Kids from One Alpha

Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 156

Chapter 156: Surprise Encouragement

Serena had to work another shift at the hospital the next day. She hadn‘t heard from Logan on what his
final decision was about letting her go to complete her degree or not.

She worked as if on autopilot throughout the day, slightly in a daze. She still couldn‘t get over how selfis
h Logan was being. He clearly wanted her to stay for selfish reasons that had nothing to do with the pa
ck. Whether it was because of the twins of because he wanted her around, his reasons had nothing to
do with her status as a doctor in the pack. Other than telling her that she didn‘t need a human approved
medical license to be a pack doctor, nothing he had said had anything to do with her career.

It angered her
that even after breaking up, he still wanted to get in her way. He knew how important her career was to
her, probably more than anyone else! Logan was one of the first people she‘d confided in about it. “Ser
ena,” Logan‘s voice pulled her from her daze. She blinked at the computer screen she‘d been zoning o
ut in front of. “Logan,” she said with a nod. “I thought about it, and I‘d like to talk this over,” he said. “We
can use Adriana‘s office,” Serena offered. Logan nodded and he followed her in. Adriana was sitting at
her desk eating lunch. “Oh, is something wrong?” Adriana asked. “Do you mind if we have your office fo
r a private chat?” Serena asked. Adriana grinned and winked. Serena rolled her eyes. “Sure, take your t
ime,” she said, sticking her tongue out. Serena sighed as Adriana left. “She clearly has the wrong idea,”
Serena said. She turned around and sat on the edge of Adriana‘s desk. “Adriana has quite the imagina
tion,” Logan agreed. “So, what did you want to talk about?” she asked. Logan nodded, rocking back on
his heels. “I can‘t let you go,” he said. Serena‘s jaw dropped open and she crossed her arms. “Logan,
why?” she asked, “It isn‘t necessary for you to go,” he explained. “Not to practice medicine here. I don‘t
want you alone in the human world, vulnerable and away from the pack. I don‘t want the kids out in the
human world vulnerable and away from the pack. There is no pack–based reason for you to do this.”

“And what about personal reasons?” Serena asked. “You know what this means to me!”

“I do,” Logan agreed with a nod. “You‘re too important to the pack and the kids are too important to me.
That‘s the reality of it. You might
think I am being selfish, but I‘m thinking about this from a rational point of view, as an Alpha.” “Logan, I
need this,” Serena said. “You don‘t,” Logan insisted. “That is what you aren‘t understanding!” “No, you‘r
e not understanding!” Serena snapped. She threw her arms up into the air. “This isn‘t about the pack or
whether I can or can‘t practice medicine here. It is about me! It is about reaching my own life goals. Th
at is the reason I left my pack in the first place.”

“But you came back!” Logan snarled. “You can‘t pick and choose when and for how long you are part of
a pack. That isn‘t how this works. You‘re either here or you aren‘t. I can‘t let you choose the latter, beca
use your kids are my kids, which means they are my heirs.” Serena shook her head. Anger boiled throu
gh her blood and through her skin. She stood up straight and walked away from Logan, her shoulders c
ompletely tense and rigid.

“Logan, you have to let me go and do this!” she cried. The office door opened and Adriana came back
in. “Okay, I‘m stepping in now because the whole hospital is hearing your argument,” she said. “Logan,
I get it, Serena is an asset and you have strong personal ties so you don‘t want her to leave. I did it, tho
ugh. Anyone in the pack who gets a career license from the human world does it. She is in no more da
nger than the rest of us.”

Logan scoffed and shook his head.
Serena smiled gratefully at Adriana. “Thank you,” she said. “You see, Logan, the twins and I will be perf
ectly safe and fine out there. It isn‘t like we haven‘t been in the human world on our own.” “That may be
, but Serena, you‘re being a little insensitive to Logan‘s concerns. He is Alpha and the twins are his chil
dren and heirs. He has every right to be concerned and every right to keep you here,” Adriana pointed
out. Serena sighed. Of course, Adriana would be the mediator. “Now, I can‘t tell the two of you what
to do, but what I can say is that you both need to come to a compromise,” Adriana explained. “The pac
k needs you both, and that means you two have to start getting along.” Adriana left them alone again. S

erena and Logan exchanged a few more quick looks, looking away from each other just as quickly. “Sh
e‘s right,” Logan said softly. “Yeah, she is,” Serena said.

Chapter 156. Surprise Encouragement “I‘m not sure I can come up with a compromise for this one,” Lo
gan admitted. “I know what it means to you, but I also know I can‘t let you and the twins be away from t
he pack for that long.”

“There has to be something,” Serena said. “Please, Logan.” She gave him an imploring look and Logan‘
in Adriana‘s office, they didn‘t get into another argument. When she got home, Serena called her father.

“Honey, I know how important getting your medical license is,” Thomas said. “You do?” Serena asked, s
still have to follow your own dreams.” “But what
about the twins and the pack?” Serena asked. She wanted her father‘s honest opinion. “Serena, if you d
Logan. The two of you are tied together through the kids, and resentment will only cause a rift between t
back together,” Serena admitted. “That‘s not what I mean,” Thomas clarified. “Even if you work as a pac

possessive of you and the kids. Even if the two of you aren‘t together anymore, as the mother of his chil
feels possessive.” “That is an Alpha trait I don‘t enjoy,” Serena admitted. Thomas chuckled
into the phone again. “Give him time, it will mellow out,” he said. Serena laughed lightly. It irritated her th
always protect her and the kids, even if she and Logan were never together again. Having that kind of p
“If you want my advice, I say go for it,” Thomas said. “It is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and something
said with a nod. “Thanks, Dad.” They said their goodbyes, and she hung up. She hadn‘t expected to get
encouraging her to go for what
she wanted, but it was also surprising. Serena knew she still couldn‘t act without Logan‘s permission, bu
she had enough support from other sources now, she felt like she had a good leg to stand on.

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