Kids from One Alpha

Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 153

Chapter 153: Women‘s Center

“Logan, there is another pressing matter that needs to be
handled,” Carson told him, dropping a folder on his desk. Logan snapped out of his stupor. He‘d been t
hinking about Serena and the kids. She hadn‘t spoken to him, but he had been spending plenty of time
with the kids. He missed Serena, though. “What is the problem?” Logan asked. He opened the top of th
e folder and looked in at the pages. They were
personal documents of Moonshine refugees. Logan looked through the top pages. They were all wome
n, all single mothers. “Moonshine has a lot of single mothers,” Carson said. “They‘ll be needing support
,” Logan said. Carson nodded in agreement.

“Whatever Alpha Damon put them through, it wasn‘t good. Alpha Thomas has
sent over all the details and wants to know what we can do to help,” Carson reported.

“Don‘t call him that,” Logan grumbled. “What?” Carson asked. “Damon, do not honor him with the Alpha
designation,” Logan clarified.

“Right, sorry,” Carson said. “These mothers, they‘ll need medical care for themselves and their children
, housing resources, career placement,” Logan said. Carson nodded.

“I know you don‘t want to hear it, but there is a pack member who has experience with these things,” C
arson said. Logan raised an eyebrow at him. “What things?” Logan
asked, crossing his arms. “Medical care, being a single mother…” Carson trialed off. Logan nodded. “I‘ll
give her a call,” he said, waving Carson out of his office. Logan sighed, but he picked up his phone. “H
ello?” Serena asked in an unenthusiastic voice. “Serena, I have a pack matter I need your help on,” he
said. Serena sighed heavily, like helping him was the last thing she wanted to do. “I‘ll be right over,” she
said. She hung up before Logan could say anything else. He‘d seen Serena in passing when he went t

o spend time with the kids, but he hadn‘t been alone with her or had a close up, one–on–
one conversation with her for a while.

When she arrived, Serena was all business. “What can I help you with?” she asked. She sat in the chai
r across from Logan and crossed her legs.

Your father sent over information on several Moonshine refugees that are single 0.51

mothers,” Logan explained. “I want to open a Women‘s Center for them, one that could give them and t
heir children medical attention, support and child care when needed, job placement resources, all of it.”
Serena smiled, her whole face lighting up. “Logan, that is a really great idea,” she said. “I‘m glad you th
ink so,” Logan said with a nod. “You have particular expertise that is useful to this project.” “I do,” Seren
a agreed.

Logan put Serena in charge of the logistics for the center. He found a location where they could start se
tting up the facility. By the time he told her about it, she already had equipment to be brought in and set
up to make it homier and provide the services needed.

The Alpha checked up on her while she was overseeing the renovations to the building and the installat
ion of the new facilities. “How‘s it going?” Logan asked. “Take those bunk beds into the back room,” Ser
ena said, directing some wolves moving bunk beds. She turned to look at Logan, raising an eyebrow at
him. “You don‘t need to check in every day.” “I‘m Alpha, of course, I do,” he told her plainly. Serena sig
hed and shook her head. “A lot like the hospital renovations,” she said. “But everything is coming togeth
er really well. We could open this place up pretty soon.” “Is there anything I could help you with?” Loga
n asked. Serena narrowed her eyes at him.

“I‘ve got it under control,” Serena said, taking a step back from him. “If I need anything, you‘ll know.” Lo
gan sighed. Impulsively, he reached out and grabbed her forearm. Serena hissed and pulled away from
him. Logan closed his eyes and sighed. “I want to help,” he told her, opening his eyes to look

at her again. “You asked me to work on this project for a reason” Serena pointed out. “Either you trust
me to handle it, or you don‘t.” Logan winced.

“There you go with the ‘trust‘ thing again,” he hissed. A few of the nearby workers stopped what they w
ere doing to watch. When Logan glared at them, they all scurried away, leaving Logan and Serena to fa
ce off alone. “Well, it is kind of a reoccurring theme with you, Logan,” Serena said. She tossed her clipb
oard onto a nearby desk and crossed her arms. “This has nothing to do with trust,” Logan groaned. “I w
ant to see this center succeed, and I want to help if I can.

“You can‘t!” Serena snapped. Logan rolled his eyes. “Can you for a moment pretend that I‘m your Alpha
and not your ex?” he asked. Serena snorted. “Is that a threat?” she asked. Logan shook his head. “Not
at all,” he said, softening his tone. “Then I stand by what I said,” Serena insisted. “I will let you know if I
need your help with anything.” Logan shook his head. “You can‘t freeze me out, Serena,” he argued. “I
am still your Alpha, and you are still a member of this pack.” Serena narrowed her eyes at him. “I don‘t
have to be,” she threatened. Logan growled. He grabbed Serena‘s upper arms, giving her a little shake.

“Do not make a threat like that,” he hissed through gritted teeth. “If you ever threaten to take my kids a
way from the
pack, I promise you, you‘ll regret it.” Serena‘s eyes softened. Logan could tell she already regretted ma
king such a threat. She wouldn‘t apologize, he knew that, but it was clear her threat was an impulsive st
atement “I won‘t,” Serena said. She stepped away from Logan, picking up her clipboard again. “I‘ve got
to get back to work.” Logan nodded. Serena disappeared into the area that was going to be the Women
‘s Center office. Logan
stared after her for a long moment. He sighed finally, heading out of the center. Arguing with Serena ha
dn‘t gotten any less aggravating. He had asked for her help because he knew she had the right experti
se, but he had also asked because he wanted a project they could both be involved with. She was tryin
g to

avoid him, though. She was doing everything she could to make it clear that there was nothing between
them to save anymore. Logan growled to himself as he left.

“Logan!” Serena called after him. Logan spun around, a glimmer of hope in his chest. “What is it?” he a
sked taking a few steps back towards her. “Can you pick
the kids up from daycare?” she asked. “I‘m going to be here late. I can come pick them up at your place
later.” Logan nodded. “I‘ll take care of it,” he said with a nod. “I‘ll make sure they get dinner.” “Thanks!”
Serena shouted before ducking back
into the center. Logan shook his head. At least he was going to have some time with the twins that eve
ning. Spending time with them would definitely turn his mood around.

you and mommy going to live together again?” Olivia asked while Logan walked the twins back to his h

“I don‘t know,” Logan admitted.

“We miss you,” Oliver said. Logan smiled and ruffled Oliver‘s hair. “I miss you guys too,” he said. “But w
e still get to spend a lot of time together. Your mom wants me to make you two dinner tonight. And you‘l
l get to see your


“Grandma Flo?” Olivia asked.

“Yes, of course,” Logan said with a nod. When they got to the house, the kids broke away from Logan, e
grandmother. Logan chuckled when he entered the front door and found his mother hugging both the kid

“The two of you have been gone too long,” she said kissing them each and then blowing raspberries at t

The twins ran up the stairs to the bedroom they used to stay in when Serena‘s house was being rebuilt.
them. “Logan, you look tired,” Flo commented. The Alpha nodded.

“I had a spat with Serena today,” he admitted. His mother gave him a knowing, sympathetic
look. She rubbed his arm comfortingly. “She‘ll come around,” Flo said.

“How can you be sure?” Logan asked. “Because I need
more time with my grandbabies,” she said with a smile. Logan scoffed and rolled his eyes. That wasn‘t t

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