Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 11: Share a Bed

She barely made a complete sentence and her voice was too low to hear. But Sachin heard EVERY
word clearly.

His eyes sparkled for a second, “Are you sure?”

"Yes.' Rosiley nodded with her cheeks flushing like a red rose. She had the delicate features that were
too gorgeous to describe in words. Right now she just looked breathtakingly beautiful.

Sachin looked at her and couldn't resist her temptation.,So he came over and said with a smile, ˆI had
better follow your advice."

He put down the wine and encircled her waist. Holding her tight, he lowered his head and kissed her.

Boom -

As if something was exploding in Rosiley s head, her mind went blank instantly.

With the aroma of wine, his kiss was gentle and bewitching. Light and deep kisses fell on her soft lips
again and again. She completely lost her mind.

Rosiley looked at the man dazedly and couldn† describe the wonderful feeling. She never knew there
would be such an intense kiss that was both gentle and possessive, almost driving her crazy.


The word came to her mind. His kiss was like the drug to her. She had no choice but to get drowning
and addicted.

Rosiley was not sure how long the kiss lasted. Before she lost her breath, Sachin finally let go of her.

He looked down at her fervently but didnt do anything further.

Rosiley leaned on Sachins chest and was out of breath. After a while, she recovered and said, "Thank

She appreciated that he stopped at the right time.

Sachin was fighting back the urge to taste her again and again. He said in a desirable way, "You are
welcome. Good things need to be savored step by step. As for more, we can continue it later."

Rosiley laughed, "You are not the same as l heard before."

"Really? What did you hear about me?" Sachin lifted his eyebrows curiously.

"Mysterious and low-key, serious and cool, resourceful and determined, way out of my league.'

"What about now?”

"You are not as unapproachable as I thought."

Sachin looked at her with deep eyes, 'Ïm only showing you the real me. While I give the cold shoulder
to the strangers.

Rosiley was touched and didn't know what to say. He trusted her totally without any doubt. In this case,
she would treat him the same way.

"I will also show you the real me.' She made a commitment.

The next night after their wedding, Sachin and Rosiley took their first step for the complete marriage -
share a bed.

However, they kept a distance and never crossed the line out of respect.

Rosiley slept soundly. The next morning she woke up, Sachin was not in the bedroom.

Rosiley thought he had gone to work, but in fact, he was waiting downstairs for her to have breakfast

The breakfast was great and suited Rosiley's taste very well. She sat down opposite Sachin. While she
was quietly drinking the juice, a call from Rorey interrupted.

Rosiley frowned in disgust.

"What's wrong?" Sachin saw the look on her face and asked.

"A phone call | dont want to answer.' Rosiley said gloomily. There could be nothing good from Rorey.

She answered the phone anyway. Rorey said aggressively and boastfully, 'Hey Rosiley, dad told me
you had moved out. My engagement party Will be held tomorrow night. You really must come! See you

Rosiley controlled her anger and said sarcastically, "Why are so you so happy about your
engagement? Come on. You just picked up an unwanted man and got so proud. Ridiculous!"

Before Rorey responded, Rosiley hung up quickly.

Sachin raised his eyebrows at her, 'Now l'm quite impressed."

"Thank you. lts just one of my many merits.' Rosiley put down her phone and continued eating.

Sachin looked at her, feeling curious. He found his newlywed wife increasingly interesting.

"How are you gonna make her pay for what she has done to you?” After short silence, Sachin asked.

He had asked Lane to look into Rosiley and known almost everything about her in details.

Rosiley was aware and didn't mind it. She was not going to hide those things from Sachin anyway.

As she thought what Rorey and Yunis did to her, she was furious, ˆl haven't made the plan. But they
are certainly going to suffer.'

Sachin silently gazed at her with greater interest.

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