Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 15: High and Dry

In a black dress, Rorey looked so beautiful as she always did, yet the most stunning was her necklace.

With a unique design and world-class craftsmanship, the sapphire on her necklace was priceless for
sure. lt was also rimmed with a myriad of small dazzling diamonds.

No one could be more familiar with that very necklace than Rosiley. Left by her mother, it ought to be
hers and exclusively prepared as her marriage gift.

In no way did she expect to see her mothers necklace on Roreys neck. She was pissed off, with her
sanity burned out by the fire of great anger.

With a furious look, she thrust her way out through the crowd, lunging at Rorey and glaring at her
necklace. 'How dare you touch the necklace? lItt was my mother s. Now give it to me!" She said in a
deep angry voice, as cold as ice.

"Ha! Your mother was dead. Now that my mother is Mrs. Tang, the necklace should belong to her, and
as you can see, it's my marriage gift now." Rorey sneered, proclaiming her so-called ownership.

"I told you it was my marriage giÍt from my mother. Give it to me! Nowl” Rosiley said with rage.

"What if I Don't? Do you want to snatch it with people all around!" Rorey said, with her head held high
as if there was nothing to fear.

"How dare you!" Rosiley yelled as she lunged for the necklace.

Before Rosiley could touch Rorey, she stepped back with a stagger and deliberately fell to the ground,
as if she had been pushed away.

All of a sudden, dead silence reigned the whole room. All people stopped to look at them.

Sitting on the cold hard ground, Rorey pretended to be surprised, "Sis, l know you love Yunis, bụt hes
my fiance. And you can push me

like this, even iÍ...even if I said something bothering. What if...what if you hurt my baby?”

"I... Feeling shocked, Rosiley was frozen with embarrassment and didn't know how to explain for
herself. Now she knew she was set up.

Yuni came hurriedly for Rorey and shoved Rosiley away, 'Rosiley, how evil you are! You know your
sister is pregnant, yet you are so mean to hurt her. Just let go of me. For my whole life, I only love
Rorey. Don't you ever bother me again! It just makes me feel sick."

Rosiley had expected nothing good from his mouth. However, what he said was still like a hard slap on
her face and the burning sensation felt so real.

And she got hot under the collar, driving her so crazy that she even wanted to give the disgusting
couple a round of applause.

What a matched couple! They should be nominated for the best acting, for they were so good an actor
and an actress.

The guests burst into an uproar, gossiping with each other over Rosiley.

"It can't be true! Is she the bride's sister? How could she snatch her sister's fiance?”

"What a shame! It's a disaster to have a sister like her.'

"No wonder she loves Mr. Ji, for he is quite perfect. But it's terrible of her to seduce her sister's fiance
and even hit her sister.'

All eyes on her with disdain; all words for her without kindness.

"Ha! What a perfect scheming couple!" Rosiley sneered with anger, and her face turned pale, “Yunis .Ji,
what the hell did you make up?

Don't you ever say it again! Did I bother you? I still remember, just a few days ago, you were still my
fiance. How could you be so forgetful? Do you need more reminders2 Well, today was supposed to be
the big day for you and me to get married. You are so damned, and I wonder where your bottom line

Yunis never imagined she'd bring everything to light, and he retorted hurry-scurry, Bullshit! Rosiley
Tang, stop talking nonsense. I have never been your fiance. Don't flatter yourself."

Sitting on the ground, Rorey also put on her heart-broken face, “Sis, how could you say that? Yunis and
I have always been in love and that's why we decided to have this baby. Sis, you ve gone too far with
all the vicious slander.'

Rorey’s words could easily mislead others, only highlighting their deep affection, while dodging all the
dirty tricks she used to get him.

All the guests were whispering, for the blessed engagement party turned out to be a cursed battlefield,
even more dramatic than the original series of Netflix.

"Rosiley, maybe you pushed them too hard. I know you love Yunis, but he lÌ marry your sister. .Just
stop smearing and give your best wishes for them, Ok?

Of course, Quinta Qin, Yunis' mother, would speak for her loving son.

Even if she put it implicitly and mildly, what she meant was to throw mud at Rosiley.

Hearing Quintas words, Rosiley took on a ghastlier face. Because she could feel that now everyone
stared at her with more disdain as if throwing thousands of sharp arrows and ruthlessly shooting her
body through.

While she stood there alone, finding herself high and dry.

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