The convenient Bride

Chapter 13: What a Spoony

"Vice Manager, Rosiley and l are going to follow another piece of news this afternoon. Many people in
the office are available. Why Don't you assign the work to them?” Yayoi argued for Rosiley, trying to
control her anger.

"I have assigned other tasks to them. This piece of news you are following just needs one person.
While the prince of the Ji Group and Rorey are in the limelight, so their engagement report can catch
the public's eyes most. No matter what, we need to seize the opportunity.' Lonny crossed arms before
her chest, looking arrogant.

"Then [Ïl take charge of the engagement interviewing." Yayoi requested.

"Yayoi, what are you doing? Are you dissatisfied with my arrangement?" Hearing Yayoi's objection,
Lonny shouted with a fierce look.

Yayoi's face turned red as well. Just when her anger was to explode, Rosiley broke silence, saying, “All
right. IIl do it!”

"Rosiley!" Yayoi stared at Rosiley in disbelief, You've gone crazy!"

"It doesn't matter, Yayoi. It's Just an interview. [II do it." Rosiley replied with a smile, but her gaze at
Lonny was a bit cold.

Rosiley knew Lonny was Roreys friend. They had known each other for years. Therefore, during these
years, Rosiley was often mistreated by Lonny. Thanks to Rosiley's talent and effort, she had won credit
for herself. Otherwise she couldn't have made such great achievement today.

But it never occurred to her that Lonny should force her to attend the engagement party.

She was one hundred percent sure that Rorey was behind this and asked Lonny to do it for her.

"Humph, good." Since Rosiley agreed, Lonny showed a victorious smile and left immediately.

"Bitch! She did it on purpose.' Yayoi gnashed her teeth, anxious to tear Lonny up.

"Calm down, Yayoi." Rosiley comforted her in a soft voice.

After all, Lonny was their superior and it was her right to assign work to them. So she had nothing to

“Are you really going to their engagement party? Obviously she did it with malicious intentions. lf you
go there, I’m afraid theyÌl try to insult you!” Yayoi said with worries.

Rosiley shared the same thought. But Lonny arranged her to the engagement party in the name of
work. She had no excuse for refusing.

"Never mind, I can manage it."

In the evening, Rosiley left for the hotel where Yunis and Rorey held the engagement ceremony.

Before going there, she called Sachin and told him the schedule.

At 8pm, she arrived. The Ji family invited reporters from several companies for live interview, and the
whole banquet hall was

decorated gorgeously and splendidly.

The guests present were well-dressed and educated, which were all elites from the higher class and
distinguished men from notable families. Some of them were even famous politicians. Hence, it was a
specifically grand engagement banquet.

Rosiley felt complicated about what she saw at the banquet, especially the large wedding picture,
which made her feel ridiculous.

dust in a few days, everything went different. It should have been her wedding, but now it was Roreys
engagement ceremony.

Thinking of this, Rosiley couldn't help but feel insulted greatly!

"Rosiley, dort forget that you come here for work. Don't make trouble.' Lonny came to warn her in a
low-cut dress in case she do something awful.

"No worries, Vice Manager. I'll give you pictures good enough for tomorrows front page. l'm sure they
will be breathtaking and

incomparable." Rosiley said calmly and sounded like she couldn't be happier.

This made Lonny surprising and doubtful. She looked for a trace of pain on Rosileys face. But she
failed. Rosiley didn't look sad at all.

"Well, you'd better do," then she turned away and left.

As soon as she left, Rosileys smile disappeared. She humphed in secret. Of course she knew Lonny
just came here to enjoy her pain.

But how could she let that happen?

Rosiley looked away and chose a good spot which was properly distant to the stage to take pictures.

Accidentally, she happened to see Yuniss parents, Seneca and Xenia. They were greeting the guests

She guessed nobody cared about her feelings now! She gritted her teeth, trying to quell her anger.

At this moment, the host stepped onto the stage to make an opening speech. He announced the
commencement of the banquet. "Now, please give the warmest welcome to Mr Ji and Miss Gu...'

His voice was cheering and all guests stood up, applauding heartily. In everyone's attention, Yunis and
Rorey finally came on the stage slowly.

Tonight Rorey was dressed elaborately. She wore a deep v-neck white dress which was embroidered
and decorated with small diamonds. After making up, she looked more charming and really looked like
a lady from a notable family.

As for Yunis, he always looked handsome. In the white suit, his handsome face and graceful behavior
made him a gentle prince.

Rorey and Yunis looked intimate as a perfect couple in the public, arm in arm. In this enchanting
ceremony, they seemed like the perfect match.

Rosiley took a deep breath. She told herself to calm down. They were just two bitches and weren't
worth her tears at all.

However, when Yunis looked at Rorey with the most affectionate eyes, she still found her heart aching.

What a spoony Yunis wasl He was so good at playing.