship. As much as Alexandra wante

“Since you‘re asking so nicely, I‘ll refrain,” William promised. “Thanks,” Alexandra said, grinning. William

William had gotten her to admit to him, and herself, that she was in love with him. That still meant somet

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