Kids from One Alpha

Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 155

Chapter 155: The Medical Board

“Serena, there is a call for you on the outside line,” Adriana said, approaching Serena at the
nurse‘s station. Serena had just finished her rounds for the afternoon. “Thanks,” she said reaching for t
he nearest phone. “You might want to take it in my office,” Adriana said. “The outside line means a call f
rom the human world.” “Right, good call” Serena said with a nod.

She headed to Adriana‘s office and picked up the phone. “This is Serena,” she said to answer. “Serena,
it is Dr. Jensen from the Medical Board,” the person on the other line said. “Hello, what can I do for you
, Dr. Jensen?” she asked. “I was going over your residency forms, and it looks like you exceeded the a
mount of time you can for your residency hours where you are,” Dr. Jensen said. Serena creased her b
row. “I don‘t understand” she admitted. “The doctor overseeing your residency wrote down that you wo
uld be working at a religious retreat compound,” Dr. Jensen explained. “While working on religious com
pounds is acceptable, it can‘t exceed six months of your residency term. Otherwise, we won‘t be able t
o approve your medical license.” Serena rolled her eyes. Adriana must have listed the pack as a religio
us retreat compound so no one would try and follow up with her. If they dug too deep, they might discov
er that
she was a werewolf working in a werewolf pack. “Thank you for the call,” Serena said. “What are my op
tions, going forward?” “To complete your residency and get your medical license, you‘ll have to transfer
to a hospital. It can be a teaching hospital affiliated with a school or it can be a hospital with no educati
onal affiliations. It does need to be an accredited facility,” Dr. Jensen explained.

“Alright, thank you,” Serena said. “Can you email me the transfer forms and I’ll get them filled out?”

“Certainly,” the other doctor said. Serena passed along her email address and hung up the phone.

She went to find Adriana who was finishing up with a routine exam. “We have a problem,” Serena said.
She quickly explained

the situation. Adriana shook her head and sighed. “That is a problem,” she said. “Or, maybe it isn‘t. You‘
re a doctor in a pack, and you are an amazing doctor. You don‘t need the human–
world license to practice medicines


“That‘s true,” Serena said. She felt strange about not getting her medical license, though, like she had
given up or hadn‘t completed what she set out to do. “Look, if you want me to sign the transfer forms, I
will. Just let me know what you decide,” Adriana said. “Thanks,” Serena said. As much as she didn‘t
want to admit it, she was going to have to talk to Logan about the situation. Even though they weren‘t in
a relationship anymore, Logan still had to know.

First and foremost, he was her Alpha. She had to clear it with him as her Alpha before spending time in
the human world. On top of that, he was the father of her children. If she was going to be out in the hu
man world for a while with the twins, he‘d have to be okay with the twins being gone from the pack for a
while. The twins were at Logan‘s house and she had planned to pick them up after work. She really wa
nted to talk to Logan alone, away from his mother and away from the kids. Olivia and Oliver hadn‘t aba
ndoned their crusade to try and trap their parents back together.

Serena knocked when she arrived at Logan‘s house. He opened the door and invited her in.

“Is your mother with the twins?” she asked. “Yea, she‘s making them dinner,” Logan said with a nod. “C
an we talk, please, out here?” Serena motioned to the porch. Logan nodded and stepped out. “What‘s
going on?” he asked. Serena sighed. “Remember how I transferred back here to complete my residenc
y for my medical license?” she asked. “I don‘t know the
specifics, but I know you still had some work to do before officially becoming a doctor,” Logan said with
a nod. Serena crossed her arms. She wasn‘t trying to be confrontational, but she wanted to remain clos
ed off to him. “Well, to prevent the medical board from asking questions, Adriana listed my location as a
religious retreat compound. Apparently, I can only do six months of my residency in a location like

that and have to do the rest of my hours at an accredited hospital,” she explained quickly. Logan raised
an eyebrow at her. She wasn‘t sure if he understood what she was saying. “That means I‘ll have to go
back to the human world to complete my residency and get my medical license,” she said. Logan‘s eye
s narrowed into a glare at her. “This is a good excuse for you, isn‘t it?” he asked. “The perfect opportuni
ty for you to

leave the pack and take your kids away from me. You can do it professionally, officially, and I can‘t get
mad at you, or I will be holding you back.” “Logan,” Serena sighed. “I didn‘t come here to fight. You‘re m
Alpha, and the father of the twins. I need your approval on this.” “You don‘t need a human approved me
dical license to practice medicine in the pack,” Logan pointed out, the same way Adriana had. “It is imp
ortant to me,” Serena said. “Important for me to finish this.” “I don‘t want you to leave,” Logan said firml
y. “Is that because you still think we can work things out or because I am an asset to the pack?” she as
ked sharply. Logan scoffed. “Does it matter?” he countered.

“Yes!” Serena snapped. “If you‘re choosing to keep me here because
of selfishly motivated reasons, that is just
wrong.” “Would you consider not wanting to be separated from my kids selfishly motivated?” Logan ask
ed. “Need I remind you that I have spent a fraction of the time with them as my children as you‘ve gotte
n to spend with them.” Serena rolled her eyes. “That‘s not fair, Logan, I didn‘t know you were their fathe
r either,” she reminded him. “There are a lot of reasons I don‘t want you to go,” Logan admitted gruffly.

“Are you denying my request, then?” Serena asked. Logan sighed, shaking his head. “Let me think abo
ut it,” he told her. Serena nodded.

When she got the kids home, it was late enough to
get them right into bed. They wanted to sleep in the same room together, so Serena tucked them both i
n Olivia‘s bedroom.

“How would you two feel about going back to the human world for a little while?” Serena asked

“Where we lived before coming to the pack?” Olivia asked.

Yea, when Mommy was still in school to be a doctor,” Serena said,

“I don‘t want to,” Oliver said, shaking his head Olivia shook her head too.

“I don‘t want to either,” Olivia said. She pouted and crossed her arms “We like it here,” Oliver added. “Ye
sighed. She leaned in a kissed them each on the forehead,

“Don‘t make us leave, mommy!” Oliver
demanded “No, we don‘t wanna gol” Olivia cried out Serena calmed them down gently “Don‘t worry, bab

her she didn‘t need to go, and her own children didn‘t want to leave the pack. Since coming to the pack,
was severely stunted. She had to get permission from her Alpha, who happened to be her ex and had a
mind to rest. She
just kept thinking over and over again how she felt like it was a mistake to have returned to the pack in t
their father! Doing all of that had been the right thing to do for the kids, but now it meant that
she wasn‘t going to get the one thing she wanted to do most.

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