The convenient Bride

Chapter 19: So Lucky to Have You in My Life

Rosiley finally understood what Sachin meant. With blush on her face, she was tense and couldn't

"You...You are making fun of mel"

With a soft pink on her cheeks, she bit her lower lip shyly, which was so charming and alluring that he
couldn't help wanting to have a bite.

"lÍ you are reluctant, I will not force you." Sachin said softly and respected her decision, but still with the
expectation in his


Rosiley felt his passionate staring and nervously gave a nod, ''s okay.'

With her permission, Sachin smiled and took her in arms. His warm lips suddenly approached hers.

Rosiley was startled at first but with the kiss going deeper, she started to kiss him back unconsciously.
Albeit clumsy, her kiss made Sachin joyful.

lt was their second kiss. Rosiley's mind went completely blank again.

She never expected a kiss to be so aggressive, burning and crazy that she couldn't think about
anything else. They didn't stop until they both were out of breath.

The next day, the news about Rorey and Yunis hit the headlines.

The titles were various.

For instance, “The Crazy Elder Sister Snatched the Younger Sister's Fianceˆ

"The Mistress Substituted for Her Younger Sister to Get Married”

“The Mr. Perfect Was A Scum! Many Young Ladies Shattered Their Fantasies.'

In addition to the newspapers, the websites and the social media including Twitter were all covered with

The words like "Bitch Rorey Gu', The Mistress Goes to Hell”, "The Ham Actor Rorey Gu', Scum Yunis
Ji" "The Scum And the Bitch, the Perfect Couple" hit Twitter 's top trending searches.

While Rosiley become the top search with “Stay Strong, Rosiley..

"Hey Rosiley, you've become so famous" Yayoi was checking Twitter and was excited as if she won the

"I don't want to be popular in this way.' Rosiley was browsing Twitter with a puzzled frown.

Last night when she had a quarrel with Rorey, many reporters were there. She expected today to be a
troublesome day and was ready for it.

However, she still underestimated the dissemination of information online. Within a couple of hours, the
love triangle between she, Rorey Gu and Yunis Ji swept across the web. Millions of people had read it
and left comments.

"Huh, huh, it's okay. There is huge support for you. Your followers in Twitter skyrocketed. And the

Yayoi was overjoyed and showed the comments to Rosiley, 'Look. The netizens all took your side and
left the comments to

comfort you...Huh, huh, Rorey framed you contemptibly. Now here is karma. Nothing is more amusing
than that!"

Yayoi was even more cheerful about Rorey Gư's suffering than Rosiley. She had no idea what had
happened yesterday. When she saw the news in the morning, she was worried. But it tủrned out to be
Rorey in trouble. Then she was relieved and laughed out loud.

"Let they have a taste of their own medicine. As long as thinking of their twisted face now, l can't feel

Yayoi smirked and continued scrolling down her screen.

After a while, she pounded the table, 'Shit! The asshole knew nothing and was talking bullshit. He said
Rorey looked so pure

that she would not take away someone's fiance. Instead he called you the bitch...'

"What's worse, a bitch said, now that the elder sister loves Yunis .Ji, the younger sister should give in.
Besides, the two are

going to have a baby. But the younger sister is so mean and shamelessly made a show to get
sympathy... OMG, lt turns my world upside down"

In contrast to the furious Yayoi, Rosiley was calm.

The netizen had the right of free speech. Someone supported her; someone criticized her. She couldn't
control everyone's mind.

But as Yayoi said, she also felt elated that Rorey and Yunis got what they deserved.

Rosiley stopped reading the comments and sent a message to Sachin, 'l received highly favorable
comments from the

netizen. Did you do something to help?”

A few seconds later, she got a message from Sachin, 'I just revealed the truth. You are innocent!"

Rosiley saw his message and laughed, "Thank you for all the things you ve done. With you in my life,
it's my best luck.”

"You are most welcome. lf you are willing, you can get whatever you want in the showbiz. l will be your
shepherd." Sachin sent the message back.

Rosiley gazed at the message and was stunned. He was so confident and aggressive.

If sòồmeone else said that, Rosiley might roll her eyes. But if Sachin did, she would believe

As the CEO of REG, he dominated the half entertainment market. With his powerful background, he
certainly could get her

whatever she wanted!

She unexpectedly married such a strong backer. lt turned out the breaking up with Yunis was a
blessing in disguise.