The convenient Bride

Chapter 17: The Dramatic Reversal

"IÍrame you?" Zev sneered with scorn, 'Miss Gu, should I provide the evidence?"

"Yout" Rorey panicked and was less aggressive, obviously with a guilty conscience.

People noticed the change on her look and looked at her differently.

Rorey explained right away, "No... didn't! Yunis, you know my feeling for you! This person is a liar.
Where is the

security guard? Please get him out!"

"It seems you will refuse to confess to the end" Zev said contemptuously and took out some photos
from his pocket.

In the pictures, Zev and Rorey were kissing and hugging. They were apparently a couple in love. The
guests burst into an uproar.

"Mr. Zhao didn't lie. The pictures are real.'

'So we wronged Miss Rosiley?ˆ

'Ifs awful. They managed to bully a young woman. They almost got us.'

The pictures told the truth. Even if Rorey tried to deny it, no one would believe her.

Rorey's face went pale instantly. It all happened too fast and she found it hard to accept. How did it
come to this?

A few minutes earlier, she was the focus of attention but the next second, she was publicly criticized.
Why did Zev stand by Rosileys side?

She had planned to embarrass Rosiley but it was all ruined by him. Why did Rosiley always get help?

Rorey felt resentful and anxious, "No. It's a lie. Don't believe himl"

“Until now, you still deny it. Zev expected everything, and added, "If anyone has doubts, you can ask
President Tang.

He is Miss Tang's father and must know it.

All of a sudden, all people were simultaneously looking at Seneca Tang not far away.

Seneca Tang was livid and was about to blow up, “Rorey, that's enough. You should be satisfied. Don't
push so hard. Give the necklace back to Rosiley.'

"Dad...' Rorey was shocked and her face became paler.

Seneca Tang just indirectly acknowledged she robbed Rosiley of her fiance.

'Senecal" Xenia grumbled. She had been coveting the necklace for a long time. And her daughter
finally got it after

Rosiley moved out. She would not give it back!

'I said, no one is allowed to take Rosiley's things. Give her the necklace! It's humiliating enough!"

Seneca stared at Xenia and Rorey sharply. lt was non-negotiable.

Hearing this, Rorey was bitter and resentful. Seneca implied that in their house, she could not take all
the things, all of which actually belonged to Rosiley.

Rorey always knew that although Seneca treated her like his own daughter, they would not be as close
as the blood relations.

Rosiley was his biological daughter. Most things in the house belonged to her, including the property.
Rorey was jealous of her and wished she could snatch all the things from her.

However, she couldn't disobey Seneca at the moment and reluctantly returned the necklace to Rosiley.

Rosiley ignored the spite in Roreys eyes and fondly held the necklace in her paÌm.

The engagement party had become a cheesy show.

The guests now even looked at Rorey and Yunis with disdain.

Many socialites were disappointed that their dream man was in fact a scum. They left with anger and
said they would not go to any party related to .Jis family.

The party couldn't go on since other guests also left with some excuses.

is family and Tang's family fell into disrepute and they all got a long face.

Especially Yunis, he didn't look gentle or kind as usual but vicious at the point.

Rorey clenched her fists with a grudge.

Rosiley Tang! It was all her fault! lf ít weren't for her, she would not have lost her face or been despised!

She swore to make her suffer in hell