Novel Name : Kids from One Alpha

Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 152

Chapter 152 : Heartbreak

Buzz… buzz…

Santino‘s phone was vibrating in his pocket. He growled and pulled the phone out. Since he‘d left the p
ack, there had been a constant influx of texts and calls about this thing and that. He thought Alexandra
was handling it all, but people were still reaching out to him. Riley and the warriors had joined Santino o
n his Damon hunt. They‘d tracked him to a small human town but were losing the light. Riley had booke
d them rooms at a local motel.

“Is that another text?” Riley asked when Santino pulled his phone out again. “Yeah,” he grumbled. “Alex
andra? She likes to check in a lot, huh?” Riley teased. Santino rolled his eyes. “No, not Alexandra. I ke
ep directing these complaints to her, but they somehow keep ending up back on my phone.” “Well, the r
est of the men are settled for the night. Why don‘t you take care of that and then meet us at the bar,” Ril
ey suggested. “Yeah, I‘ll see you there,” Santino said waving as Riley walked away.

Santino checked his messages where he had several new messages from Tatiana. Groaning, he wond
ered what she could possibly have to say to him now.

The first couple messages were asking
where he was. Then there was a message that said she‘d always have his back and always care about
him, followed by a picture message. He couldn‘t see it very well, it was kind of blurry, she he made the
picture larger on his screen. Santino‘s eyes nearly popped out of his head. Even though it was blurry, h
e could unmistakably see Alexandra hugging William in a coffee shop. It looked like there were on a dat
e, next to a table for two. Was that why things at the pack weren‘t getting taken care of, because Alexa
ndra was dating and ignoring the pack!?

Santino growled and stuffed his phone back in his pocket. He stormed off to the bar and ordered a whis
key. It would take a lot more than beer to quell his rage, and the impending heartbreak rising in his che

st. He knew they were on a trial separation, and Alexandra had talked about a future outside the pack.
He had no idea she‘d move on so quickly. “Santino, what‘s got you down?” Riley asked as Santino orde
red his second whiskey. “Why do I have to be down?” he asked, “Because you’re drinking whiskey,” Ril
ey said, laughing. “That‘s a pretty big tell.” un

off,” Santino growled. Riley put his hands up and backed away. Santino didn‘t need his friends analyzin
g him right now. He just wanted to drown himself in another whiskey and think about what happened.

As angry as he was, it was all an act. He was really feeling heartbroken. When Alexandra
had told him she was leaving, he should have stopped her, he should have fought Every night since the
n, he had tormented himself with the things he should have said. Of course, he trusted her. He‘d never
shown her that. He‘d never given her reason to think he really did.

And instead of being there for her, of alleviating her fears, he‘d just let her walk away. It was a huge reg
ret he‘d had. He‘d hoped that after he returned from hunting Damon, enough time
and distance would have passed and they could reconcile. Now, it didn‘t look like Alexandra wanted to.
She was already moving on! Well, if she was going to move on, Santino didn‘t see any reason why he c
ouldn‘t. He scanned the bar. There were lots of human women there.

A lot of them were already sloppy and drunk. He wanted something a little classier. His eyes settled on
a dark haired, athletic woman. From across the bar, their eyes met. Santino down the last of his whiske
y and smiled at her. She winked and waved him over. “I was waiting for you to notice me,” she said sed
uctively when Santino joined her at her booth. “I needed to get a little more whiskey in me,” Santino ad
mitted. “This isn‘t the kind of thing I do often.” “I can tell,” the woman laughed. She patted the seat besi
de her. Slowly, Santino sat down. She was a very attractive woman. Even though she was human, he c
ould smell her pheromones and they weren‘t entirely unpleasant. “So, why are you drowning yourself
in whiskey?” she asked. “That isn‘t an interesting story.” Santino said.

The woman leaned on his shoulder, darting her tongue out to lick his cheek. Santino smirked and slipp
ed his arm around her waist. Apparently, women were incredibly forward

“It caught my attention,” she whispered, running her finger down Santino‘s chest. Her skin was warm thr
his body. “Trust me, you
don‘t want to know,” Santino sighed. “Come on. It isn‘t like it is going to change my mind about you. This

Santino sighed. She had a point. “The mother of my children, a woman I thought loved me and wanted t
telling a human stranger about his problems actually felt good. “What a tramp!” the
woman cried. “Let me guess, he‘s someone from her past, someone who has always been a close frien
at a vulnerable time.” “That doesn‘t make me feel any better,” Santino muttered. “Besides, doesn‘t that m
night stand,” she said, laughing and throwing her arm around Santino‘s shoulders. Santino chuckled too

“Honestly, no,” Santino said. As much as he wanted to get back at Alexandra, as much as he wanted to
and forced the woman off his lap. “Sorry, I‘m just not in the mood.” “Well, fine! You jerk!” she collected he
and stormed off.

Santino didn‘t want to hurt Alexandra. In a moment of anger, he could have done it easily, but it wouldn’t
was going to move
on, Santino still cared about her. He wasn‘t going to jump into bed with someone else just because she

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