The convenient Bride

Chapter 21: Lonny's Trick

When the news was heating up, the Ji Group finally took action.

The comments on Twitter were no longer favoring Rosiley. Some netizen criticized Rosiley for paying
and manipulating the public opinion in order to make her seemingly vulnerable and get sympathy. She
was accused of being scheming.

Others said that Rosiley pretended to be bullied. Because nearly all news was against Rorey and Yunis
and she was purely innocent. There must be something tricky.

Some netizen searched her background, pointing out that she was the real daughter of the Tang
Group. She must have taken advantage of the power of the Tang Group to build hype for her against
her sister.

AIl these opinions soon aroused more discussion among many netizen.

But this time fewer people stood on Rosileys side.

Even those who had supported her before were influenced by these suspicion and began to wave their

"Rorey and Yunis, the two bitches finally took action!" Yayoi made a comment after scrolling down all
these comments.

Rosiley smiled as she had expected it, saying, “Their action is so soon."

"At this urgent moment, how can you be so calm! These comments are not good signs. lf you let it
grow, the situation will certainly reverse against you and you will suffer a lot! "

Yayoi rolled her eyes towards Rosiley and sulked. She was worried so much about Rosiley while
Rosiley behaved as if it was none of her own business.

Rosiley smiled confidently, knowing she was sure to win.

Blinking the eyes, Yayoi seemed to understand something. She looked at Rosiley, "Rosiley, tell me the
truth. Have you paid to

manipulate the public opinion?”

Rosiley seemed to be startled by her question. Then she smiled, "You are so blunt."

"You mean you did?" Yayoi s eyes widened in surprise.

"No, but...someone else did for me." Rosiley gave her a brilliant smile.

Yayoi's eyes lit up when she heard it. As a paparazzo, she was sensitive and noticed something
unusual easily, "Who?”

"It's a secret at present.' Rosiley blinked her eyes mysteriously.

Yayoi froze for a moment,' You keep it a secret even to me?"

"Yep, I promised that person.”

"Man or woman?" Yayoi continued.


“Rosiley!!! It's immoral to keep a secret after intriguing me. Do you want me to have a sleepless night?"
Yayoi protested unsatisfied.

But her protest was invalid and ignored by Rosiley.

While they were having this conservation, Lonny knocked at the office door of General Manager of
Media Department with malicious intentions.

"Manager, Ì wanna report something to you.' Lonny usually held her head high to subordinates, but to
her superior, she always paid much respect.

"What's up?"

"Well, l guess you have heard the news about Rosiley in our department. Because of the news, a large
number of reporters gathered downstairs and blocked the entrance gate. It has brought serious
inconvenience to the staff. I have received countless complaints from other departments, so l'd like to
ask you for instruction. How should I deal with the complaints?”

Lonny seemed to state the truth and ask for an instruction, but actually it implied vicious intentions.

In TEG, everyone knew Lina, the general manager of media department, was a very serious and
efficient superwoman. At work, she was prudent and strict and what she hated most was the
subordinates affected work because of their personal affairs.

Lina came from an average family and worked hard for many years to get what she had today. Lonny
just took advantage of her character and reported this to her on purpose, knowing she must take action
to solve the problem.

As expected, after hearing the report, Lina frowned, " Bring Rosiley in."

"Yes, manager.'

Lonny nodded with a grin for her trick succeeded.