Kids from One Alpha

Kids From One Alpha” By Selena Lynch Chapter 154

Chapter 154: Parent Trap

When Serena finished up for the day, she headed to Logan‘s house. Even though she wasn‘t happy to
be around him lately, she knew she couldn‘t deny him contact with the kids. Her threat from earlier had
slipped out before she even thought about it. She knew that
she would never part Logan and the twins. They loved him too much and he was so good to them. He
had a right to be in their lives. Logan had just made her so mad, talking about being Alpha and everythi
ng. She had spoken before thinking, and that had been a mistake. Even if she and Logan couldn‘t mak
e things work, she couldn‘t keep his own kids from him.

When she arrived at Logan‘s house, Flo was waiting for her in the living room. “They are playing out in t
he yard,” Flo told her. “Come sit with me a moment. We haven‘t had a chance to talk recently.” Serena
smiled and nodded. “I‘m sorry about that,” Serena said. “Work keeps me busy, and so does Logan whe
never he has a new project.” Flo chuckled. “He is just trying to find ways to be around you,” Flo said. “D
on‘t tell him I told you that.” Flo winked at Serena.

“I won‘t,” Serena assured. “Even so, I shouldn‘t neglect my other friends. You‘ve always been good to
me and the twins.” “I‘m always here for you, and my grandchildren,” Flo promised. “I should go get the
kids,” Serena said. Flo nodded as Serena departed.

The kids came running up to her on the porch. “Mommy, mommy!” Olivia and Oliver shouted together.
Serena bent down to hug them, but they ran
right passed her and went into the house. Shaking her head, Serena smiled after them. Logan walked
up the steps towards her. “Thanks for taking care of them tonight,” Serena said. Logan nodded. “Any ti
me,” he said. “I’ll help you wrangle them.”

“It is appreciated,” Serena said.

They followed the twins inside, but they weren‘t in their play room. Serena rolled her eyes. She could h
ear the twins giggling and playing in one of the secret passageways they had discovered. “Olivia, Oliver
, come on out,” Serena said. “It is time to go.” “We‘ll come out in Daddy‘s bedroom,” Olivia said. “Go m
eet us there, both of you!” Serena looked at Logan. He shrugged. They went into his bedroom together.
Serena opened the closet door, waiting for

Olivia and Oliver to crawl out of the tunnel. Neither of them appeared. “Where are you two?” Serena cal
led. She knelt down to look inside. She couldn‘t see either of them.

Behind them, Logan‘s
bedroom door slammed shut. Serena jumped to her feet. Logan was already at the door trying to open i
t. From the other side, Serena heard the twins giggling and laughing. “They locked us in?” Serena aske
d when Logan stepped away from the door. “Looks like,” he said with a sigh. Serena went to
the door and tested the knob herself. It wouldn‘t budge.

They were locked in!

“Those little brats!” Serena hissed, pounding her hand on the door. “Olivia, Oliver, you open this door ri
ght now!” Her demand was met with more giggles. “No!”
they shouted back. “You two need a time out.” Serena sighed and turned to look at Logan. “They plann
ed this,” she said. Logan smirked and nodded.

“It seems so,” he said casually. He went and sat on the edge of his bed. “How are we going to get out o
f here?” Serena asked, putting her hands on her hips. Logan shrugged.

“We‘ll think of something,” he offered. His laid back demeanor was infuriating to Serena. She groaned a
nd threw her arms up in the air.

“The one time you decide to choose inaction!” she snapped. Logan chuckled humorlessly. “They are ju
st trying to help,” he said. “Help with what?” Serena asked. Logan raised an eyebrow at her. “They want

us back together,” he explained. Serena rolled her eyes. “I know that, but
it isn‘t going to happen,” she insisted. “I know,” Logan said. “Let them play their games and get it all out
of their system. They will eventually accept it.” Serena shook her head. Logan wasn‘t wrong. The twins
needed to come to terms with this on their own.

“I guess we can wait it out,” she said. She sat in a reading chair Logan had in his room. Where Logan s
at, they were facing each other slightly. “I sent my mom a text, she will try to
get them to unlock the door, or figure out a way to open it from the outside,” Logan said, holding up his
phone. “If I had my tools, 1 could remove the knob from this side.” “What tools do you need?” Serena a
sked. “A screw driver and a drill” he said. Serena sighed. She didn‘t know what could be used in place
of those two.

Parent Trap “What about the tunnel into their bedroom?” she asked, “Is that something we could fit thro
ugh?” She stood up and crouched down at Logan‘s closet again. She visually measured the opening. It
looked big enough for her to get her hip and shoulders through. “Maybe,” Logan said, “The tunnel isn‘t
a uniform width, though. There are areas that are narrower.“ Serena sighed. She wasn‘t going to risk g
etting stuck in the walls of Logan‘s house.

“Those two are
so grounded!” Serena said. She shook her head and went back to the chair, plopping down heavily. Lo
gan laughed at her. “Go easy on them,” Logan said. “This is difficult.”

“Go easy on them?” Serena asked, crossing her arms. “You‘ve been a parent for what, five minutes, Lo
gan, and you‘re going to give me advice on what is difficult for them?”

“Serena, we‘re locked in my bedroom together because the twins thought they needed to take matters i
nto their own hands. I don‘t need to have your
parental experience to understand this is hard for them,” he said. He waved his arms around the room.

Serena looked around. She remembered the last time she had been in Logan‘s room, and her cheeks r
eddened suddenly. She looked away from the bed quickly

Logan chuckled.

“Remembering something?” he asked her, mockingly. Serena shook her head, her stomach squirming.
“Trying not to,” she admitted. Logan chuckled again. “Look, we might be at odds now, but I don‘t want y
ou to think that our time together and our memories aren‘t worth remembering,” Logan said. Serena loo
ked at him, meeting his eyes for the first time. “I appreciate what you are trying to do,” Serena said. Log
an smiled. “You know, whatever our relationship is like, we are still family. We are still connected throug
h the twins,” Logan said, “I know,” Serena said with a nod.

“So, please, don‘t shut me out or be cold to me. I know I messed up, and I know you‘ll never forgive me
and I could at least be nice to each other,” Logan said Serena sighed. When Logan made sense like tha
her anger

She letit float away, the tension in her neck and back easing, “Alright, I will try,” she said. “Good,” Logan

The doorknob rattled and Logan and Serena both jumped up, running to the door

“Olivia, Oliver, is that you?” Serena asked.

“It is me,” Flo said. “I‘ve got a screw driver. The twins wouldn‘t tell me where they put the key. Logan, ca
this?” Serena stepped away from the door. Logan spoke through the wood, telling his mother how to use

Finally, Flo got the doorknob released. The door popped open. Serena was happy to be out of the room

“Mom!” Olivia whined. Serena shook her head. “It is late, and they two of you are in trouble for what you

“Mommy, why can‘t daddy move back in?” Olivia asked on the walk home. Serena sighed. Maybe she w

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