Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 14: You Two Bitches Should Stay Forever

At this moment, a man was standing not far away from Rosiley, with his gaze fixed on her from the

He was a very attractive man and looked handsome and remarkable in a white shirt and black tux
which revealed his tall and masculine figure.

The dazzling lights sprinkled on his face, making his facial features look more exquisite. His pair of dark
eyes were as deep like the sea. Just by standing there, he had got a lot of attention and yet remained
unapproachable to others.

Many upper-class young talents gathered at the banquet tonight, but his presence instantly turned
everyone into a foil. He truly eclipsed everyone else.

"President, Madam is over there, do you want to go there?" Lane respectfully asked the man next to

"No, just stay here for now and see what will happen next."

Although Sachin was so outstanding, he remained very low-key. He deliberately chose a corner to
avoid attracting the attention of others.

"Yes. Lane nodded and kept silent.

Right now, Rorey and Yunis were already on stage and began to a give thankful speech, “Thank you to
all the distinguished guests and the media for coming to our engagement banquet...'

In the audience, the spotlight flickered and reporters held their cameras and pressed the shutter

After expressing their gratitude, the new couple quickly completed a series of rituals witnessed their
parents and all guests.

In the end, Yunis took out a valuable diamond ring and put it on for Rorey. They both vowed to love
each other for the rest of their lives.

Rorey shed tears out of happiness.

At this moment, she was like a happy princess envied by many celebrities and ladies from rich and
noble families.

Rosiley just numbly stood behind and took pictures now and then, just like doing usual work.

when the rituals were finished, Yunis and Rorey greeted the guests and began to make a toast one by

Rosiley wanted to avoid them, but Rorey did not intend to let her go.

“Rosiley, you came to my engagement banquet! I am so delighted.' Rorey took Yunis' am and walked to
Rosiley. Her eyes were filled with pride.

Yunis' expression changed slightly.

lt was the first time they met since Rosiley discovered his cheating.

When he was on the stage just now, he didn't pay much attention to the reporters below. So he didn't
see Rosiley.

Yunis couldn't help frowning, and asked Rorey, "Did you invite her?"

"She's my little sister. Of course I wish to have her blessing on our engagement banquet." Rorey smiled
gently, but there was an obvious victory in his eyes.

Rosiley understood Roreys intention as soon as she heard it. Rorey came to show off to her on

She looked at them calmly and sneered, "You two bitches should stay forever. Now you have my
blessings. Besides, I am more interested in the love history of you twol

"If you Don't mind, can you share how you secretly hooked up and cheated on me and even had a
baby? Don't worry. ! will make up a fantastic title to your story. Ì guarantee it will become the best

Even a fool could hear the irony in Rosileys words, Yunis and Roreys expressions changed drastically
on the spot, "Rosiley, how dare you--"

"Why? Are you angry? It's fine if you don't want to share it. But I advise you to behave yourself.
Otherwise, I don't know what I will do"

After Rosiley gave a cold warning, she didn't want to speak to them anymore. She just turned around
and left.

“Rosiley!'' Rorey gritted her teeth in hatred behind her.

Roreys provocation was just a small episode in this banquet, but it still attracted the attention of many

"didn't you say Rosiley wouldn't come? Did she show up to make trouble on purpose?" Xenia frowned,
and asked Seneca unhappily.

Seneca was also very puzzled, “Since she already came, maybe she has let it go.

"I hope so. I Don't want Rosiley to ruin Roreys engagement.'

If Rosiley heard Xenia, she would find it ridiculous. lt was acceptable for Rorey to destroy her
happiness, but she was not allowed to destroy Roreys happiness. Like mother, like daughter, they were
the same shameless.

Roreys showing off made Rosiley very uncomfortable and unhappy. She had lost in this war, bụt Rorey
tried to provoke her again and again.

She was not a saint. Plus, there had already been so much humiliation accumulated in her heart.

She wouldn't show her weakness, and she would not allow others to laugh at her.

In a blink of an eye, the banquet was halfway through. During this period, Rorey went to change a few
sets of dresses, which attracted a lot of surprises and compliments.

Rosiley didn't care too much at first. She just waited for the banquet to end, so she could stop working
and go home early.

However, when Rorey put on the last dress and appeared on the stage, Rosiley seemed to be struck
by lightning, and her eyes were almost bloodshot because of anger.

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