The convenient Bride

Chapter 3: Make Them Regret

After Rosiley said goodbye to Sachin, she went back home directly.

Once she entered the house, she saw Rorey, her step-mother Xenia and her father Seneca Tang
talking happily like a happy family.

At that moment, Rosiley felt like she was an outsider intruding on a family conversation to which she
didn't belong.

Rosiley's face became cold at once. After she shut the door, she just went straight upstairs without
even greeting them.

Seeing that, Seneca felt angry and shouted, "Stop! “

"What do you want?" Rosiley stopped and asked indifferently.

"You were out all night and just came back now. Yet you didn't bother to greet us and just wanted to go
to your room without saying a word! Do you have any love or respect for your family and your parents?"
Seneca reprimanded her with a serious and displeased look on his face.

Hearing that, Rosiley sneered and spoke in a ridiculing tone, “Parents? My mom was gone long ago,
and although my dads still alive, he's pretty muụch dead to me. "

"How dare you! What an ungrateful daughter!" Seneca slammed the table furiously.

"Dad, calm down and don't get angry for her,' Rorey patted Senecas back, looking very thoughtful and

Xenia also stood up and played the role of the caring housewife, 'Rosiley, don't talk to your dad like
that. After all, he's your father, she Suggested in a calm way.

"Look at you, then look at your sister. Can't you just learn from her! ” Seneca was still angry, seeming to
be a bit resentful at Rosiley for not meeting his expectations.

Rosiley gave a cold smile and couldn't help but give a sarcastic answer, "What to learn from her? How
to steal other people's fiance or how to be able to so shameless?”

"Rosiley, you...

Rorey's expression changed drastically but before she lost her temper, Xenia took the lead and vented
her anger first, 'Rosiley, how can you talk about your sister like that?”

"1 am the only child of my mother. Where did I get a sister? Oh ya, because some desperate woman
used her dirty means to hook up with a rich married man. You took my father from my mother and your
daughter took my fiancé from me. Like mother, like daughter. Both of you just love to steal other
peoples men." said Rosiley bluntly.

Rorey and Xenias face went red at once.

"Rosiley, you have gone too far!" Xenias whole body trembled with anger, “During all these years, I've
put all my soul and body to this family. There is toil even without merit. l am not your natural mother, but
at least m your family. How could you speak like that?”

"You are not my family but my dad's shameful mistress! Put lipstick on a pig and it's still a pig. You are
just being ridiculous." said Rosiley disrespectfully.

"You... Xenias face twisted in anger. She always hated it when someone called her mistress. When
Rosileys mother was alive, Xenia had suffer great grudge. Finally, she died and Xenia officially became
Senecas wife.

Since then, nobody had ever called her mistress. But at this moment, Rosiley just said it and said it so
loudly. She felt so embarrassed and angry at the same time.

"Mom, don't be angry. ” Looking at Xenias pale face, Rorey tried to console her. She turned to Rosiley
and a chill flashed in her eyes when she walked towards Rosiley.

Rosiley looked at her coldly, with her expression as cold as ice.

Rorey leaned over and whispered in her ear, "Interesting, Rosiley, you kept saying that we’re the
whores. But who the hell are you? You are so impotent that you can even keep your own man. | didn't

steal him from you. Yunis came begging me to make him happy.

Rorey spoke very quietly so that only Rosiley could hear her, "Because, i'm already pregnant with his
baby. What a pity, you guys have been together for so many years. He might have loved you. But so
what? I just seduced him once and he fell for me."

What the...

At the moment, Rosiley couldn't believe what she heard. What was Rorey talking about? Pregnant?
Rorey was pregnant with Yuniss' baby?

It turned out that Rorey and Yunis were cheating on her for a while, and Rosiley was the only stupid
one who didrt know anything.

Together, they had truly humiliated her.

"II tell dad this as soon as possible. I believe he wouldn't have any objections, either. Soon, ['ll be
engaged to Yunis, and you will be completely out of the picture!"

Rorey's smile grew bigger and prouder, as if Rosileys pain fed her joy.

"Rorey, you are so shameless!'' Rosiley trembled with anger. She was so hurt that she didn't feel any
pain now. She couldn't stay home any longer. She went upstairs to change her clothes and went
directly to work.

Times Entertainment Group(TEG) was one of the national leading entertainment companies. lt
specialized in reporting spicy gossip and was known for very intense and competitive work

Two years ago, after Rosiley graduated from university, she joined this company and worked as an

She now worked as a reporter there. During these two years, she had reported plenty of astonishing
news and was gradually becoming more and more famous in the industry.

Rosiley's wasn't feeling well during the morning’s meeting, and she got scolded by the manager for
being absent of mind, which seemed to make her feel even worse.

Seeing this, her friend Yayoi used catching a hot news story as an excuse and took Rosiley to a cafe.

"Rosiley, didn't you try on your wedding dress with Yunis yesterday? Why's your face so pale? Did
something bad happen?” asked Yayoi with her face full of concern.

Feeling Yayoi's sincere care for her, Rosiley felt an urge to cry on Yayoï's shoulder. Her tears poured
out and the sadness and grievance that she had suppressed in her heart seemed to come out all at


"Rosiley, why are you crying? What on earth happened? Talk to me!" Yayoi panicked. She didn't know
what to do.

She had known Rosiley for so many years. She had always seemed tough and strong yet remained
soft and gentle in her heart. She was so optimistic and firm as if she could always overcome all

Yayoi never saw her crying, let alone cry like this.

Rosiley wiped her tears and told Yayoi what happened. After Yayoi listened to Rosiley, she slammed
the table and stood up, “Shameless bitch!

Rorey is so nasty! Yunis too, what a scum. | was so stupid not to see through this hypocrite. I can never
expect he is such a jerk."

"Why did he have to be with Rorey? He knows how much I hate her. ˆ

Rosiley had pretended that what happened didn't affect her, but actually she was terribly
brokenhearted, like a wounded little cub.

Yayoi's heart ached for her friend. Yayoi knew Rosiley well during these years, including her
complicated family.

When Rosileys mom was still alive, Seneca was already cheating with another woman. And this
woman was exactly Xenia Zhao.

Because of this, Rosileys mom was so depressed that her physical health worsened quickly. Not long
after Rosileys mom died of her sickness, Xenia married into her family with Rorey, and quickly usurped
Rosileys home.

Xenia and Rorey were constantly working together to make her life miserable. In front of Rosiley's dad,
they treated her very well, but as soon as he left, they treated her like garbage. Her life was like a more
messed version of Cinderella.

The two stole Rosiley s dad from her and then they stole half of Rosiley's inheritance, making her life
so hard and miserable. Now Rorey even snatched Rosiley's fiancé.

Yayoi knew better than anyone that Rosiley was actually vulnerable and felt painful about this despite
her never showing her pain to anyone and always seeming very carefree..

"Rosiley, don't be sad. It's better to know that he's a scumbag earlier. Otherwise, you would suffer more

Yayoi stretched out her arms and hugged Rosiley. She consoled her softly, hoping that she could give
her warmth.

Rosiley wiped her tears and nodded, "Yayoi, thank you. Don† worry.l am fine. Sooner or later, | will
make Rorey and Yunis regret for treating me like this."