The convenient Bride

Chapter 2: You Should Call Her "Mrs. Lu”

"What's the matter?" the assistant asked, standing in front of Sachin to prevent Rosiley from getting
any closer.

Rosiley strode toward them, ignoring the assistants attempt to stop her. She nodded to the men and
made sure her voice was clear and confident.

"I just heard you saying that Mr. Lu needs a bride. Ì need a groom. I believe we may be able to help
each other."

"Excuse me?" The assistant stood there in shock, mouth hanging open slightly.

Sachin hasn't expected such a bold action from Rosiley. He looked her up with his cold eyes,
measuring her potential.

The first thing he noticed was the wedding dress Rosiley was wearing and couldn't hide the bit of
surprise in his eyes.

Rosiley stood there confidently, portraying an air of relaxed aloofness. On the inside, however, the
nerves of being scrutinized in such a way made her want to squirm. She wasn't sure if Sachin would
accept her proposal, but she wouldn't let those worries ruin her chances.

Sachin was rich and came from a prominent family. Thousands of women wanted to marry him and
become his wife. Rosiley knew there wasïit a chance Sachin would marry her, but a small part dared to

There was a long pause, and Rosiley struggled not to fidget. After a while, Sachin addressed her.
“Aren't you already getting married?"

"Lets just say he found someone else. | heard your assistant mention your predicament and if you're
struggling with whom to choose, | can be your choice. Please don't worry. | can cook and do
housework. | am very caring and understanding. I will make a good wife—I will keep distance from
other men, and | will never betray you. l will take good care of my husband and do what a wife should."

Rosiley winked and smiled at Sachin as she spoke, as iÍ they were having a small talk.

The assistant who stood beside them finally collected himself as he looked at her with scorn that
seemed to say "Her? How ridiculous"

lt was sad that she broke up with her fiancé, but come on. She knew how crazy her idea sounded.

"Im sorry, Miss, but Mr. Lu has...' As the assistant was about to refuse her offer on behalf of Sachin,
Sachin gave his assistant a look and stopped him.

The assistant wasn't sure what to do and his eyes darted around the hall. Sachin squinted and stared
at Rosiley for a while before clearing his throat.

"Well, all right. Let's do it. Youll be my bride."

Did he just say yes? Rosiley couldn't believe what she heard.

He accepted with no questions.

Wasn't it too fast? Wasn't he being a little reckless? Wait, why was she the one in shock?

"Sir, are you sure? We know nothing of her background or even her name. Wouldn't it be better if we
could first run a background check on her before we decide?”

The assistant spoke quickly so that Sachin could think more clearly about what he had just done.

He knew there were many gold diggers who just wanted wealth, and it was hard to tell if Rosiley was
one of them. She called him Mr. Lu, so she must know who he was and how important he was. The
proposal must be a trick, and a long lasting and happy marriage wasn't what she was looking for.

"That wont be necessary. “Sachin said without care in his voice. He stared at Rosiley before continuing.
"There s only one condition. You cannot regret your decision to marry me. Do you understand?”

"Not a problem. That's all I have to do?” Rosiley asked, nodding seriously; she made up her mind.

"Did you bring the paperwork we need to get the marriage license?”

Rosiley could see Sachin was straightforward and to the point. That had to be why he was so good at

"1 didnt." Rosiley froze before shaking her head.

Sachin raised his wrist and looked at his watch. "Get all the documents you ll need. We will meet at the
Civil Affairs Bureau in an hour. Any questions?”

"No,' she said without hesitating.

"Good. Now, Lane, drive her to her home." Sachin said to his assistant before walking away.

Lane's mouth just hung open.

It didn't take long for Rosiley to grab the documents she had already gathered for her original wedding.
In less than twenty minutes, Rosiley and Sachin completed their marriage registration at the Civil Affair

As they walked out of the building, Rosiley held the certificate proudly in her hand. This time she hoped
she wasn't dreaming.

From then on, they were married. Although her husband differed from who he was supposed to be, it
mattered little to her.

"Mr. Lu, can we talk?" Rosiley turned to her husband in front of her.

Sachin raised his eyebrows. “Of course."

They headed for a nearby café and sat at a small two-person table.

"So, whats up?" Sachin got straight to the point after sitting down.

"It might be a little presumptuous, but I would like you to promise something to me.” Rosiley said, her
voice wavering.

The two just got married without dating, let alone getting to know each other. She was still unsure what
kind of man he was.

"Go ahead/ Sachin said calmly.

He frowned slightly but did not reveal an obvious state of displeasure.

Rosiley relaxed a bit. "Could you please not disclose our marriage to the public yet? I still have lots of
personal things to attend to, and I don't want any of my personal problems to affect you or your
business. Of course, you may do whatever you want. | promise | worït interfere with your life."

When she finished speaking, a glimmer flashed in Sachin's eyes. lt was impossible for Rosiley to tell
how he was feeling.

After several seconds of silence, he spoke. "l may accept† your request. But I have my rules as well."

"Of course,' she replied, nodding her head.

"First, you have to move into my house and live with me. Ïm assuming you already knew that; ifs key to
maintaining the image of a happy marriage. Second, I have personal problems which I need to deal
with as well, which means l may or may not disclose our relationship and your identity when I think it is
necessary. These two conditions are not negotiable.'

"Yes, of course,' as he accepted her request, she had no reasons to refuse his.

After their talking, Rosiley left quickly.

As soon as she left the cafe, Lane strolled in. He looked at Sachin for a moment. 'Sir, I still insist that
we run a background check on her."

Usually, Sachin would have asked him to investigate any woman even if he was just going on a date.
Lane didnt know why he didn't bother to do one for the woman he just married. l† was completely out of
character for him.

"Investigation, of course. I need to know why she would ask a stranger to marry her." Sachin pinched
his lips, as if he was considering something.

"Yes, sir. | will have the results for you as quickly as possible. But | wonder if..."


”I wonder if you have seen Miss Tang before?"

Otherwise, how came he just married a strange woman for no reason?

Sachin didn†t answer. He watched where Rosiley disappeared and smiled, 'Lane, you should call her
Mrs. Lu now."