Novel Name : Kids from One Alpha

Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 158

Chapter 158 : Birthday Party Part 2

“Oh, those rotten little…” Alexandra groaned as she tried the door again.

“What‘s wrong?” Santino asked. It was the first direct thing he‘d said to her since he‘d returned from his
Damon hunt.

“The kids locked us in. They seem to have hidden all the keys, too,” Alexandra said. She looked out the
window and saw all three of them huddled together in the yard, laughing. Alexandra knocked on the wi
ndow to get their attention. They all looked at her, pointed, and then ran off into the woods, laughing. “
Well, they are clever,” Santino chuckled.

*Not really
the time for that,” Alexandra grumbled. There had to be another way out of the house. She tested all th
e doors, but the kids had clearly planned ahead. She tried the windows too. The only one she could get
open didn‘t open enough for her to slip out, not with her slightly engorged belly. Santino definitely woul
dn‘t be able to get out. “Alex, you might want to calm down. The stress isn‘t good for
you or that baby,” Santino said.

“Oh, now you care!?” she snapped. Santino immediately threw his hands up in surrender. Alexandra sc
offed and shook her head, heading up to the second floor. The balcony door wasn‘t locked, so she wen
t out where she could see the kids in the yard. “You three better unlock a door and let us
out!” she cried. “No, not until you and Daddy are happy again,” Sophia yelled back. “Open a door, or so
help me! I will jump off this balcony and spank the three of you,” Alexandra shouted. She climbed up to
the balcony rail but Santino grabbed her arm and pulled her down. “You‘re not jumping! That is an insa
nely bad idea, Alex. You‘re pregnant!” Santino said harshly. She tried to pull away from him, but he tight
ened his grip on

her arm. “What are you doing?” she asked, desperately trying to pull away again. “The kids are right, w
e should talk,” he said. He gently tugged her back inside.

Alexandra relented. The kids weren‘t going to let them out and Santino wasn‘t going to let her do anythi
ng extreme. They might as well use the time constructively.

“What do you want to talk about?” Alexandra asked. She took a seat in the kitchen and Santino put on
a pot of

“Us,” Santino said. “That‘s what the kids want. It is really the only thing we need to talk about.” “What‘s l
eft to say?” Alexandra asked moodily. “That I‘m sorry,” Santino said. He brought her tea and sat down a
cross from her. “That doesn‘t change what happened,” Alexandra pointed out, staring at her tea so she
didn‘t have to look at him.

“Alex, you‘re pregnant again, with my baby, and I promised you wouldn‘t go through that alone. I don‘t
want some past argument to come between that promise,” he admitted.

“Maybe you should have thought of that before you accused me of dating someone else, and having pi
ctures taken of me,” she muttered.

“I wasn‘t having anyone take pictures of you. Honestly, I didn‘t want to believe it. I knew Tatiana was tryi
ng to stir up trouble, and she knew exactly how to do that. I‘m ashamed to say I bought into her meddli
ng,” he explained. That was such a strong admission from Santino. Alexandra looked up at him, creasin
g her brow. Was it possible that he was owning up to his mistakes? “I know I have a lot to prove in rega
rds to trusting you, but I want you to know that it isn‘t you I don‘t trust,” he said.

“Then what is it?” Alexandra asked, raising an eyebrow.

“I guess I always think the worst. It is obviously something I need to work on. I want you to know I am w
orking on it and it doesn‘t change how

I feel about you or are family. It doesn‘t change that I want to be married to you and raise our baby toge
ther,” he said.

Slowly, Santino
reached across the table and took Alexandra‘s arm. She swallowed hard, letting him touch her. Tears pr
icked the corners of her eyes. It was so good to hear him admit his shortcomings and take responsibilit
y for what he said and did.

The fact that he also said he still wanted to be married and raise their baby… Alexandra was ready to g
ive in. “I‘ve been waiting for you to say that,” she admitted softly. Santino
smiled. “I‘m sorry I made you wait so long.” He stood up and pulled her with him, wrapping his arms aro
und her. Alexandra sighed, leaning against Santino. She was so happy and moved she thought she‘d b
reak down in tears, but all she could do was laugh and hug Santino
back. “Okay, think the kids will let us out of here now?” she asked, laughing again. Santino opened the
kitchen window. “Hey, you three! We are ready to come out now.” “I want to see you kiss, just to make s
ure,” Charlie insisted. Santino glanced over his shoulder at her. Alexandra smiled shyly. Santino took h
er in

Chapter 158 Birthday Party Part 2 his arms and bent her over backwards, kissing her passionately on t
he lips. Alexandra closed her eyes, holding the back of his head.


Sophia, Charlie, and Gabriel all cheered and jumped up and down, high fiving each other.

“I‘ll get the keys,” Gabriel said. He ran to the swing set and dug up the keys. As soon as the door was o
pen, their parents ran out. Sophia and Charlie winced, ready for their mom to be mad. Instead, she hug
ged them both tightly and kissed them. “I should be mad at you, but this time, I think the three of

you did the right thing,” their mom said, touching Sophia‘s cheek. “Time to go camping,” Charlie insiste

“Best birthday ever!” Sophia said holding one of her mother‘s hands and one of their father‘s. She staye
d right between them all the way to the tents. Their dad lit a fire and they all sat around it, getting our m
arshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers for s‘mores. “We should do this every birthday,” Charlie
said, licking sticky marshmallow off his


“Yeah, instead of a cake, we can just have lots of s‘more‘s,” Sophia said. She smiled at her parents.

They were sitting really close together. Their dad had his arm around their mom‘s waist and she rested h

“Will they hit
us?” Gabriel asked, looking concerned. Their parents laughed. That kind of laugh the kids knew meant s

“Small little rocks floating up in space
burn up in earth‘s atmosphere,” their mom explained. “The light streaks are the rocks burning up.”

“They‘re on fire!?” Charlie asked.

“Yes, but they are so far away, all we see is a little light. The rocks burn up before they get close enough

“Wow,” Sophia gasped. “Definitely the best birthday ever.”

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