The convenient Bride

Chapter 16: Shocking News

"President, should we do something?"

Sweating heavily, Lane looked at Rosiley in the crowd, and a chill climbed up his spine.

Sachin stood nearby, with a terrifying and gloomy expression. lt seemed that his eyes could freeze the
world into the ice age.

"Call that man in and contact all news agencies. I Don't want to see any bad news about my wife

"Yes, I get it! Lane received the order and went away in a hurry.

Sachin stood motionless on the spot without any emotion. Right now he seemed so angry and
horrifying that no one dared to get close to him. But when he turned his gaze to the beautiful figure in
the center, the tender love in his bright eyes could be easily caught.

Nobody could bully his little wife!

The banquet hall was still noisy. And Rosiley was continually vilified with all kinds of scorn and ridicule.

Tough as Rosiley was, her back was still straight. She endured the arrows they kept firing at her in

At that time, Rorey had been helped by Yunis to stand up. She took a glance at Rosiley with a sly smile
flashing in her eyes. Rorey pretended to be a nice sister and said, “Rosiley, I will not blame you. But the
truth ¡is l can't give away Yunis. Moreover, even if I do, he will not agree."

Yunis put his arm around Roreys waist and snorted coldly, "Well, if it weren't for your sake, I wouldn't
give a glance at Rosiley. She had just pushed you over.

"Rorey, Yunis, shame on you" A mixture of humiliation and anger gripped Rosiley. She even wanted to
tear their faces apart.

At that moment, a long and unusual laughter burst in the banquet hall: 'Haha. You two certainly deserve
each other. It's the best.'

The sound, as soon as it appeared, caught everyone's eye.

A handsome young man in a gray suit stepped out from behind the crowd.

'Who is that man?

"Oh? He seems to be Zev, the third son of the Zhao group.ˆ

"Why is he here?"

While the crowd was chattering about the identity of the man, Rorey was panicked slightly.

The handsome man walked through the crowd straight and gazed at Rorey, sneering: “Sorry to bother
you all. But Ì must stand out. In fact, I want to say something for Miss Rosiley in all conscience."

"About what?" asked one of the guests.

"Perhaps few people know that Rosiley was the fiancee of Yunis, but l do. lt was supposed to be their
wedding banquet today. But instead, it turned out to be his engagement party with Rorey. l won't say
much about the twists and turns behind the story because all of you here are smart people, and you
can guess the truth yourselves.'

Zev stared at Yunis, with an ironic and thoughtful look on his face, "What makes me curious is how
Yunis managed to turn his back on his ex-fiancee in just three days. How can he even slander his ex-
fiancee brazenly to the full?"

Yunis's face changed slightly and got sharp, "Who told you this?"

"It doesn't matter who told me. What really matters is there is such a coincidence in the world...'

Zev smiled and turned his eyes to Rorey with amusement, 'Rorey was my girlfriend a month ago. lt is
too soon for you to find another rich man to get engaged with. Maybe you two had already secretly
hooked up long ago?”

The audience was in an uproar. Such shocking news Zev had told!

The original bride turned out to be the mistress, and who they once thought to be the mistress was the
real bride. This absurd farce could even be adapted into a TV series.

At the scene, dozens of reporters pressed the camera shutter crazily. ltt was not hard to imagine that
they had already come up with various news titles.

"It's not true, is it? How could Yunis be that kind of person?”

"If that's true, isn't this couple disgusting?"

"Really? I can't believe it...

Guests kept discussing. Those who had been pointing at Rosileys nose and cursing were quiet now.

Yunis looked terrible, and Rorey’s face went red with nervousness and rage. 'Stop talking nonsense. l
don't even know who you are. Why do you frame me?”