The convenient Bride

Chapter 20: Someone ls Manipulating Behind

Meanwhile, Yunis and Rorey were nearly driven mad due to these news, especially Rorey.

When she read waves of abuse and vicious comments on the internet, she broke many things,
messing up the whole room.

“Damm it, damn it. Rosiley, you are such a bitch!” She cursed Rosiley angrily, with resentment filling in
her eyes.

In her opinion, it was totally Rosiley's fault. lf it weren't for that bitch, she wouldn't have got insulted in
the engagement party and the news would not have appeared on the newspapers. Now everybody
knew it.

The more she thought about it, the more furious she became. Rorey couldn't help crying her eyes out.
She looked at Yunis pitifully, saying, "Yunis, are you going to stand by and watch the public curse me
like this?”

“Nonsense! Rorey, don worry. F I try to solve the problem as soon as possible. What you need to care
is nothing else but our unborn baby. Got it?" Actually Yunis was fretfully busy, but he had to comfort
Rorey patiently.

This news not only affected his personal reputation but also the .Ji Group's.

This morning, a big turbulence happened to the corporate stock due to the news. The board of
directors jointly signed, requesting him to solve the trouble as soon as possible. However, he had to
spare time comforting Rorey. After all, she was pregnant.

But if she didn't think she was clever and asked Rosiley to attend the engagement party, all the awful
shit couldn't have happened.

He took a deep breath. His gentle facial expression had been replaced by gloom.

"Linda, contact the top five national media press and ask them to appease the public opinion. Besides,
contact the influentials and pay them to speak for us. And urge the staff in PR department to work

"Yes sir." After getting the instruction, Linda immediately took action.

Rorey sniffled, dragging Yunis' sleeve and saying pitifully, "Yunis, I am terribly sorry. I know l shouldn’t
trouble you at the moment. But Ì am too scared.

The netizen are so scary. They... they wanna find me out through internet mass hunting. l can endure.
But if they hurt our baby..."

Her voice trembled and she cried even harder, which made her look like a weeping beauty.

Yunis was touched by her and the anger abated. He pulled her into his arms, comforting her softly, 'No
worries. I’ll protect you and our baby. "

"I trust you." Rorey nodded, turning tears into smiles.

However, her smile didn't last long. The next moment, Linda rushed in, looking pale. She said, “CEO,
bad news.'

"What? Did you follow my order and solve this?" Yunis frowned unhappily.

“Not yet." Linda shook her head and looked at him a bit fearfully, ˆ.Just now I folloòồwed your
instruction and tried to contact the press media to appease the public opinion. But...l was rejected
directly. Besides, even the influentials are reluctant to clarify your rumor...'

"What!" Both Yunis and Rorey changed their look.

"What's wrong? Are we not paying enough?"

"No. The price was twice as usual, but they didt accept it... Linda's voice was getting lower and lower
and she became a bit afraid in the end.

Rorey's face turned pale, "Yunis, what should we do now?”

Yunis ignored her. He just asked Linda with the gloomy face, "What about other small press media?
Are they also reluctant?"

"Yes. They think it's too risky, so...

"What the hell is going on?" He felt a bit unbelievable.

The Ji Group is one of the largest companies. lt should be so easy for him to appease the public

However, all press media refused to do so.

No, there must be something wrong.

These press media never rejected any kind of news as long as they were paid enough. lt was not
reasonable for them to reject such a big deal.

Yunis noticed the unusual sensitively and calmed down soon.

Linda carefully watched him, asking, “CEO, what shall we do?”

"Don't contact the press media or influentials anymore. .Just pay internet ghostwriters to write fake
comments to replace the bad ones. As for the Corporate image, inform the PR Department to make an
announcement ASAP”

"Yes sir."

Linda went away, leaving Yunis and Rorey alone in the office.

Rorey stopped crying. She wasnt stupid. From Lindas description, she obviously noticed the unusual,

"Yunis, someone is manipulating behind. It must be Rosiley! She is a reporter. And she's good at
making news. Otherwise, it's impossible that all netizens stand on her side." Rorey said resentfully.

Even at the moment, she didn't forget to blame Rosiley.

Yunis frowned but he didn't show disagreement. Rorey was right. Someone must have manipulated in
secret. But Yunis was not a fool.

Although Rosiley had some connections in the showbiz, it was far beyond her ability to control so many
press media.

But if it wasn't her,who would it be? Did someone do her a favor behind her?

He frowned and hesitated for a while.

“Rorey, don't worry about it. Go home first. I need to deal with mụch work in the corporate. Take good
care of you and the baby. As for the rumor, I try other solutions."

"“But...' Rorey bit her lip. Obviously she didn't want to leave like this. But she still did as he said when
seeing his unhappy face. "Yunis, you must do me justice. No matter what, Don't let Rosiley win with this
dirty trick!"

"I won't. Go home now!"

"All right. Take care." Rorey left the office soon.

However, nothing could slake her anger.

Why? She just strove for her happiness. What was wrong with that? Why did she get cursed but
Rosiley was adorable?

The more she thought, the more resentful she became. She took out her cell phone in anger and called
Lonny, ˆLonny, you said you wanted to be introduced to Childe Li of SEG. I can help you. But you need
to do me a favor first...'


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