Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 4: Slander

At noon, Rosiley and Yayoi grabbed some food outside and then went back to the company.

As soon as they entered, they saw many colleagues crowding before a computer while talking fiercely.

"My God, this man is really my idol? This is just too spicy for me !”

"Apparently, they are doing some nasty things inside!"

"Yunis was too careless, right? He was caught doing this in secret and even got photographed. I'm
afraid his image will be awful after this.

"Hey, Rosiley, Yayoi, come and see this. There's big news, Young master of Ji Group spent three hours
with the nightclub girl in hotel'. Here, take a look...'

One of the enthusiastic colleagues waved at Rosiley and Yayoi.

Both of them were taken aback at this. They looked at each other and then hurriedly walked over.

Scandal about Yunis was all over the internet. The photos were quite clear, showing them kissing,
hugging and more.

Yunis, the young master of Ji family, had always been known as a gentle and elegant noble person.
Therefore, he was called Prince Charming by thousands of ladies and had a lot of fans on Twitter and
other various online platforms.

"Huh? What the...' Yayoi glanced and sneered. Then she turned around and pulled Rosily away while
saying, 'Lets go, we don't want to see these dirty pictures.'

Rosiley followed Yayoi back to her seat silently, feeling very uncomfortable.

Not long after she sat down, Yunis called her.

For a moment, Rosiley hesitated before picking it up.

Before she could speak, Yunis' angry voice came, “Rosiley, I never thought you'd do this. Is this your
revenge? For i'm with your sister now. So you did this on purpose?”

Rosiley was somewhat baffled after getting scolded, "I dont understand what you are talking about.'

"Stop pretending, Rosiley. Rorey already told me! You discovered my relationship with her, so you
spread the news on purpose? Rosiley, even if I| cheated on you, you shouldn't have used this means
against me. Rorey is your sister after all. You shouldn't have said that she’s a nightclub girl, let alone
spreading such a scandal when she's pregnant." Yunis blamed Rosiley in disappointment.

Rosileys eyes widened in disbelief after hearing this. Her whole body felt thoroughly cold from head to
toe because of anger and heartache even if it was hot outside.

Oh, how ridiculous!

He was the one who cheated on her. She didn't expect that when he called her, he didn't apologize or
explain at all. Instead, he blamed and scolded her.

And he was the man she had loved for over ten years...

Rosiley was full of sorrow. "Yeah, I wanted to take revenge.' Rosileys heart was in severe pain but she
didn't show it and said coldly, "Yunis, you should ask yourself. During all these years, have l ever hurt
you on purpose? You betrayed me first and l took my revenge now. That's quite fair, right?"

"I found I didn't know you at all. | never thought you were such a vicious bitch." His tone was full of

"I never thought that you would actually hook up with Rorey, either." Rosiley smiled sarcastically,
"Yunis, if you thought l was not worthy of you, you could have told me earlier. | worit force you to be
with me. But you chose Rorey and humiliated me badly. Whos more ruthless?”

"Humph, there 's no use in saying these right now. Rosiley, you ll regret this!" Yunis didn't want to talk
and hung up.

Rosiley stared at her phone and sneered. She had loved him for so many years and turned into a joke
now. She was such a fool to love and believe him in this relationship.

"Rosiley, you shouldn't admit it. You didn† spread this news...' Yayoi heard the entire conversation next
to her and really wanted to scold Yunis for slandering Rosiley. lf Yunis was here at that moment, she
would definitely kill him on the spot.

But now, she was more worried that her friend will be overwhelmed with grief and sorrow.

"I’m fine, ifs okay. | have no feeling for him anymore." Rosiley took a deep breath and smiled weakly at

That's right. Even if she was hurt so badly by them, she wouldn't let them crush herself. Both Yunis Ji
and Rorey Gu, they should be punished!

"They have gone too far. Besides, the timing to expose this scandal was too weird, right after you found
him cheating on you, as if to make Yunis believe you did this on purpose." Yayoi gritted her teeth,
feeling upset for her friend.

After hearing Rosiley, she pondered for a while and figured out everything.

"Perhaps, what you said is true."

"What?" Yayoi was dumbfounded. She just said that casually.

"Before, Yunis always thought that I didn't know they were cheating on me. But now he called me
directly and blamed me for no reason. lt must be Rorey! She wanted to make Yunis hate me and
completely throw me out of his life. She made it!" Rosiley explained bitterly.

What the hell! Yayoi immediately got furious, "Despicable, shameless, nasty! In order to achieve her
goal, that woman used this shameless means and even called herself the nightclub girl to get
sympathy! she's so bad! Ah, I'm really annoyed now. I'm going to kill them...'

While Rosileys world was turning upside down, in the CEO office of Regal Entertainment Group,
“President, you asked me to investigate and here is the report of Madam."

Lane walked inside and put the document on Sachins desk.

"Oh?" Sachin turned his gaze from the computer and picked it up.

The report was very detailed, listing everything from Rosiley's birth to growing up, including her family
situation, love history, working experience, and her relationship with everyone related.

After reading it for a while, Sachin frowned deeply with his eyes turning cold.

Seeing that, Lane knew Sachin's displeasure clearly. It was obvious that, Rosiley's bitter experience in
that document even made his unyielding boss angry.

lt was the first time for Lane to see Sachin caring so much for a woman.

He immediately continued reporting, "President, theres another thing. About the trending news that
Times Entertainment Group exposed at noon, ve checked it. The photos were spread by Rorey Gu. Im
afraid she did this aimed at madam. In addition, the Ji Group has convened a press conference and l
am not sure whether it'll be unfavorable for Madam.”

Sachins face darkened and his eyes squinted, "Where is Madam now?”

"Working in the company." Lane replied.

Sachin pondered for a while. Then he suddenly got up and picked up the coat on the hanger, ordering,
'Prepare the car. Also, contact TEG's general manager. l'd like to discuss the movie investment he

mentioned last time specifically."

"Okay, President!" Lane nodded and accepted the order. Then he immediately turned around and went

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