The convenient Bride

Chapter 9: Upset

They had spent two hours in celebrating their marriage and enjoying the romantic dinner.

Since it was still early, Sachin suggested after paying the bill they should stay on the mountain and take
in the night view. They could return to the downtown later.

Rosiley agreed. Although she and Sachin were only married on paper, she had to say that it was a very
pleasant night for her.

Evidently, she knew him for less than 24 hours, but for some reason, she felt like he could always make
her feel safe.

The night view on the mountain was very nice, with a cool breeze and a clear sky filled with stars.
Rosiley went to the observatory with Sachin to appreciate the stars, then hung out at some scenic
spots on the mountain.

They stayed until around 10 pm when it was getting a little cold. And Sachin suggested they leave.

The two descended the mountain. Sachin sent Rosiley directly to her home.

Rosiley got off the car and said goodbye to Sachin, "“Thank you for the lovely evening. I had a great

Sachin, with his hand put on the the car window casually, stared at her with his bright and soft eyes and
said in a deep voice, "When are you ready to move in with me?”

"I’lI start packing tonight. lf everything goes well, | can move in in about two days." Rosiley was

Sachin nodded and reached out his hand from the car, 'Give me your phone.”

Rosiley paused for a second and reluctantly handed over the phone as instructed.

Sachin entered a series of numbers on it and said to her, “This is my private number. When you finish
packing your luggage, call me and I will have Lane come and pick you up."

After Sachin finished explaining everything, he didn't stay any longer. Lane started the car and they
drove away.

Rosiley stood on the spot, watching his car disappearing in the distance, and then she walked inside
her house.

At this time, the Tang family's villa was still brightly lit.

Rosiley entered the house and saw Butler Zhao who was waiting for her. He greeted her respectfully,
"Miss Rosiley, master has asked to have you meet him in the study. He wanted to talk to you."

Rosiley paused for a moment, seeming a bit surprised. She glimpsed at the study and mocked, "What
can we talk about?"

"Umm..." The butler hesitated and took a glimpse at her sympathetically: "Miss Rosiley, actually, the
Yunis Jis family came here today. The wedding date of Miss Rorey and Mr. Ji has been determined,
exactly the same day when Mĩ. Ji and you planned to have a wedding.'

"What?" Rosiley was frozen. How ridiculous!

"Miss Rosiley, please don't be too upset." Butler Zhao sighed and looked at Rosiley with concerns,
worrying that it was too much for her.

Rosiley fell into silence. She took a deep breath, suppressing this pain inside and walking slowly to the

The door was half-open. Through the crack, she saw her father drinking tea on the sofa.

Rosiley clenched her fist and opened the door.

"You're back?”

"Butler Zhao said you wanted to talk to me. What do you want to talk about?"

On entering the study, Rosiley left out the greeting and spoke as coldly as everlasting glacier.

Seneca Tang seemed to have gotten used to Rosileys cold attitude. He didn't blame her and slowly
sipped the cup of tea. "I want to talk to you about your sister and Yunis .Jiïs wedding. The date has
been settled."

Rosiley already knew this. Her voice, as if buried underneath frost, became even colder, "! already

"You already knew?” Seneca paused and seemed a bit surprised.

"Yes. lí Butler Zhao hadn't told me this news, how could | expect that my 'good father' would stab me in
the back!" Rosiley laughed ironically, with immense hostility in her eyes.

"What are you saying?" Seneca, with his face darkened, was unpleasantly provoked by Rosileys
disobedient words and look.

"Did | say anything wrong? .Just before today, Yunis Ji was my fiancé. He betrayed me and hooked up
with that bitch Rorey. You didn't oppose their marriage and instead you helped settle the wedding date!
How could you ever embarrass your biological daughter like that?”

Rosiley glared at him, her rage erupting finally like a long dormant volcano.

She could let go the betrayal of that bitch Rorey and that asshole Yunis, but to have her father betray
her like that, it was too much.

Confronted by Rosiley, Seneca felt a little guilty. He looked away and even his tone softened, 'Rosiley, I
khow you've been mistreated. But this wedding between your sister and Yunis has been settled. I had
no choice but to approve their marriage. Roreys engagement party will be held three days later. And
the wedding will be held two months later. As a member of our family, you need to be there then.
Anyway, you should let it go."

"What...did you say? Say that again?" Rosiley couldn't believe what she heard. She thought she must
be hallucinating. He...asked her to join that shameless couple's engagement party?

"HAHAHA...' Rosileys eyes widened in disbelief. Then suddenly, all she could do was let out a loud
laugh, ˆYou are suụch a good father! Rorey snatched my fiancé. You did nothing to help me, and
instead you want me to join her engagement party? What a big joke, treating your own daughter

like some worthless garbage, but treating your stepdaughter from your mistress like some treasure.

"I really wanted to ask you. Am I really your daughter? lf not, please tell me. Being your daughter
makes me sad!" What Seneca said was so upsetting for Rosiley that she was almost hysterical and
spoke without any constraint.

"Enough!" Seneca burst into anger, This was Rorey s fault. But she's already pregnant. The die is cast.
Should I separate them now? I didn't blame her all because l respect your step-mother Xenia. Do you

"So, I'm supposed to be the one who should be sacrificed, right?” Rosiley let out some cold laughter.
She took a deep breath, forcefully Suppressed the heavy chill and disappointment in her heart, and
said calmly, "You do not deserve to be my father. lÍ mom was still alive, she wouldn't let anyone bully
me this way.ˆ

As she finished speaking, she turned and left without looking back.

Right before she stepped outside the room, she paused and added, "In two days, I'll be move out. |
won't go to Rorey's engagement party.

You'd better forget about it.”